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8 years ago

I love the texture of the product, it is silky smooth and does not streak. The initial effet is beautiful, not too dark or to light. However, for a 'foundation' there is absolutely no coverage. It is matte however which is nice because I do not need powder over it. I wear this over tinted moisturizer. Worst part about this product is that it wears off after about an hour already. I find I hardly ever wear it, it might only be useful for pictures that you take right after you put it on. For such an expensive product I would expect it to last longer.

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9 years ago

For reference I'm NC15 - 20, dark hair/eyes, and I was really skeptical to try this as this looked dark (don't go by what some SAs will tell you 'Since you're a brunetted/dark haired you should go for the 02 Brunnette colour') . However, I must say that the colour is really translucent and it only imparts that healthy glow (as the name suggests) on my skin. The texture is super-silky smooth which I love and my skin still shows through. I would say this is an extreme version of a tinted moisturizer meaning this will not give you any coverage at all (BUT this is NOT a moisturizer as it does not have any moisturizing properties at all. You will need your own moisturizer underneath). Not sure why they call it a 'foundation'. I really loved it at first but after a week of using it, I've been noticing that this doesn't sink into my skin instead it just sits on top of it which causes it to transfer on anything and everything. This results in blotchy areas on my skin throughout the day causing the redness to show through hence that even-toned complexion is not there anymore. For this reason alone I will not be repurchasing this even though I did love this foundation (texture was superb, blendability was easy, and quick/easy to apply). This is sold for $54 Cdn (before taxes). The tube packaging is alright but would have preferred their 'Tinted Moisturizer' sort of bottle packaging.

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