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6 years ago

I too thought high dose (500mg or 1000mg) L-Lysine was the best thing since - well, since having no cold sores. But after a year or so of taking it I am experiencing the worst breakout of cold sores - I'm talking one after the other, sometimes three at a time in different areas - since my late teens. I will finish my current bottle of L-Lysine but I won't re-purchase. It's back to tea tree oil and my tried and trusted Lipzor, which zaps the cold sore and stops it in its tracks. I'm getting new batteries for mine tomorrow and then I'll be a happy bunny.

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10 years ago

So I thought I would add this product for those of you who are as unfortunate as me that get cold sores. It's horrible isn't it? Now I'm not talking about anything topical, I am talking about the vitamin L-Lysine. I went through a two year span where I would get 3-4 cold sores in a given year (yuck!!!!) It was awful, I would take a huge, inflamed zit over a cold sore. But I digress... Because of this vitamin I have had only 1 cold sore since I started taking it 3 years ago (it was really small and went away in 2 days...UNHEARD of for me before). I take the 500mg, usually comes in a large quantitiy and is totally inexpensive. I would say I take this just about any time that I remember to (but not more than 1 a day....usually ends up being about a few a week, if not once a day). Many of the topical cold sore treatments contain L-Lysine in them so taking it internally prevents them from even coming in the first place. I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who is fed up with pesky, nasty, disgusting cold sores!

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