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Package Quality: 4.1

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on 12/31/2010 3:31:00 PM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brown, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I am 95% gray on top and have been struggling for years to find a brand of hair color that will hide my gray without leaving my hair feeling like straw, and my scalp sensitive. With all of the other brands, I was leaving color on my hair an extra 10 minutes (for it to take) so my ends were almost always turning black, even though I did not pull through the color till the last 10 minutes.
A Sally's consultant advised that I try a DEMI color that would be less damaging.

I tried the standard shade or two lighter than what I wanted and found that in this line - YOU NEED TO USE 3 LEVELS LIGHTER ! The colors are so much darker than labeled and they do not fade like all of the "permanent" lines I used to use.

That being said - you must start out much lighter than you think if this will be your first time using it.

I love that my scalp is happy now becuase I have extremely sensitive skin. Half of all the products I buy go in the trash after a few uses due to bad reactions.

I love the apple smell of the developer. My hair is in great condition. My hair comes out looking very good, rich colors and lost of shine. I also use this on my daughter with NO gray, and she mixes her Demi colors 50/50 with the ION Clear Color - just to give more shine and cut the color intensity down.

I like the professional Salon Revlon COLOR results (my favorite Salon line) as much as I like ION. So why not save money and do it myself?

When you are as gray as I am, the roots don't always HOLD their color. This is not noticeable at all after coloring. It looks good in the beginning, but by the time I am ready to redo my roots, I notice the hair that has only been colored once, has faded just a tiny bit. So I posted a picture of my hair right before coloring to show that next to my roots, the hair colored once is slightly lighter than the rest. By the second coloring, my hair does not fade any more. I had to pull all my hair up and take a picture at just the right angle to show this.

I am also posting a picture right after being colored so you can see how deep and shiny the color is.

I use a Medium Natural Blond with a 1/4 tube of Medium Warm Blond, in a 1:1 ratio with developer per instruction sheet for very gray hair. Notice how DARK my results are.

My hair comes to just below my ears. So If you have never used this line before and you are covering Gray - PURCHASE 2 Tubes !!! Otherwise, mixing a ratio of 1:2 will give you a total of 6 oz, probably enough to do hair to half way down the neck with one tube. But to be sure, I recommend always having 2 tubes of color.

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

This is an outstanding demi permanent hair color. I am 15-20 percent gray with pure white temples, and this product covers it completely, plus it lasts and lasts and lasts and leaves my hair shiny, healthy and soft.

Those who leave negative reviews about how dark it turns out tend to not understand how a demi permanent works. Demis *only* deposit color onto your hair since they don't enter the cortex of the hair, as opposed to permanent hair colors that first enter the cortex to destroy your natural color before depositing the new one. The hair integrity is left intact, and therefore is healthier and stronger. But when you deposit color onto color, it gets darker! And the more natural color you have left (not gray) the more pronounced this effect is.

So you MUST heed the warnings to choose a color 1 or 2 levels lighter than your own in order to achieve the look you want. For example, I am a level 4 brown...that is very dark brown. I use a combination of 5g (light golden brown) and 6n (dark neutral blond) to match my very dark brown hair and blend/cover my grays. It works perfectly every time. Seems like it wouldn't make sense, but if I chose a darker color, the pigmented hair would turn nearly black, and I don't want that.

My method is simple. I apply the combo to my roots only to touch up the grays, leave the mix on for 40 minutes (that's my magic number), rinse and viola! My hair is the same color but without grays and a lot of added shine! Plus (and this is huge) this color doesn't burn my scalp and smells really green apples. My scalp isn't itchy for days, my face doesn't break out, I don't get a headache and feel as if I might pass out and die from fumes. It's gentle, and the most important thing grays are covered! That's why we do it, right? :)

One more thing...and this is extremely important! Because a demi doesn't get into your cortex and destroy your natural color, you cannot go lighter with this product. If you want to go lighter, you need to use bleach or a permanent color. I can't stress that enough. This product is best used on those who want to stay their natural level or go darker, or cover gray.

I will use this for as long as it works to cover my gray. I'm encouraged that other reviewers with far more gray can still use this. I want to cover gray but keep my hair as healthy as possible and with this I can. It's really the best stuff out there at this price.

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on 8/20/2014 4:20:00 AM

Age: 44-55

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Really like this product for toning freshly bleached roots. Easy to work with and smells lovely.

My natural hair is a level 6, very thick and very healthy. I have been a full blonde for over 20 years and a Dye It Yourself blonde for the last 10 years. I have only used professional products and never a drugstore box product. All the products I use can be purchased at Sally's Beauty Supply, very cheaply.

