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on 10/21/2010 3:48:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Coarse

Eyes: Brown

It's summer, and you know what that means? I'll be wearing gigantic orientals, their sillage amplified by a quarter-inch of sweat. It's considered gauche to wear loud fragrances in summer, but I completely disagree; all the big orientals- Youth-Dew, Opium, Angel- seem positively designed for this kind of sweltering provocation. A good layer of sweat really brings out their "COME HITHER, YOU BIG MAN" qualities. Speaking of Angel, I think it might have surpassed Youth-Dew as my all-time favorite perfume. I got my star refilled at Nordstrom last week for the nice price of $45 and I've been wearing it continuously for the past week. It's just such an endlessly fascinating and disturbing fragrance, and it's impossible to categorize or understand. It was released in '92, well into the onset of what Chandler Burr calls the "anorexic oceanics of the 1990s", yet it is a throbbing, room-filling fuck-off power-woman scent in the 80's OpiumPoisonGiorgio style. It straddles the line between male and female despite being intended for and worn mainly by women; an ultra-femme pink cotton candy note is strangled to death before your eyes by a virile, throaty patchouli. It is one of the most successful perfumes in history and is available at Wal-Mart but it does not in any way comply with the American imperative to smell "clean"- in fact, it smells positively raunchy, as though body odor and sweet musky shit-stained panties were layered with rotting fruit and topped off with a post-apocalyptic stripper pole. Its advertising is counter-intuitive and designed to distract potential customers from what it ACTUALLY smells like; the packaging is light blue when the juice smells a sinister glittery brown. Sales-associates will inform dimwitted women that it smells of chocolates and sweets, when it smells of death and the infinite beyond. Ad copy refers to the "tender notes of Angel" and "memories of Thierry Mugler's childhood"; Angel wearers clearly lost their innocence LONG ago and now confront everyone they meet with the olfactory tenderness of snorting jagged shards of blue sugar glass. Angel is worn equally by conservative women (allegedly it is the signature scent of both Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton) and women of the night (numerous sources have told me of its popularity among erotic dancers). AND IT WAS A HUGE HIT! More disturbing is the nicotine-like addiction that Angel induces in the wearer, necessitating the purchase of (literally) hundreds of bizarrely named ancillary products ("Celestial Showers Gel"? "Perfuming Hair Mist"?) in an effort to preserve the scent on skin for the rest of your lifetime. The addictive part of Angel, the really good part, is that first blast of body odor and rotten fruit that fades within a few minutes, so the wearer is forced to continually reapply to get that kick. The more you wear it, the more you become anosmic to it, so you keep putting on layer upon layer upon layer, achieving a Baby Jane-like flaking pancake makeup effect and making you smell TRULY filthy, TRULY like you have been living on the streets and selling your unclean body for weeks. As Anais Reboux says to Roxane Mesquida at the beginning of Breillat's "Fat Girl", "You reek of loose morals." They have soda fountain-style REFILL STATIONS at all major department stores, for Christ's sake! I indulge in dreams of taking foot-tall Slurpee cups to Nordstrom and demanding that an effete, tittering male sales associate fill them to the brim, at gunpoint. How on earth did you get away with it, Mugler? Around the time of its release, sales associates were instructed to forcefully spray it on the arms of confused women, look directly in their trembling eyes, and tell them, mantra-like, "THIS IS A FRAGRANCE FOR A UNIQUE WOMAN. NO ONE ELSE WILL SMELL LIKE THIS. A UNIQUE, UNCOMPROMISING WOMAN WOULD WEAR THIS. IT IS UNLIKE ANYTHING ELSE". I'm not kidding, this is how it became a success. They still talk like that at the department stores, too, when they find out you're an Angel fan, in the thick, lascivious tone of a depraved Madame speaking to a whorehouse patron with particularly exotic, violent, and possibly illegal sexual tastes. They'll spray you with the latest seasonal version ("Angel Soleil au Fraiche Summer Fraicheur Energizing Oil Cream" or some such nonsense, available for a limited time only) and hold your arm with their lacquered dragon talons, hissing that there are LOTS of people out there who like Angel and you needn't feel guilty or immoral for it. AND IT WAS A HUGE HIT!

