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6 years ago

Favorite sunscreen for the body ! It's lightweight, broad spectrum and water resistant! I use the SPF 15 during the cooler months or when I'm not going to spend time out in the sun. (New packaging doesn't say anything about tanning on it)

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SkinCombination, Medium, Warm

HairBlack, Straight, Coarse


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6 years ago

Shame on you, Banana Boat! Your name has "protective" in it but you didn't protect me at all. First time I used you, I BURNED badly & then peeled 2 wks later. I'll never again go without my trusty Celazome SPF 30 lotion, especially for 1st-time outings of the summer season. This dry oil spray was very convenient to use, however - sprays on easily, evenly & absorbs well without any greasy, shiny residue thanks to the consistently fine mist. The nozzle clicks open/closed so it can't leak in my bag (big plus). This product which failed me miserably will from now on be used to moisturize my saltwater-dried skin at the beach & enhance summer color once a decent base tan has developed, but certainly never again as primary protection against burn on pale winter skin. And the next time I buy another dry oil aerosol spray, I'll go back to trusty Hawaiian Tropic. I learned me lesson! Banana Boat isn't nice to me.

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SkinDry, Medium, Warm

HairGrey, Kinky, Medium


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8 years ago

So, I tan sometimes. I love doing it in the winter because it's warm and my skin looks a lot less grey. I'm extremely pasty in the winter and I have a grey cast to my skin with a bright pink flush. I used the samples of the super-expensive lotions for indoor tanning: burning behind the knees, rashes, dried out skin etc. Been using the Hawaiian Tropic T2 indoor tanning lotion and it's alright, but the lotion itself dries me out, independent of the tanning booth. This product is lovely. Smells great, moisturizers, easy to rub in, gets me a little darker faster without burning my sensitive skin. Love.

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SkinCombination, Fair, Cool

HairBrunette, Straight, Medium


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9 years ago

Actually I use this on my hair. It's too expensive to buy the sunscreen that is made specifically for your hair and since I work outside all day and have dyed my hair red I need some protection from the sun to keep my red from fading. It is my understanding that your hair only needs SPF 15. This spray is a fine mist. It's clear and is a dry oil. I spray it in my hair before I leave for work and then at least once during the day. It doesn't make my hair feel gross in fact I have long curly hair and it makes it more curly. I have used Redkin before and this seems to work for a lot less money, I also have no problem shampooing it out at the end of the day,

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SkinNormal, Medium, Cool

HairBrunette, Curly, Fine