Here is my process.
Root length anywhere from 1/4" to 3/4" (depending on how long I have waited between touch-ups)

1.Mix bleach (I use Quick Blue for "On & Off Scalp Application" Powder Bleach) to the consistency of a fluffy whipped cream or thickish cake batter with a 30 Volume Developer (any brand will do - I have used most of them) in a plastic coloring bowl. This does not need to be an exact science, just get it to a consistency you feel comfortable working with.
Thicker consistency the faster the lifting.
Thinner consistency the slower the lifting.
Too thick, then it will dry too fast on the hair and once it dries, it's not working.

2. Section DRY, unwashed hair into 4 quadrants. I find the natural oils in unwashed hair help protect your scalp a bit during the process.
Start applying bleach to back sections first. My hair in the back is more resistant to lifting than in the front. As a note, I have someone help me with the back since I find it impossible to reach around and section thin, even pieces. Continue sectioning and applying to roots until your entire head is covered. This takes about 25 minutes to do.
3. Let it develop for approximately 40 to 60 minutes. I will put a shower cap on during this time to trap some of the heat from my scalp to aid in the lifting process. This is not necessary just something I do. I start timing once all of my hair is covered in product. Check often to see if the hair is lifting to a pale yellow. Not gold but yellow (like the inside of a banana). If you find after say 75 minutes you are still very gold then you may have to do the above process again (Double Lift). I have never had to do this but it is possible. Note: this could be very damaging to thin or unhealthy hair.
4. Rinse out. Do NOT use shampoo. Hair will feel dry, coarse and slightly gummy.
My freshly bleached roots will be pale yellow with slight gold tones in the shaft. I guess the contrast of my fresh roots against my previously colored hair shows any gold that may be present.

PROTEIN FILLER (To help the toner to deposit more evenly on your treated hair)
5. Towel dry briefly and SPRAY on "Colorful Neutral Protein Filler". Use a large tooth comb (gently) to distribute product through hair. Let sit for 20 minutes. Read the reviews on Sally's Beauty Supply to understand this product better.
6. After 20 minutes hair should only be slightly damp. If necessary, use a towel to remove most of the moisture to speed up the process. Hair is now ready to be toned. Slightly damp to fully dry hair can be toned.

TONE (To remove any brassiness, even out the color and deposit a color tone you desire)
7. Mix 1 part toner (i.e. I use ION Color Brilliance Demi-Permanent Color in 10N-10.0) with 2 part ION Sensitive Scalp 10 Volume Developer into a squirt bottle with a long pointed, angled neck (i.e. 2 oz. Toner + 4 oz. 10 Vol Developer).
8. Apply to all roots first. Working it with your fingers along the roots.
9. After roots are covered, then apply to hair shaft and ends. Use a large tooth comb to distribute product from root to shaft.
Total Time maximum 15 minutes. Start timing from the moment you START applying the toner.

10. Shower - wash, condition and deep condition.
I use the following after lifting and toning:
Shampoo: ION Color Defense Sulphate Free Shampoo
Conditioner: ION Color Defense After-Color Sealer
Deep Conditioner: Any super moisturizing deep conditioner. I leave this on for 20 minutes while in a shower cap. Then rinse, and let my hair dry naturally overnight.

Next day... shiny, healthy hair. :) I do not like ash or gold tones in my hair. I prefer a pale ever so slight sand blonde.

As a note: You can use the ION Color Brilliance Demi-Permanent "Clear 00-0.0" formulation on your hair a week or two later to add more shine and silkiness.

Hope that helps some new DIY Blondes.

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on 12/12/2010 10:21:00 AM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Curly, Medium