One of my best friends who happens to be a mortician told me an amazing and frightening story. While preparing a corpse for its funeral, she was handed a bottle of Angel and instructed to spray it all in and around the coffin because it was the deceased's favorite scent. Angel, which already smells of death, follows its wearers TO THE GRAVE.

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on 5/9/2012 4:41:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Blue

/in my defense, I had knee surgery today. OMG ouch. So I'm locked into bed, higher than a kite on pain meds, and bored. What better to do than write long reviews on MUA? If you don't like very long, overly wordy, kinda funny reviews...then skip this one/

Angel....quite possibly the most polarizing perfume on the planet. My perceptions - at length - are to follow.

This perfume makes me smell like a whore. There, I've gone and said it. Right out loud out with my inside voice. A refined, high-class, "You couldn't begin to think to afford me" whore...with long legs and beautiful curly hair and expertly applied makeup and custom-tailored clothing. But still a whore. But better yet, it makes me FEEL like a whore.

Which, when you are married, is a good thing. Let me explain. Hubby gave me his usual Gallic shrug when I asked him how he likes it, but a curious thing happens about twenty minutes after I put it on...he gets...uhmm..."handsy" and touchy-feely and starts following me around and giving me random kisses and whatnot. Since I am married to a man who isn't really hands-on, so to speak, this is remarkable. I don't think he knows that it's working on his little reptile primitive brain, but it hooks him through the nose and makes him my slave...for a time.

Very, VERY strong when first applied...a blast of sweet chocolate, bitter vanilla (I know, it sounds weird) and to me what smells like a powdery toffee mix with a tiny hint of salt. After about 20 minutes, a light, non-earthy patchouli peeks through, entwined with a wispy mild sour-ish fruit (blackberries? Currants?). Hubby hates patchouli in any earthy/hippie form (he says it smells like dirt), but this is a brighter, greener, cleaner patchouli. Like the leaves, not the bark. I get no B.O., dirt, blood, semen, or any bitter metallic tang (exception noted below).

After a few hours, this wildly riotous combo softens down to traces of all the above, but melded into a non-foody, non-edible food scent. Non-edible food scent? Yes. Sweet, rounded, caramel-like, scrumptious cloud...but doesn't make you want to eat anything. Just smells...deliciously delicious. Nom nom nom.

I should note...I have whiffed Angel on random women and wanted to smack them upside the head for wearing such a discordant scent out in public. On some body chemistries, it is a shockingly unpleasant acrid mix, like baby powder poured onto vomit. That's gross, I know.

Then on other women, I want to nuzzle my head into the side of their neck and gobble them up in a (mostly) non-lesbian way. (tee hee)

This scent is ABSOLUTELY dependent upon your chemistry. I have approached probably a total of ten friends and family, the likes of which WILL tell you if a perfume compliments you or leaves your reputation hanging in shreds and tatters...male and female, they prononced Angel a success on my skin. Get a tester, as it's rather expensive, test it out on different friends and family at different stages in of drydown (and don't punish them for telling you what may be an unpleasant truth, please). Then proceed from there.

A few tips...tester. Friends and family. Tell them to be absolutely honest. This could be an investment of a tidy little sum of money.. If that works and they pronouce it a go, MIND THE DAMN SILLAGE. This stuff is even more potent than Donna Karan's Be Delicious Night, which I didn't think was possible. ONE SHOT. ONE SHOT. ONE SHOT ONLY. Cleavage is best...if you don't like anointing your bewbs, then the back of your neck. Either way will allow the scent to warm and waft up. Don't you DARE bruise this scent by rubbing wrists together. It will change if you do that. It goes very metallic and sharp. I tried it. Then washed it off. Then reapplied it properly.

Even if it's da-bomb sexy, you do not need people in Singapore and Bhutan smelling you. Your nose will become anosmic to it over the day. Don't reapply. It's there until tomorrow, I promise. Even on "suck up every trace of scent after half an hour" dry-ass skin like mine. I love. You may hate. The only way to know is to try it and see.

