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7 years ago

To me, Conaffetto smells like a heavenly combination of orange blossoms and marshmallows. If you indulge in candied yams during the holidays like I do, then you are very familiar with the sweet and creamy smell of melted marshmallows. Take that sugary smell of melted marshmallows and mix it with orange blossoms and you have Conaffetto. I don't pick up on the bitterness and dryness of almonds too much - it's very mild here. On me, Conaffetto is mostly a sweet, sugary floral. Sillage is really strong when first applied, but after 15-20 minutes it settles down nicely. Lasting power is above average. I get 6-8 hours from 2 spritzes. This beauty is perfect for cooler weather, snuggling, and daydreaming :o)

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8 years ago

This to me is what I expected from Alessandro (which ended up too powdery for me) and I get the association some have to Farmacia CARA but with more lasting power and scent trail. (still love Farmacia CARA). This has that sweetness that floats in the air in Spring when sweet blossoms open and you walk around wondering what it is that smells so wonderful. Along with that I get the almond and the sugar. The orange blossoms are not sharp - I believe them to be the honey-sweet that I sense after this has set for about 5 minutes on the skin. Perfectly blended, once settled from the initial blast. One application behind my neck and on my chest gently wafts about treating me to its gentle caress. It is a perfume that smiles. I read that her perfumes are scent memories. Scents that trigger past warm fuzzies. I get that - when I experience this scent it feels familiar but different. Hilde Soliani created this scent for her friend's wedding (LUCKY FRIEND!) Comfortable and very cozy and sexy at the same time. Though I do appreciate Alessandro and would not be upset to receive it as a gift - and I LOVE Farmacia Cara and wear that often. This has wiggled its way up to one of my top favorites in this scent category. A scent for grown ups that feels young. LOVE it! Oh, yes, expensive - but if 2 spritzes can last that long - very worth it and I know I will start saving now for another spare bottle. Hope she makes it forever! *I find I am drawn to many of her scents - at least all that I have sampled so far. *Also, this is one that lasts longer when SPRITZED versus dabbed. (but with sample dabbing you will still get a great sense of this fragrance - just know it is even better with spritzing)

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9 years ago

I was expecting a sugary gourmand fragrance when I sampled Conaffetto, and I was glad to discover that I was wrong. You can definitely detect the candied almonds, but they're blended so perfectly with orange blossom that the finished product smells more like sweet flower nectar than candy. It's simple and carefree and happy. I think I need a bottle for this summer.

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9 years ago

Not much can be added to the elaborate 'setting' of this perfume, described in blogs. It is a wedding scent of pureness, true happiness, a radiant bride; a very lush, edible gourmand. The sweetness is realistic, as I smell I can literally see and 'taste' these almond confetti wedding candies (which I've never had the pleasure to actually eat, but I ask myself, how could they taste as wonderful as this smells?) and imagine I am in this picture perfect image of heaven, orange blossoms blooming everywhere, trees heavy with them, branches bending over to lay their blossoms on my face as I walk under a whole canopy of white flowers. A million sweet almond candies are being roasted in the background. It smells so amazingly wonderful; it captures the first-blooming soft, sweet smell of orange blossoms, truly a heady and amazing aroma mingling with these just-picked slightly oily, meaty almonds. None of the indoles are present, these orange blossoms are not a day old, all of them have -just- opened. To be honest I smell no bitterness in this whatsoever, the edges are all fuzzy and blissfully, euphorically rounded. Everything smells natural, as natural as a real bloom to me, and captures the scent of perfect wedding day happiness, an emotion I've never known but can imagine fully, breathing in the smell of as if there's no tomorrow, which is exactly what I'm going to do with my FB. ;) This also makes me remember my Italian nanny from Long Island who raised me, who saved her confetti from her wedding day in a little white see-through polyester baggie with a white satin ribbon. She would never let me eat them, but sometimes would take them down for me to smell them.... EDIT: After awhile this sweet dessert scent, like the candied almonds, becomes almost too much for major overhaul consumption, which this definitely is.

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