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a year ago

I love this lotion is basically identical to jerkins and I love that cherry almond scent. It’s a nice light moisturizer.

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8 years ago

$3.27 for 21 fl oz. vs $7.49+ Jergen's Original Cherry Almond Scented Moisturizer is one of those classic products. I picked this up after having good luck with some of the other equate brand items, as I am on a tight budget these day since going back to school. While there are some minor differences between the name brand and the house brand, they are so small that I couldn't justify spending more if not necessary. This is a nice medium gel-like consistency. It is not too heavy to put on right before I dress in the morning, yet it is really good at hydrating skin. My legs tend to get a little ashy, so using a moisturizer after I shower is a must, but I HATE the feeling of my jeans chaffing due to sticky or heavy lotions. This I can put on, let it set for a few minuets, pull on my clothes and I am fine, comfortable... comfortable because my skin is hydrated and comfortable because my clothes aren't sticking to me and I do't feel like I am covered in a heavy, greasy body cream. I used this though out the summer when it was really hot and still felt good and it seems to be serving me well not that we are heading into the cold weather. When it gets colder and my skin gets drier I use a heavy body cream at night and then use this in the morning. Oh, yeah, and it does make my skin silky soft and smooth! After using it for a few days I could feel an improvement in my skins overall tone and texture. It makes my skin soft and supple. And it is a nice hand cream to use throughout the day as well. It hydrates, but absorbs quickly so I can go on about my day. The classic cherry almond scent should be familiar to a lot of us. It's a pretty common scent in hand soaps, I've noticed. I rather enjoy it. However, this is where I can tell the difference between then authentic and the knock off. When first squeezed out, the Equate brand has a stonger, sweater cherry smell. where as the Jergens is lighter, and more balanced with the almond scent. The sweetness dissipates quickly though, and I still like the sweet smell - although my boyfriend is not a fan. He said "that's pretty intense" one morning when I was putting it on, and he refuses to use it on himself and requested I buy him some fragrance free stuff if I insist on buying this.... which I do.. I mix up my body sprays/perfumes pretty often and I have never noticed anything clashing, I think it's because the scent of this lotion lightens quickly and ends up being very light a few minuets after applied. I really like the pump - It makes it easy to work with. Well, that is until I get down to the bottom, but that's with all lotions. At least I CAN screw off the top and get every last bit... It's not cheap looking either. Its not eye sore on my dresser top. Over all, this is a real staple for me. I cant think of a single things I dont like about it! When it comes to products I am pretty hard to keep interested, as I always have a wondering eye, but I will continue to buy this!

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