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on 11/6/2010 3:38:00 AM

Age: 56 & Over

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I would not be without my Angel eau de parfume. I can't wait to break out with it when Fall arrives. That is just my preference for this fragrance. It reminds of everything wonderful when the weather is cold. As far as many fragrance reviews go I don't understand why the "old lady" and even and "old man" descriptions are so frequently referenced and used in such a vile manner. Have you actually hugged an elderly person recently? I wish my mom was still with me so I could still smell the "old lady" thing. I have to admit I get some sort of perverse pleasure wearing Angel knowing I might send men and women shrieking because I have assaulted their olfactory senses. I will never be dissuaded from wearing the unmistakable and fabulous Angel.

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on 4/19/2014 9:46:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

To the people who love this fragrance, please be aware that not everyone does. I smell it on women all the time. Women I know as well as strangers walking past me, on public transport or, god forbid, in elevators where it seems to linger for weeks after the wearer has left. I see lots of reviews state it works well with their body chemistry...hmmm, that's interesting as every woman I smell it on smells exactly the same - it surrounds them (and everyone within a 10 metre radius) with a migraine inducing, smack you in the face sickly sweet fug. A girl I went to school with wore this scent. The first time I smelt it, I was so shocked and horrified that I said, "wow! What perfume are you wearing?" She replied that it was Angel and asked me if I liked it. What could I say but, "yes it's lovely!" It's unfortunate as lots of people I know do this and it perpetuates the myth that everyone loves this smell on those that wear it when in reality it's the exact opposite. If you must wear it, please be aware that it's polarizing and that you will probably offend at least as many people as you delight (although I have yet to meet a person delighted by this fragrance when it passes you on the street). This isn't a personal fragrance, this is obnoxious and it invades everyone's territory. Harsh review? Yes, but after recovering from an Angel induced migraine, I feel it's more of a public service announcement.

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Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

A few years ago, there was a girl in one of my classes who constantly smelled like a mixture of ice cream and marijuana. I guessed that she probably ate a carton of Ben & Jerry's every morning while simultaneously smoking a blunt, because I had never smelled anything so confusing and nauseating before.

Fast forward to my 17th birthday. I received a bottle of Angel perfume, took one whiff, and immediately realized I was wrong.

The girl was wearing Angel.

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on 9/24/2009 12:40:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

I adore Angel on others when it is used very sparingly. I work 12 hrs at a time with my coworkers, and I notice how this scent transforms into something magical over time (with amazing staying power) when the wearer barely sprays.
When a small "whiff" of this is noticed as a person walks by, I want to follow them into the next room. I ask these women how they apply, and they always say just ONE little spritz, light and quick.
BUT...the people that turn me into a hater are the ones who apply this as if it were a light body spray, which it absolutely is not. This stuff can truly make people run and hide from you. (I don't know how the wearers can take it!)
Angel is potent and intense, and must be respected for what it is,
and it must be respected as such when applied. Very Light Touch Please!!!! I choose to wear the body lotion, but I even use that lightly.
Angel is beautiful, complex and sexy. It is a work of art when worn so that others can appreciate its nuance.

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on 11/30/2006 10:35:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Other, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Other, Other, Other

Eyes: Other

So:::not:::me. This is pastel-colored white chocolate after-dinner mints. In no way does it resemble dark cocoa. It is sweet, girly, giggly. And fluffy. Did I mention sweet? Canned pineapple and shredded coconut ambrosia salad. Constructed of artificial candy flavors in the complete absence of natural fruit. A wall of scent assaults me, airy but heavy like the aroma of hot sugar at a carnival. There is no relief from the melting sugar, no earthy base to rescue me from the cloying sweetness. It goes on and on, mind-numblingly cheerful and swirling like lights on spinning rides, with pop music blaring from speakers, and laughing, screaming people riding around and around. Stop the ride. I want to get off. Please. Give me the gloom of incense, the mustiness of real patchouli, the snap of leather, the cool green of galbanum, the crisp rustle of vetiver. I am a grown-up. I know the world. There is no going back.

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Age: Unknown

Skin: Combination, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Black

Will someone *please* tell me what they put in this stuff to make it so addictive???

I had never smelled it but read all the reviews. Good and bad. Chocolate, man cologne, musk, stinky, horrible, amazing, etc.

I sprayed on *1* tiny (1/2 of) a spritz on one wrist in Macy's today. At first it was too light and sweet for me. Then I could smell something like men's cologne underneath and I just felt it wasn't for me. I continued to walk through the store and kept getting blasted in the face with this scent - strong cheap men's cologne and chocolate. It was SO strong that I felt embarassed that I was walking around smelling so horrible.

