SerumLogic Full Spectrum Concentrated Eye Serum

 SerumLogic Full Spectrum Concentrated Eye Serum


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Package Quality: 5.0

Price: $$

Package Quality: 5.0

Price: $$


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Age: 36-43

Skin: Oily, Fair, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Wow and double wow! This is the best eye serum on the planet earth! I'm still completely blown away by this product. If you have serious eye issues, you will probably fall in love with this serum. I had been using Isomers One3000ForEyes faithfully for years, but cannot tolerate their latest version. That and a truly dreadful customer service experience with them directly, led me on this path again (I never thought I would be looking for new eye products ever again). I had a perfect system locked in. I loved Isomers One3000ForEyes until they changed their formula VERY recently. It burned my under eye area, and left it irritated and red for days. I was almost in tears because I had already tried so many products before finding that one, and it had transformed my eyes like nothing I had ever tried before. I was already irritated at the money I had lost over the years with their serums turning rancid on me (and several other customers out there who had the exact same experience, only to be told that it was the natural smell of the serum)! If it were the natural smell of the serum, we would all smell that when it first arrived, and not exactly 3-4 weeks later each time when it turned (and we keep our home cool, dark, and very sterile)! There was also nothing natural about that smell! It was like a rotting corpse or something! I found a way around that by putting the serum in the refrigerator, but now the product's newer formula was burning my sensitive eyes. It was time to say goodbye. Oh how I dreaded this search. I knew it would mean hours of research online. Lots of money spent on shipping alone to try all the creams and serums that I hadn't tried before finding Isomers. Not to mention that wonderful return process that we all love so much.

I spent hours and hours online. I had already tried most of the high end creams, serums and everything in between (not to mention every drugstore brand you can name). From the famous to the most obscure, and back again. This time I decided to look for anything with the cutting edge ingredients that Isomers uses. I was so hoping for a dropper bottle like Isomers as well because you can keep things more sterile that way (and you usually get a lot more product). I found some that had a few of the ingredients, but they did next to nothing for my eyes. They were also a bit irritating, although at least they didn't burn my eyes like Isomer's new version of my favorite had. My eyes also began to plummet on the various ones I brought in, which is not a good sign. A new eye product should only add to or at least maintain the effects you loved from what you had been using. If your eyes begin to look worse, that's obviously a bad sign. I even brought in the Clarisonic Opal which is very cosmetic in nature with no real lasting effects (see review). You wash your face, and you wash away the effects of the serum, which is loaded with silicone. Very gimmicky.

I finally stumbled on this serum, which not only had every big gun ingredient that Isomers had, but even some others that I had always hoped for! Not only that, but it was simple, uncomplicated, and loaded with high strengths of all the major cutting edge ingredients that transform your eyes! This one knocked my socks off! It has Matrixyl, Haloxyl, Eyeliss, Hyaluronate, Cucumber, Hispagel, Urea (very soothing), and Seaweed! It's all in a reverse osmosis base of purified water, which is top notch all the way. I kept staring at the page thinking I must be hallucinating because this was just too good to be true. It not only had everything I could hope for, but it came in a HUGE dropper bottle, and was only $54.00! I had just ordered in several serums that had only one or two of these ingredients in much smaller sizes for $100.00 or more!

You should see this bottle! It is twice the size of the dropper bottles I got through Isomers (and those always lasted me at least 6 months or more, using generously two times per day)! This is huge! This is enough to last me for over a year or more! When you see it, you will know what I mean (and I also store it in the refrigerator to prolong its life just in case). I began using it, and even though I did find another serum that I also decided to keep and liked a lot, this blew even that one away! This is just so pure, simple and utterly loaded with every powerful ingredient you could ever want or need in an eye product. Because of it's simplicity, it never bothered my ultra sensitive eyes even remotely (huge plus)! Also, because it's in serum form, it sinks in and delivers like no cream ever could! My eyes began to pop after just a few days, and the transformation was quite noticeable. Not only have I found something that can equal my once beloved Isomers serum, but something that surpasses it (and a bottle that will easily last me a year or more)!

Not only that, but when I called the company to ask a few questions, the owner was such a lovely person to deal with. Very kind, considerate and helpful with every concern or question I had. One thing to keep in mind, is that most serums by nature are VERY drying. Serums are usually more potent, and pack a more powerful punch than creams. They are absorbed more fully than creams. Their delivery system is better. The only problem is that they can be drying, which is why you should always seal your eyes with some form of moisture afterwards. Once your serum sinks in, you simply apply some moisture over it, and you've got a fabulous system in place. I've been using Dream Products Eye Lift for years (a cheap and wonderful eye cream all on it's own). Major find for me!! HG all the way!!

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