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17 years ago

Unusual shimmery cool plum color. I like this color but usually not as a lippie. I tried it on a swap and was surprised I liked it quite a bit. This won't be an everyday color, but would definitely wear it on a casual basis. Great for yellow toned complexions.

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17 years ago

Leave it to Nars -- a true master of color with a gift for creating hues and palettes that are simultaneously original and highly wearable -- to create the perfect plummy/mauve-inflected taupe shade in a semi-sheer lipstick. Years ago, back before Nars came forth with his own line (which I wouldn't have been able to afford back then anyway!), I had a similar color from L'Oreal that was named along the lines of "Taupe of the Town" or some such thing. I loved it, wore it with everything, finished up the tube and was never able to replace it because it was discontinued. Though the L'Oreal was a bit lighter, had a hint of sparkle and also a tad more of an (understated) silvery frost topcoat to it -- generally speaking, it was much like this Nars shade. Taboo is a cool-toned, slightly "drabbed" color that also doubles well as a blush if you, like myself, are always on the lookout for a cheek color along these lines. Lastly and perhaps best of all, this lipstick's texture is extremely comfortable, and the product seems to lack the not-too-pleasant burnt rubbery/gluey taste effect of some of the other Nars lip products I own.

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