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9 years ago

Added this because the fitness board is quite busy and a lot of folks do drink shakes of various types, and let's face it you don't always have a blender handy, and the range of shake mixing bottles out there is ridiculous, and a lot of them are awful. Enter the Blender Bottle. It's a plastic bottle with a screw-on lid which, instead of having some silly screen to mix, instead has a little wire whisk-like ball that you drop in the bottle with your ingredients. I have an original size one (28 oz) but they also make a smaller size, and so far as long as I make sure the lid is screwed on well and the flip-top (for drinking/pouring) is down tight, I have experienced no leaks even with quite energetic shaking. It also cleans VERY easily, which ime can be a problem with some of the other designs where the mesh gets clogged up with mix. It takes me about a minute after mixing up a shake and drinking or decanting it to get the thing clean - some hot water, a tiny bit of soap, and a lot of shaking, and it's 90% done right there. Getting down to the important part, mixing - I'm using a TP custom mix so I can't comment on what the normal mixibility of my shake is, but I've found the Blender Bottle does an acceptable job. There are occasionally a few small lumps (like the size of a grain of sea salt) that I just ignore, but it's entirely possible that someone with more shaking patience could eliminate those, too. I also like that while it mixes, and does create a little foam, it doesn't produce ridiculous amounts of foam cap on top of the shake. (I like a little foam to help give the shake some body, but I don't want to feel like I'm fighting foam to get to the darn drink.) It closes securely enough that I would have no problem putting my powder mix in, closing it up, and tossing it into my gym bag to add water to post-workout, or even a pre-mixed shake if you prefer to do it that way. The one drawback, and this is really true of any cup-type shake blenders, is that I don't think it would cope with big lumps of any additional ingredients, like a banana or a big spoon of nut butter. It's designed to whisk, not chop things up, so if you want to go that route I think you'd need to pre-mix those ingredients into some liquid with a proper blender of some type before adding to the cup. (I could be wrong about the nut butter, particularly if you put it in in multiple small clumps instead of a big spoonful - haven't tried that yet.) My plan (as yet untested) to get around that problem is to make up some ice cube trays of fruit purees, and then chuck the required number into the bottle with the powder before heading off to the gym - since the bottle isn't insulated, my expectation is that over the course of a workout the cubes would probably melt enough that by the end when you added additional liquid, they'd melt the rest of the way and you'd end up with a nice cool shake with your fruit mixed in even though you're on the go. I'll update this review after I've tried that, and let you know. :) All in all, however, this is the shake mix bottle I would recommend over any of the others I've tried. It works well, there's no fiddling about making sure it's closed properly, there's no sneaky hidden areas to struggle to clean... It does the job it's intended for with a minimum of fuss and hassle. (One tip for pricing - you can get them online easily enough from the company, but it is worth checking ebay or your local gyms/fitness stores. I've seen them for sale with ad-branding for less than the retail price of the plain bottle, so if you don't care about advertisements on your stuff, that can be a way to save some pennies.)

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