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5 years ago

I use this for my thighs and bikini area. It's simple to use and works well. It basically feels like you are plucking a bunch of single hairs at once. It's not like the pain of waxing, it's like a lighter level of pain. You just go in circular motions until your nice and smooth. The great part is that the hair takes long to grow back since you are pulling it out at the root and since its not ripping or shaving, you shouldn't get any ingrown hairs. It's just like plucking your eyebrows. You don't have to do it every few days, more like once every 4-6weeks so it's totally worth the bit of pain!

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10 years ago

Best epilator i've ever used. Keeps me baby-smooth for weeks. It's painful of course, but it does what it's supposed to do and the pain lessens the more times you use it. It's the least expensive epilator I've found, and is still well made. It paid for itself over time since I don't have to keep getting my legs waxed or buy razors anymore. Works on pretty much any hair: legs, underarms, bikini (if you're brave enough). Great product. Rechargeable and cordless. It's loud but that's not really an issue since it works so well! I'll buy it again if this one ever wears out.

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10 years ago

I manually pluck my underarms and was curious at using an epilator to make the process faster. I decided to go with Emjoi as it was a more popular and reputable brand name. The one I got is called Chic which is the same as Sin Dolor for $40. This epilator is TERRIBLE!!! I spent a good 20 minutes doing ONE underarm with very little results! I used both speeds and it didn't pluck out as many hair as I was expecting it to. It broke off the hairs instead making it IMPOSSIBLE to manually pluck out of the roots, UUUGGGHHH! After giving it a try for 2 weeks, I finally gave up and returned it! The results were terrible, stubby black bumps underarms which I had to fix by shaving. DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL!!!

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