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9 months ago

I bought both night and day Lacura rejuvenate creams because the price in ALDI was very good : £3.5 each. Unfortunately after 2-3 days of use I noticed stingy and watery eyes even if I haven't applied it around the eyes. Actually I used a different cream around the eyes. It took me until the end of the week to realise it was the Lacura cream that caused this allergy. I have never been allergic to anything until now and this is why I had no clue what this reaction could be until I stopped using the creams. I thought it might be hay fever (even if I have never had it before) but it wasn't because my eyes got better as soon as I stopped the cream. Otherwise the cream feels nice on the skin. Probably it is very good for those who are not allergic to it. I can't say if it was the day cream or the night one or both but I am not willing to try to find out. Now I got back to the ordinary Nivea cream which doesn't have any miraculous effects but it is friendly with skin and eyes. Sometimes I use L'Oreal cream (for age +45) which is ok but doesn't have any outstanding effects. For dark circles around eyes I recommend a cream with sea buckthorn and olive oil from Cosmetic Plant. I use it for a while and it is good also for the fine lines around the eyes.

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8 years ago

The Rejuvenating Night cream is very much like the day cream but contains the extra benefits of grape seed oil and shea butter for a healthy boost of moisture to help replenish what your skin has lost during the day. Super moisturising and certainly helps to repair your skin during the night to leave your skin radiant for the next day. Anyone who wants to slow down the effects of ageing should seriously consider using a night cream it really does make a difference to your skin. Renovage includes four products, Intensive Serum, Day Cream, Night Cream and Eye Cream and I recommend that all 4 be used. It has made an amazing difference to my skin and I am really noticing that I look younger, skin is plumper and wrinkles are minimised, even disappeared. Biggest compliment I have received lately is people think I am in my 30's, so they are really surprised when I am tell them I am 46. Sells for 19.99AU each and I think that is great value for something that works and the cream lasts forever.

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