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7 years ago

This is one of my favorite musk oils right now. I'm a huge fan of musks and have many. This is not a very animalic or dirty musk, it's light and airy, and usually light musks don't last on me. I actually find kind of hard to find many musk that lasts a long time and are noticeable after hours of wear. CJs Skin is nice and light with a floral undertone that has great longevity. I am generous with application but I don't have to go overboard for it to last all day. It's quite versatile, goes well with both jeans and work attire, it's a subtle and unobtrusive scent. I will definitely be rebuying.

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SkinCombination, Fair-Medium, Warm

HairBlond, Straight, Fine


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10 years ago

A simple, warm, sunny, citrusy skin musk that just makes me happy. It’s like a dose of comforting sunshine and works to cheer me up even in winter. The musk is of the snowy, sparkling variety rather than animalic. I prefer the oil to the edp - but both have great lasting power.

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SkinSensitive, Fair-Medium, Warm

HairBrown, Wavy, Coarse


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11 years ago

I have never understood the description of something being a "skin scent". They're supposed to smell like skin, only better. However, I understand it now, having smell the CJ Scents versioin of it. Tbis opens up really wonderfully....it *is* skin kissed by the sun. In the drydown, however, it is going floral on me. I don't understand why, because the only note listed is musk. However, if you like either skin scents or musks, this needs to be checked out. The musk is an inbetween one--neither too clean and definitely not dirty.

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SkinDry, Other, Not Sure

HairBrown, Other, Other


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