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3 years ago

I love the fact that they are made bigger now so that's good for the price I just got this one in the mail it is named Vampire Blood it smells so good but I love Bath And Body Works it's cute

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10 years ago

Immediately after seeing sayanythingbr00ke's youtube haul featuring BBW's new Halloween collection, I just had to check it out myself. I am a sucker for anything Halloween related, and since these were 5 for $5, they were a steal. There are a total of five scents: Bat Bite, Vampire Blood, Candy Corn, Zombie, and Spider Web. I only got three of the five listed (the first 3 mentioned). I liked Zombie (which was a marshmallow scent), but not enough to buy it. Who knows... that might change ;) And Spider Web looked really awesome (black liquid...I mean, c'mon!) but I hated the strong black licorice smell. Oh well. Here's my review of Vampire Blood: This one is plum-flavored. Comes in BBW's standard 1 fl oz PocketBac container. The words Vampire Blood adorn the front with blood dripping down the letters. I'm really loving the color of the product: a deep blood red! The smell is absolutely divine too. I get a rich, candied plum scent; almost reminds me of a candy apple, strangely enough. As of now, this is my favorite of the Halloween scents, followed by Bat Bite. Check out their new Halloween collection...the stuff is super cheap and really cute! :)

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