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Package Quality: 3.0

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Package Quality: 3.0

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on 6/30/2011 1:25:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Very Dry, Olive, Neutral

Hair: Black, Straight, Coarse

Eyes: Brown

it's back and better than ever. he took his classic formula and added behentrimonium methosulfate (which isn't actually a sulfate--it's actually a quat made from rapeseed oil that doesn't just detangle, it actually penetrates and conditions the hair shaft gently, without any build up) and polysilicone-18 cetyl phosphate (a VERY light weight silicone that is NOT water soluble, but is VERY good for your hair and won't build up).

okay. the way the silicone in this product works is:
1. it's not water soluble.
2. it's silicone soluble.
3. it's one of the lowest weight silicone gums availble for hair care and is usually found in the upper echelon of hair care products.

first, it's not water soluble. "but fes_fsa, doesn't that mean it's waterproof and won't wash off and will build up over time?" that it doesn't wash off is actually only a half truth. my second point is that it's silicone soluble, so when you wash your hair with this product you're removing the old silicone and replacing it with new, leaving you with only a light coating of silicone on your hair. if you wash with other products that don't contain silicone, your hair is protected from water and detergents (the 2 things that cause the most damage to hair). this makes this line ideal for protecting your hair from salt and chlorine damage, should you exercise alot or go swimming. if you decide you don't like this product, wash and condition your hair with a product containing water soluble silicones (like amodimethicone), and then use a clarifying shampoo on your next wash after that. yes. it's a 2 step process, but that's what beautiful hair takes: time and patience.

my third point is that it contains a very light weight silicone that is actually good for your hair. "fes_fsa, how is it good?" we silicone lovers know that silicones seal the hairshaft and keep the moisture from escaping our hair. the weight and size of the silicone is what makes this product stand out from other products containing silicones. it's what makes coconut oil different from other oils. with a typical silicone, you're only coating the surface of the hair, maybe the first couple cuticle layers because a higher weight, long chain silicone polyether is too big to penetrate the hair shaft, suffocating the strand. with a low weight, short chain silicone polyether, you're coating every cuticle layer right down to the cortex, but your hair can still breathe and absorb naturally. this makes this conditioner ideal for asian hair (we've got ALOT of cuticle layers that are DENSELY packed) and why you can't even really consider this a silicone product--it's really not your typical silicone conditioner. another added benefit of this silicone is ridiculous color protection, as well as environmental protection, which, oddly, isn't even mentioned on the bottle.

so... basically, you're coating your hair in a waterproof silicone that protects the crap out of your hair, especially when washing, but your hair will still accept hair treatments, cholesterol masks, oiling, sealing, you name it. is there anything you CAN'T do with this product line? yes. heat styling. because the silicone is so small, it's not gonna protect your hair from intense heat, so i suggest using a product containing dimethicone or another heavier silicone.

imagine one of those toy snakes--you know the one made from a bunch of separate wooden pieces held together with pins that, when you hold it horizontally, wiggles side to side. imagine putting little metal rings on the wooden pieces--it still moves and you can still play with it--that's what this conditioner is like. now... instead of metal rings, imagine putting that toy snake in a metal pipe--you can't play with it much and there's not much movement--that's what a heavier silicone is like. now... take a flamethrower to both toy snakes. the one with the rings (this conditioner) is destroyed, while the one in the metal pipe (a heavier silicone protectant) is relatively unscathed. i forgot my point... i know it's something about heat styling... but i just really like toy snakes.

how much did i pay for this bad boy? i got 25.4 oz for under 4 bucks at Walmart. i'd buy it again, in fact, i bought 2 as soon as i saw it. make sure to check out the review for the shampoo too. i LOVE this product line.

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