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Yum! I keep wearing my sample of this, and it only gets more likeable and sexy the longer it wears on the skin. I love that I periodically get a waft of something beachy and salty and yummy, MAYBE suntan-lotion-esque, but the sexiest suntan lotion scent imaginable. I love Calyspso St. Barth Lea, which is a light vanilla and almond scent, and for me this is a stronger, less bitter vanilla, almond …Read more

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SkinDry, Fair, Warm

HairBrunette, Curly, Medium


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Dolce Acqua is a heady, extremely rich almond vanilla. Like an extremly rich piece of Marzipan. If you swoon over Omnia Madera, I am sure that you will love this because they smell a bit similar to me. Omnia Madera is sweeter and more caramelly and Dolce Acqua is more doughy (as a reviewer above said), but they are both in the same category of rich, deep vaniila oriental gourmands.

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SkinCombination, Fair, Cool

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I am not a coconut fragrance lover, quite the opposite so it was with some trepidation I got a decant of this one. I am SO glad I did, I get very very little coconut and what is there is soft and smooth. This scent accomplishes something I didn't think any could, it combines a beautiful floral with a soft gourmand. If you read each note you may be put off, but a master perfumer put these …Read more

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I had high hopes for Dolce Acqua because luckyscent's description sounded so delicious. Unfortunately, the opening smells *just* like cherry chloraseptic spray on me. Ack! It brought back bad memories of being sick and having to spray that stuff down my throat. The dry down smells like pure suntan oil. Confetto (Profumum's other almond scent) also smells like suntan oil on me. Too bad …Read more

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For heliotrope, almond, doughy vanilla lovers, this is a must try. The Dolce Acqua is right up my gourmand loving alley! It's so pricey though and for $240 a bottle, it's hard to justify since it reminds me of a totally amped up Ava Luxe Heliotrope which is soooo inexpensive. I have to say I am enjoying the staying power of the Dolce Acqua as most almondy scents don't seem to last …Read more

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SkinSensitive, Fair-Medium, Warm

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This is just a vanilla candle on me, complete with wax burning. Nothing more, quite disappointing. Not a bad, slightly hot waxed vanilla candle burning smell, very slight spice, but only that... would be more apt in a craft store than on my skin.

After around 2 hours I can smell a very faint coconut meat note begin to peek out. It is enhanced by a nutty aroma, but still comes off …
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