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Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$


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on 8/7/2015 6:19:00 PM

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

This review is for Veil Cover Cream.

There aren't many reviews our there for it and I couldn't figure out a way to review it on their site, so I specifically registered here to post something!

First off, I have just started developing rosacea and I have always blushed very easily my whole life. Unfortunately I have only just recently realized that makeup could help boost my confidence when my face is a blotchy red mess. A shower, a slight or highly stressful situation, a hot day, anything remotely embarrassing- I turn red. Sometimes just briefly, other times if the situation persists, it can mess with my skin to the point where my skin gets out of whack for a good while. Blushing causes the blood vessels under your skin to dilate and push to the surface causing that red look. When open for too long or too often, it really messes with your skin and in some cases causes "broken" vessels aka the redness stays permanently (a rosacea diagnosis).

ANYWAY, if this sounds like you and you are a female I would definitely try Veil's Cover Cream. It's a camouflage cream that has 50% more pigmentation than other brands of makeup. A 1/4 of a dimes worth is probably too much per cheek. I'm not even kidding. This obviously means it a tad heavy, but I don't notice it throughout the day and thankfully my redness isn't noticed either now! I just had a job interview this week and I felt my face flushing. But since I was confident in Veil's coverage I was able to continue the interview confidently, could keep eye contact, be myself, and I got the job!

My redness is almost like a mind game. I don't feel myself going red as often because I know it is hidden so I don't worry about it and I break the cycle that way. It doesn't fully hide a full blown deep red flush but I don't expect it to. As long as during that flush I know that all it looks like to someone else is a healthy glow, that's all I care about. This stuff is a confidence booster for sure and is worth paying from a European company. I got a small jar of it (like super tiny) but I barely touch the top of the thick cream a few times and I have full coverage. This stuff is going to last at least a year. Definitely buy finishing powder. Either from there or somewhere else (everyone sells it). I got the Dermablend cream first so I just use the finishing powder I got from that brand for the Veil cream instead.

Specifics about the cream:
-BUY THE SAMPLE KIT THAT HAS MULTIPLE SHADES TO TRY. I was THIS CLOSE to buying the whitest shade they had (I'm a freckled pale brunette) but WOW was I wrong when I tried on a bit from the sample kit. I looked ghostly and sick. I'm very pale but "Medium" was my perfect shade. To the point where I can just put it on my cheeks and not my forehead/nose/chin and no one could notice.
-Blend with your finger (a sponge sucks up and wastes the product) and then finish off for the airbrushed look with a flat brush and push the product into your skin so it's not a streaky mess that is just sitting on top of your face.
-Use the finishing product sparingly. You don't want to look too dry and that stuff is NOT translucent. It has a white color, I don't care what anyone says. So think of that also when picking your shade. I think it lasts all day like they say when you use the powder.
-You don't need to buy the removing liquid or anything else they offer on the site. $7 makeup toilettes or a generic face cleanser you use will do just fine. Remove this stuff every night though because it's pretty heavy and could make you break out overnight.
-It doesn't have much of a scent. Smells/feels like clay/wet pottery. So nothing too crazy.
-Finding your favorite way to apply it and best way it looks on you might take 4-5 applications to get right. Just start with a tiny amount and work from there. You will realize instantly how pigmented it is and how little you need, so don't get caky the first round!
-Don't apply the cream, then powder, then the cream again. They recommend doing that by I have NO CLUE why. It gives you that awful cake face. It's supposed to help with additional coverage but all it does is make you have to start over.

Hopefully the above tips will help you get to the perfect application the first or second try.
In Summary:
-Buy the sample kit and don't assume your shade. You will be darker than you think.
-A little goes a long way with the cream
-Don't pack on the powder and be aware that it will make your face whiter
-Don't cream, powder, cream. Cake face!
-Fingers and Flat brush. No sponge unless you want it to remove some for a light coverage.
-The remover isn't a necessary purchase.
-OH and use facial lotion 15 minutes before you put it on, no sooner. Using a silky primer is fine.
-Veil Cover Cream = Confidence!

You really won't find anything that covers flaws as well as this stuff. And the 40 creams to choose from will match anyone. They have fair, medium, and dark sample kits. Amazing.
In the end, you might drop $100 on the sample kit, cream, and finishing powder, but it will all last at least a year, so what is 8 bucks a month? A Chipotle burrito? It's WORTH IT.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Green

Review is for Veil Cover Cream. My mum received a sample pack freebie so I snagged the 2 palest shades to try myself. I have very dark circles, acne scars and an uneven skintone.
'suede' was a perfect match so I took the plunge and ordered the full size pot. at 23 its not a cheap initial outlay but the pot is 19g, will last me years and years. The cream is very pigmented, non cakey and the coverage is absolutely perfect. Will never ever buy anything else to use as a concealer!

