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9 years ago

This kit is exclusive to Sephora, and contains: Mini Black Mascara Mini Eye Basics lid primer in Wheat Mini Black Ebony cake eyeliner (reg. size is 0.05 oz; kit size is 0.03 oz) Standard size of her eyeshadow duo in Stellar/Topaz double ended brush (flat eyeliner/lid brush) Overall, this is a fantastic value for your money and a great intro to LM's products, as well as a nice refresher kit for long time fans of her line. Her line is relatively unique in principle and execution, esp when compared with the more-is-more philosophy. I've found that while many women are familiar with the principle of subtlety being more flattering, when it comes to their own face it takes some getting used to. While I believe BB has her own YBB approach, the BB line often still retains a simplistic, more conspicuous approach; LM, however, is very meticulous about subtlety and (in my experience) takes natural-beauty to a whole other comfort zone. With that said, her products in this kit ring true to her philosophy. Products: Her mini-cake, a classic e/l and perfect for tightlining as well as a cat-eye. It lasts relatively well on my waterline and while it does smear slightly as the day goes on, there's no fall out as if I had used a powder e/s. I prefer my Chanel cake e/l over the LM, but the Chanel is a very dramatic effect whereas LM's is *much* more softened. Where as gel liners are too heavy and weighty in appearance, this has lighter, more powdery look, I have not experienced any flaking (the product is too light in weight for that) but it does smear if I don't either use a base, set it with a powder, or wear a light coat (minimally) of mascara. This offers the "smokiest" of cake liners. Owned prior to this purchase and have re-purchased. Eyeshadow duo in Stellar/Topaz: I will be repurchasing Stellar, however Topaz is too ashy for my coloring. Stellar is a great, sheer wash of shimmer for a nude eye. It brightens and adds a shimmery, satin finish to the skin without actually depositing any color. It is more finely milled than BB's Snow, and is sheerer and less brash white than NARS Absynnia and the white of the Pandora duo. very flattering shade and when I wear it, it opens up my eye area, highlights my brow bone and enchances my skin without looking like I have eyeshadow on. This is a very understated product, but absolutely perfect. Topaz is a shimmery nude-brown-copper-gray (if that makes sense) the color is difficult to describe, but it lacks any distinct color and makes my shadows appear deeper. Over a sheer wash of her cake eyeliner, this pulls purple. Eye basics in Wheat: eye brightening base, more subtle than Smashbox and trulybrightens on it'sown. Great addition and def useful simply by itself or to help the cake adhere. More gentle on the eye area and makes blending easier than other stronger eyeshadow primers. Light beigey peach flesh tone in shade. My mascara was half-full, so I cannot comment on that. I would deduct points from the kit, but everything else was such a nice addition and felt like a great investment, that it didn't affect my overall rating. The brush is the real winner, as it is double ended, great for travel. Love to tightline using this and perfect to soften the liner with the other end. Any of her brushes thrown into a kit make the kit worthwhile. Overall, her kit is very subtle and I could see some people frustrated that this isn't a punch of pigmentation and conspicuous make-up. Her products can wear very sheer and require some fussing with to get to the depth I am used to seeing. I feel she has perfected the French understated, seemingly effortless approach to a classic, sexy eye without venturing too far into one trend or another. If I could, I would give this a 4.5 simply because I'm not a huge fan of Topaz and my mascara was half full, but I bumped it up to five because it's such a great deal for the money. Would certainly repurchase.

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