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Package Quality: 5.0

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on 12/8/2010 4:50:00 AM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Olive, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

I am surpised there are no reviews anywhere for this here & online,I have searched everywhere!
Anyway, this set is actually my first conscious forray in the world of alpha hydroxy acid complex & ceramides.
By conscious I mean, I actually started using this set knowing what the ingredients are what they were supposed to do.
I'm not an ingredient girl, much more like a brand girl. I use dermalogica, givenchy, juvena, la prairie , payot and a few other high end niche brands that are the Instyle must have/try ,and I've been doing so for years without really paying attention what were in these beautiful containers ( I thank God for allowing me to have a bathroom that makes me feel like I'm in Sephora every day!). As long as my skin was happy ( and yes, I do have great skin ) never really questionned my routines because I had no reason to.
The only reason I actually turned to this was kind of a fluke. After returning from an overseas trip a couple of weeks ago, to my horror, I had a pimple appear out of nowhere ( it must have been severe stress, because I do not get pimples), anyway, that pimple -which of course I did not rub, did manage to get irritated ( probably the nightly tossing & turning) and left me with a dark blemish mark on my forehead. I 'm lightly dark skinned, so this was bad for me, nothing dramatic if I wasn't so vain, but I am kind of used to my blemish free, clear skin.
As I said, I have very good skin and have for years.I am nearly 40, but looking at my face no one believes I'm over 25.This has been the story of my life and I want to keep it that way.So I went into my arsenal & sarted using Night Bright & the Resurfacing cleanser by Dermalogica twice a day for a week, and to my utter surprise, that little mark made its way into oblivion and disappeared from my forehead, day after day it became smaller, faded and then diappeared completely in less than 10 days. I attributed this rapid success to the ingrdients in the products the latic acid,vitamin c, and licorice.
For the first time ever I really got curious about these and did some research and discovered the power of AHA.So I decided to see what would happen if I started to use consciously these AHA products. Looking into one my cabinet I found this set of 4 bottles ( never opened it even though I sort of remember buying it last Xmas because I loved the packaging! And I'm not even a fan of Arden cosmetics, but it was very cute!) and thought, well, what the hell, let's try this!
So here is the review for this Arden set.
First off, it is a set of 4 little dark glass bottles of 7 ml which are meant to be used 2 weeks each, meaning a 8 weeks committment to the regime is necessary. I have to say upon reading the leaflet I wasn't sure I could commit to 2 months before seeing results, but since I do have good skin & I had the damn thing, I figured I should be able to see improvements fairly quickly since the base was good and there wouldn't be any purging period..
So here was my routine for the 1st 2 weeks- bottle no 1 :
- morning Dermalogica cleanser ( I vary from resurfacing or microfoliant depending on my mood ), glycolic toner ( this was a new addition specifically bought for this routine ( most of time I simply don't even though I do have the dermalogica ones and a few other) , I'm using Reviva, and I just bought the Cellex-C complexion mist - I 'm on week 3,step 2, but the cellex -c tingles a lot, so I will stop using it for the time being) and moisturizer with sunscreen ,I use dermalogica dynamic skin recovery ( I just started this one too on the same day I started this set..
- Evening - Cleanser ( again varies between dermalogica or fancl powder depending on my mood- as I don't wear make up, so I don't need the make up remover step)
Reviva glycolic acid
2 full dropper of the Step 1 over face and neck as instructed, nothing else on top.
I have to say after day 3 week 1, I started to notice a major difference in my skin texture.I always thought my skin was soft, this stuff gives a new meaning to what soft is , and this goes for both face and neck since I apply the liquid on both.Speaking of which this stuff feels like a evening oil ( for you ladies who use evening oils you know what I'm taking about think darphin oils or argan ) which is kind of funny seing that it doesn't absorb like an oil. Anyway, day 3, the skin was much smoother than usual.I had a mask on day 5, and wow, the skin was much clearer than ever with this shiny glow you get when you're in love ( you know the one, like some inside light is making your face glow)
Day 9, I did use my Kanebo peeling powder and , it is official, step 1 was a success, the skin not only is consistently smooth day in day out, but when added products are used, you will look like a model.
I am lucky I have small pores, and due to my treating my skin well for years, most of the time they are barely visible, but with this, they are invisible, and I don't wea make up. As a test I went to Nordstrom to the Chantecaille counter where one of my friend works, and as I was browsing while talking to her about gifsets, she suddenly asked me what foundation I had on. I smiled and said " none, babe,I'm experimenting this week !" to which she replied " experimenting with what? did you go see a dermatologist? or worse a surgeon? what is making your face look so good?" I continued to smiled and she finally said "what is it ? what are you using ?" I told her I was trying a new regimen and would let her in in a couple of weeks at the end of it, but I was glad she noticed because that could only mean it was working so far.
Day 14, which was then end of bottle 1 ( and I have to say while the bottle is 7 ml, 2 weeks of daily nightly use only dented about half the bottle, now I get why in the leaflet it says the set is to be used in cure twice a year) the skin is softer as it's EVER been.it is luminous,and the best part my sun spots on my neck are fading and my neck lines too!

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