Age: 30-35

Skin: Sensitive, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Green

This review is for Veil Cover Cream by Thomas Blake Cosmetic Creams. I have bad red blotchy skin because I have Rosacea. I have permanent red cheeks and forehead. I also suffer from patches of dry scaley skin. I get the occasional pimple here and there too, but mostly my problem is having a red face. I have tried many different makeups; from Neutrogena and Physcians Formula, and the worst thing ever Bare Minerals. (Dont ever use Bare Minerals if you have sensitive skin, It will make it worse.)
So I was very skeptical about ordering the Veil Cover Cream because there were no reviews about it, except on their website, and one youtube video. I ordered the sample kit first so I could match my color. My order took 1 week to get from the UK to Callifornia. The sample kit had something like 40 shades in the light to medium range, and it was very intertaining to find my perfect match. I did find a perfect match, so I went ahead and ordered the cover cream in "Beige" and the translucent finishing powder. They both arrived exactly 1 week later and came with a free soft blush brush. I applied it my first time yesterday. It looks fantastic with amazing coverage. Feels very light on my skin and does not look cakey at ALL. I think that it did look better before I put on the finishing powder. Before the finishing powder the foundation was virtually invisible but after it gave my skin a dry look. Thats the only way I can think to discribe it. To give it the benefit of the doubt though, I used a kabuki brush to apply the powder and not a puff to press it on as they reccomended. I ordered a puff and will try again once it arrives. Worse comes to worse, I will only use the cream and not the setting powder. I am very impressed with the coverage. I will definitly order this again. The container is pretty big. It will last a long time. One thing I am anxiously awaiting is my Beauty Blender Sponge, since my first and second applications of the Cover Cream was with a cheap drug store sponge. I can only image how much better its going to be with a Beauty Blender. I tend to get really dark during the summer so I will probably have to rematch my skin color this summer and order a darker shade. I am very happy with this product and it has only been two days. Its going to take some getting used too but so far I am in love. It is really nice because you can layer the coverage easily to cover the really bad problem areas and lighter in the good areas. I am so impressed that it doesnt look cakey. I have NEVER been able to wear a full coverage foundation without the cakey look. I will check back here once and a while to update. I pointed out to my mom this morning that I was trying a new makeup and she got her face like 8 inches away from my head and said, "Wow, you cant even really tell that you are wearing makeup." I knows she's my mom and probably bias, but, that was all that I needed to hear. I am so excited that I dont have to be embarrased by my red face when I want to look good. This is truely a blessing in disguise.

Update: 04/04/2012

I am still very pleased with this product. However, I have quit using a makeup sponge and went back to my Sigma Flat top Stipple brush. I found that if I put a tiny amount, I mean dime size of Cover Cream on the back of my hand and stipple it on then blend, I get flawless coverage. I also do really like the powder now and I am putting it on with a puff, then brushing off the excess with a soft brush it is working fabulously. The one thing I can say about this product is, I have not had any success with using a primer under it. Ive tried Smash Box Photo, HD, and also a Philosophy one. All of them made my makeup cakey by the end of the day. I have not even put moisturizer on under it with success. It says on the instructions specifically to put on to clean skin, and it seems that they mean it. I have been just applying my moisturizer at night before bed. Another thing Id like to mention is that my neice commented about my makeup looking nice the other day. She said my skin looked so nice....floored. Then she asked what kind of foundation I use because she has spent a fortune at Sephora trying to cover up her red face...I am sold. If you have any questions about it feel free to message me and I will answer as soon as I can

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on 2/19/2010 11:04:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Acne-prone, Dark, Warm

Hair: Black, Relaxed, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Kiss Colors they have thier makeup line is most beauty supply stores and i bought this shade as i have dark spots left behind by my hormonal acne and i have to tell you ladies that this works and yet it it manages to still look natural, me personally i dont need a seperate concealer as you can spot treat with it if you choose to do so or do all over application and it has Salicycic Acid of 0.5% so you are getting some medication here in the formula and i really do like i paid $7.99 for it and its a nice lightweight compact and its packaged very Mac im NW45 and in this shade i wear ACFO5 Nuetral Cool 20

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