I went home and let my daughter smell it. "You stink!" I had to laugh cuz she was right. I went to the bathroom and washed my arm. Twice. I could still smell some cologne. It was giving me a headache. I took some tylenol and the headache passed. Then.... It happened:

I was craving smelling Angel again.
I wanted it.
I needed it.
This horrible perfume that is at once too sweet *AND* too bitter, that is too light for me *AND* too heavy, that is beautiful *AND* ugly - was calling me.
Right now I'm debating whether or not I want to be an "Angel clone." One of many who walks around reeking of something all wrong and so right at the same time. I don't even consider the perfume sexy, pretty, wearable, good for formal occasions... Nothing. I can't think of a single time or place that would be good to wear this reeking masterpiece, but I want to wear it all the time.
I have a feeling I'll be buying it very soon....

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on 10/8/2016 5:06:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Dry, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Let me start this review by saying that Angel deserves the reputation it gets. It's brash, loud, and dramatic; it follows the tradition in the perfume hall of fame as part of the ultimate power woman fragrances that were so ubiquitous pre-1990s, even though I could definitely see a man wear it without any problems. In fact, it is quite often referred to as a "drag queen perfume" for reasons I'll explain below. The name, juice and bottle would indicate that it would smell innocent and girly, but it is anything but that.

When I first encountered Angel, I sprayed it on a test strip and immediately recoiled in disgust, scrunching my nose after smelling it and declared it as completely vile. Why would anyone tamper with the perfectly delicious gourmand notes and come up with this heavy and dark monster?! Angel's nuclear sillage and lasting power didn't help either as I had thrown the test strip into my bag and had stunk up my whole purse even after removing it two weeks later. However a few years later, I decided to give it another chance since it was the originator of the gourmand trend in perfumes (which I love). Just to preface, test strips or smelling from the cap ARE NOT a good way to gauge whether you like a fragrance or not. Skin and body chemistry should be the definitive factor and needless to say, Angel is a perfume that definitively thrives on the skin.

BUT, if you do not like patchouli, especially in heavy doses, stay away. Angel's musty patchouli is the star of the perfume, no pun intended. No, this is not the clean patchouli in the ever-so-popular Angel children nowadays, such as Flowerbomb, Jimmy Choo and LVEB. If you liked any of the aforementioned fragrances, please be aware that Angel is a completely different animal despite being the originator of the gourmand fruitchouli genre. It's got a dirty and mossy quality to it, which definitely gives a masculine vibe to it. I've always been confused as to why so many guys were using this or in addition to A*Men in their collection, but I totally get it now. Angel, despite the marketing campaign and packaging, smells very unisex. The sweet, carnal cotton candy is balanced by the dirty patchouli.

Here is when things get a bit tricky. Admittedly, even though I love Angel (it's in my top 5), the top notes in this aren't enjoyable to my nose. It smells like a used baby diaper that's been drenched in honey and left in the sun for 12 hours to "ferment" at first, but thankfully it dissipates in a few minutes. The extensively long and quite complicated potpourri of notes in Angel will translate differently on the skin for every individual. Angel is a temperamental little thing, dependent on body chemistry--as some say, "you don't choose Angel. Angel chooses you". Some people get metallic, BO vibes, and rank skanky stripper, etc. However on me, it is ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. The vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel and cotton candy are quite prominent at the heart and base of the perfume, giving it a dazzling effect. On me, there's a very nice creaminess to it, more like caramel flan versus creme brulee, which is intoxicatingly addictive. The sweetness is in perfect harmony and smells deliciously edible. It's not sticky sweet at all, as the dark chocolate facets of patchouli helps to cut it. In between the heart and base notes, it actually smells EXACTLY like the richest, most decadent vanilla ice cream (with real vanilla bean specks!) on my skin. Wow. The dessert and vanilla in this gives a very warm and sweet smell, but there is an odd aura of 'coolness' to it that is also present in Lolita Lempicka! Very sensual at the same time. In the base notes it waxes and wanes from creamy vanilla musk (but certainly not at all pale in the slightest) to spiced, delicious cotton candy. This exact smell was the one I wanted to get from Aquolina Pink Sugar, but didn't.

