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8 years ago

I love this cleanser!! I have tried probably 30+ different cleansers in the last year because my skin suddenly became really sensitive and I can't use certain ingredients (ie SLS, which is in ALOT of cleansers unfortunately). I used to be able to use anything on my face, and now my options are quite limited. this boots no7 foaming mousse was recommended to me by a coworker 5 months ago, I went and picked one up at SDM the next day, and i've been pretty much using it every day since. It foams up really well, it feels really good washing your face with it, it leaves a really clean feeling. I have an oily t-zone with redness on and around my nose, this cleanser takes the oiliness away without overdrying (it leaves a bit of a soft feeling) but it also takes some redness away too. Every cleanser i've tried with sls in it, made my redness WAYY worse, worse than it was before cleansing, but this cleanser is the best i've tried so far for reducing redness. I'm not saying it's a miracle worker, but it has helped alot. It doesn't do much for acne or blackheads, but most of the products that "help" with that, end up drying the heck out of my skin and making everything worse. This is great for sensitive, oily/combination skin, i wouldn't really recommend it for drier skins. It loses a lippie because it has fragrance in it, which has become a problem for me in the last year with alot of products, but surprisingly, this cleanser's fragrance doesn't bother me. it's fairly priced too, i think i paid 13 for it, regular 17 i think. If you're in the beauty section of a store, looking for a cleanser and you're confused which one to go with for your skintype, i would really recommend this as a starting point, it might even turn out to be your hg, just like me and the rest of my co workers

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8 years ago

Great product at a very affordable price. It cleanses my face without stripping it; my face is comfortable and not tight/dry afterwards. I use the product in the shower and the packaging is fantastic - no places for bacteria to collect.

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10 years ago

I'm a cleanser snob. Cleansers are important to me...why, I don't know. I've been sampling the Boots cleansers lately and I find them to be superb. I also read labels, so I know what goes into a good cleanser. The Boots products are such simple formulations, but they excell in their simplicity. And given that they're probably the least expensive product in the drug store, they're a smashing deal. None that I've tried are harsh...they're all very gentle and leave the skin nicely and gently cleansed. The Gentle Foaming Mousse truly is very gentle. I couldn't ask for a better non-stripping cleanser. Basic and effective. It does have some "fruit acids" in it to exfoliate: Vit-C, Myrtle extract, sugar-cane extract (glycolic acid), lemon & orange extracts, and sugar-maple extract. I keep my skin super-exfoliated with retin-a, etc, that I don't notice a lot of exfoliation, but it can't hurt. Great product. Wish I'd found this long ago. I was put off by Boots for a long time...thought it was a cheap brand and not of the quality I was used to. These are such basic products, and I have to remember that. The cleansers clean, and the moisturizers anti-aging going on here. Great to use for the daily care of the skin. Good quality, great prices. The cleansers measure up with the best of them...

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