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4 years ago

I purchased this on a whim and ultimately, because it's got a fabulous scent. Like many others have stated, it's quite reminiscent of VR's Flowerbomb. It's pretty too... however, the scent doesn't really last on the body (for me anyhow) and the moisturizing factor is extremely disappointing as for what I would expect from a $20.00 (give or take) shower gel. To be honest, I found this extremely drying. I also am not impressed with the formulation, which seems really thin and calls for an awful lot of product to be used. If you are looking for an aromatherapy type shower gel to wake you in the mornings, the delicious scent of this will wake you up and put ya in a good mood. If you are looking for lasting scent or moisture, this isn't gonna do it for ya. Basically this is the type of product that works better as a guest product; an every once in a while use (or first time use for someone visiting) who will enjoy the treat of a sexy scent in a pretty package. I won't be buying again, nor will I be using it very often at all.

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9 years ago

As the previous reviewer noted, this perfume is very, very, very close to Flowerbomb at a fraction of the cost. Though, this is a little bit more subdued and less sweet than Flowerbomb, almost with a hint of something leatherish or smokish in the bottom (guess it is the freesia). I can't really smell the lychee at all, except for in the very initial, fresh and fruity burst that dies down within a minute. Mainly just a non-sweetened, round vanilla paired with freesia. Personally, I love scents that lingers close to the skin and does not fill a whole room with their presence, but I would have liked a little bit of a better throw, so I could truly smell it and not just a hint of something nice. Perhaps if I applied some more...but I think spraying the pulse points around my body once should be enough. So, I'm taking a star off for that. Or rather, for the fact that it has throw for about an hour or so before starting to really fade. Other than that, this perfume is a delight: scent, the bottle itself (I love the brown bottle and white cap) and the outside packaging. Few perfumes come packaged as beautifully and thoughtfully as this. The ingredient list is a part of the art on the outside, and they have a nice list of things that is not in the perfume including nuts and wheat (a very nice touch). Once you carefully open the box up, it folds out to reveal some information about the three key scents in the perfume before it unrolls to reveal the bottle itself, safely cushioned in the box. To summarise, if you are looking for a slightly more mature Flowebomb with a less sweet vanilla tone, suitable for everyday wear at a modest price, this is definitely it. This will definitely be a perfume I'll enjoy wearing a lot and might repurchase if I run out before they discontinue this particular scent (which Korres has a tendency to do with their scents).

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9 years ago

I'm quite surprised and baffled. I first saw this fragrance in the store today, along with the rest of the new Korres fragrances, and, being in a hurry, I tried only this one on because it had the most promising notes (at least for my taste). The truth is, I'm not sure how to rate this fragrance, as it seems it's the exact dupe of my current favorite, Flowerbomb. I was taken aback and amused because I remember seeing people on the fragrance board asking if there's a dupe for Flowerbomb numerous times, and I never imagined the day would come when I would actually have a real, valid answer to this. I feel like I've discovered new land somehow. But how do you rate a fragrance that you love not for itself, but because it's a dupe for something you really love? How can you say you really love and appreciate a man, when the reason you got with him in the first place is that he reminds you of someone else? As you can see, trying this scent has brought up serious existentional questions :-D In any case, I'll give it a 4 because I cannot give something I really like less than that, but I also can't give it a 5 because, well, that wouldn't be fair. Would I actually buy this? I'm on the fence. Truth be told it's a cheaper alternative to my HG. So yes, I might buy it indeed. After all, lasting power seems good too and Korres make quality stuff. To be honest, I wonder where Korres were going with this, and whether if the similarity was intentional (which I certainly hope not), or they just found they'd made a pretty delicious scent and put it out for what it is, a delicious scent, Flowerbomb aside. So ladies:you were looking for a cheaper Flowerbomb dupe. I give to you, Korres VFL. For those of you that love FB but not its patchouli, don't miss this one. This was a revelation,what do you know.

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