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9 years ago

I have a love-hate relationship with this polish. One the one hand - I LOVE the colour. Ugh, it's a beautiful dark blue/teal micro-glittery love machine. It wears really well and is one of those don't-get-distracted-while-driving colours. HOWEVER there are downsides. 1) The brush - horrendous, wide, fat, uneven. The stem of the brush is AS WIDE as the neck of the bottle which makes everything very awkward and application is a pain. 2) The formula is weird - it's very opaque and thick and the glitter is stubborn and recalcitrant. Be prepared to pat down your free edge a little to smooth it out. 3) The polish dries with the funkiest faux rose scent ever. The scent diminishes to a manageable level after about a day or so but in the meantime, if you're someone who keeps their hands about their face quite a lot like me, be prepared for the smell to be... pervasive. However if you can get around these things (which I could) then you will be rewarded with gorgeous nails. At the time I didn't have Gelous but two coats of Diamont were enough to smooth it out - really it's only the free edge which is a little rough anyway due to the weird peeking glitter.

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Styles change quickly in the beauty world, but something you can always count...

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