Angel is definitely one of my most favourite perfumes of all time. Love it or hate it, but it won't change the fact that it was completely innovative. Angel is powerful; she is a dominatrix that will force you to submit to her will before she reaches out with her radioactive blue-clawed nails and she makes nice with you. It's not hard to see why so many other perfume houses have done their own "version" of Angel. Even though I've mentioned earlier that Angel straddles the line between feminine and masculine, I feel like the ultimate femme fatale when I wear this.

To end this review, I have a small but interesting anecdote about Angel. I was wearing this when I went to a house party with a male friend of mine and as we sat down, one of the guys looks over at him and tells him, "I like the cologne you're wearing today bro". He clearly was not wearing any cologne (and even if he did, it probably would not have been as strong as this fallen Angel) so the comment was clearly directed to MY perfume so needless to say fellas, wear Angel to your heart's content.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Olive, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I absolutely love this scent.

Although I can understand how there are so many bad reviews - this really isn't a scent you need to use too much of - ONE small spray, please. I honestly think that some people dislike Angel because some idiot has probably sprayed almost the entire bottle over her clothes. No. Just no. Please, if you want to wear Angel, then do it justice and use very sparingly.
Anyway. Rant over.

Regarding the scent itself, I use the Eau de Parfum and have been obsessed with it ever since I first tried it.

This perfume is incredibly popular in Spain - whenever I go over to visit relatives I recognise this on so many girls in the street. It just smells gorgeous in summer - as I'm writing this I can picture Seville in the really hot months - and this scent conjures up loud, buzzing nights. This is a very mediterranean perfume - we tend to like the stronger scents, that leave a bit of a trail. I would say this is very unmistakeable, and an absolute masterpiece.

The overall composition is sweet. Yes, it is a gourmand, but not one that I find too sickly or offensive. You will not actually smell like a dessert while wearing this, despite all of the rich, almost edible notes - it's too complex to come across as a chocolate pudding/sugarbomb attack on the nose, because of the patchouli that serves as a base. I definitely get a strong, immediate hit of honey, red fruits, cotton candy and dark, dark chocolate - which I am slightly obsessed by.

I always feel great while wearing this. It's so warming and exotic. And yes, you may have
heard, men adore this scent. It really is an aphrodisiac. A kind of smell that you want to snuggle up to or savour - I always find myself sniffing my wrist because I'm craving more of its sensual, heady goodness. But it has to be on the right skin and body chemistry. If Angel doesn't suit you, then you'll probably know about it very quickly from other people's reactions, which could put some people off and explain the bad reviews. But please, I repeat, don't give Angel a bad name by wearing it if it doesn't suit you. That's just encouraging any bad rep for such a wonderful product.

So, if you're feeling like you want to try Angel, ease into it with just a single spray and you might be surprised. It really is like nothing I have ever smelt before or since. My firm favourite - the good news is it's quite economical despite it being more expensive than a lot of other perfumes. It's definitely an investment buy. This is because you need such a tiny amount due to the incredible sillage and longevity. I can spray this once onto my wrist, dab it onto the other one, rub my wrists behind my ears and on my neck, then I'm good to go - and, unbelievably, I can still smell it the next day. All day. So, if you like the smell, this is good news. If you don't, then it could be a bitch to scrub off in the shower. While I'm wearing it I tend to feel like it's quite a confident, sexy, rich, deep and complex scent - not the typical watered-down fruity crap that so many unfortunately misguided girls wear now. No, this is proper perfume - a classic scent.

I also adore the most recent campaign for this with Eva Mendes. She really suits the vibe of the perfume and just embodies its confident, strong but also really feminine and classic appeal. I would definitely picture somebody like her wearing this scent. I don't know why but I really feel this suits Hispanic women (probably because it reminds me of the thousands of girls who wear this in Spain). It just conjures up dark hair, tans and summertime.

The bottle is also great - very pretty on my dresser, I have the little blue star and I love the fact that the juice is coloured. Everything about this product, from the scent to the marketing is stylish and luxurious.

Try it, and if it doesn't work for you, then leave it alone. But if it does, then you'll be very lucky to enjoy such a gorgeous, unique smell.

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