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7 years ago

I love this. I had never heard of epilators before and then I saw some reviews on them and so I purchased this. Pros: This can be used to remove all hair from your body. It has a light and a heavy setting. You use heavy for thicker hair (like underarms) and light for say your face. You can use it on legs, bikini, underarms, face, or basically wherever you need it. It is much simpler and less messy then waxing. It works by pulling the hair out by the root with tiny very fast rotating tweezers. This means that the hair does not grow back fully for a couple of weeks at the least. I have done my whole body and I love that I don't have to worry about shaving nearly as much anymore. Cons: This hurts like Heck the first time you use it, especially if you have not waxed or used the epilator in that spot in a while. I would equivalent it to almost as bad a getting a tattoo. BUT, after you do it once it really feels fine the next time and you can just breeze through the area without much pain. Actually after a couple of times I think it becomes kind of fun. Also, it did not remove the thinner hairs on my legs. I have some clear finer hairs there and I think it only broke the hair off instead of pulling it out by the root.

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10 years ago

i ended up buying this product after i read reviews for the bliss epilator type product that had very mixed reviews. this product was $39 at sally beauty supply. it does hurt a bit but the results are great. i use it on my bikini line and i only do a little at a time because of the pain. it's supposed to keep you hair free for 6 weeks. i think i'll use it under my arms too. again it doesn't feel great but i think this might work better than a home wax does for me. i just can't see to get all the hair off like i want. i think a professional waxing might give more desirable results with "quicker" pain but for at home i prefer this over wax.

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