Eyes: Blue

This is really the best hair dye out there - permanent or demi. I have tried every dye out there including natural, organic, henna based, chemical, etc. I used this on a friends hair a couple of months ago in 8N light natural blonde mixed with a little of the lightest golden brown. She has medium to dark brown hair. The shine was incredible and it covered the few grays that she had and made them look like highlights.
I decided to use it on my hair b/c my highlights were fading and looking brassy and my new growth was coming in way more gray than i would have liked. I have dark blonde/light brown hair naturally and am about 25 percent gray. The gray is also kind of clustered in certain areas. Since my hair turns red/brassy no matter what, I was nervous to use anything but an ash color. But I needed to cover the grays, so I had to mix some natural in with the ash to try and get some coverage (the ash colors really won't cover the gray, they just tone the hair). I mixed 3/4 lightest Ash blonde 10A with 1/4 light natural blonde 8N. I left it on my roots for about 20 minutes and put conditioner on the ends of my hair so that they would not grab too much color. I also used the ion pre color spray treatment (really good stuff). I am blown away with the condition of my hair. It feels healthier than before (my hair is still quite damaged from too many highlights overlapping) and the color is just right. I probably could have left it on my roots a little longer for more gray coverage or maybe added some more of the 8N natural blonde, but everything just blends great. The ash toned my highlights slightly which is what I wanted. They are not too ashy or too warm, just look like natural highlights. Maybe next time I can try the 10N lightest natural blonde mixed with the 10A and leave it on longer. Overall, I am sticking to this brand of color for a long time, if not forever. I was really trying to use the all natural hair dyes, but they just are not working out for me. So, this no ammonia (but still chemical based one) is what I will be using. My hair does not look or feel like it was just dyed. It feels like my natural hair, only better!
UPDATE: I haven't used this in a while. I have been only highlighting my hair lately and it satrted to get just one color all over blonde and I started to look washed out. Add the multiplying gray hairs and it was not a good look. Took this out again this morning and mixed 3/4 8N Light natural blonde with 1/4 9A very light ash blonde. I wanted to tone the highlights, but also need to cover the grays. 1:1.5 ratio to the 10 vol. developer. WOW! My hair is in better shape than before i dyed it. I also used the ion pre color treatment and put conditioner on the ends of my hair so that they wouldnt grab too much color. The grays have been blended (although I think I should have left it on a little longer on the roots to get better coverage). I left it on 20 mins on the roots and then mixed with some water and pulled through to the ends. It is just so shiny and healthy looking. The blended grays at my roots look like highlights which is great. It didnt go too dark which I was afraid of and is why i rinsed off a little early. My roots just look like my natural haircolor growing in and my hair just gradually gets lighter towards the bottom. I may just use the natural and no ash on my roots next time and then mix some ash in just for a quick bush through at the ends to tone them. Whoohoo!
UPDATE AGAIN: I have been going a little more golden (eeks!) so I have been playing with other colors. Recently I used 10ng mixed with 8n. My grays are expanding and I need something that will cover them. This really made my hair shiny and golden without looking brassy or cheap. Just nice golden. Covered a lot of grays but not all. I left it on 40 minutes and used a 1:1 ratio to developer. This stuff also DOES lighten roots somewhat. No matter what, there is peroxide in the developer so left on long enough it does "break the base" of my roots. This way they r not so dark in comparison to the rest of my hair. This only happens though when I leave on longer than 30 mins or so and use a little heat. I put on a cap and use low heat on and off, focusing on my roots where the most grays are. I uploaded a pic on the main product page. I am the blonde. There are a few stray grays that look more pronounced in the pic than they do in real life. I have to also add that a few times a year I put highlights in my hair and the rest of the time I use the ion Demi to stain my grays to look like highlights. Much less damaging and seems to be working out well.! My natural color has darkened through the years to probably a light brown/dark blonde with golden highlights.
Another edit: just FYI that the NB (neutral blonde) in this line can be a little off in color. I have tried it on myself And others and it just never seems quite right. A little reddish with a strange undertone. Just wanted to share that if anyone is considering that color group from this line. All other colors have been fantastic though!!!
UPDATE::: 2-2015
My hair is light right now bc we went away over February break. The grays and my roots were coming in but I did not want to darken my hair so I tried the lightest color of the ion demi line. 10N lightest natural blonde. I only put it on my roots and left on for almost an hour. I used a cap and heat on and off. I only let it touch the rest of my hair mid shaft and length when I was rinsing it out so it wouldn't darken the rest of my hair at all. I was liking the highlights and didn't want them changed, I just wanted to roots to blend in. My grays are multiplying and I need to keep up on the new growth. This worked out really well! I didn't know if the 10n would cover the grays but it did and it lightened my darker roots enough to blend them. It also did not darken the rest of my hair. Yay!

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

OK so I know it annoys my hairstylist that I am no longer dropping $60-90 every 6 weeks on coloring my hair at my hair salon. I see her studying my hair, and I know she's dying to ask me what I'm using because my hair has never looked better! Sorry, but I grew tired of getting a red irritated scalp from every brand of permanent color that I've used (eg: aveda, redken, l'oreal) not to mention the sloppy/rushed way it was always applied, leaving me with a stained hair-line, and sometimes face..:( For reference my hair is colored single process dark brown with 10-15% gray, fine with lots of it, bra-strap length. I began using the ION Demi well over a year ago now. I mix 5N and 6N (50/50) with gray magic and 1:1 ratio - color to developer. The gray magic is the key for me, it allows me to go up to 6-7 weeks before grays start to come through. I purchased the color and supplies needed from my local Sally's for a 1/4 of the cost of getting it done at a salon. I usually do my roots every 6-7 weeks, and only pull the color through to the ends 3 to 4 times year. I will do an all over clear gloss shine if I need a boost, (Clairol makes a good one) I could afford to get my hair done in the salon, but if your like me, and want more control over the process, and healthier hair, this is the way to go.... Update: So the gray magic does dry out my hair a bit, (as noted above by another reviewer), I remedied this by adding 4-5 drops of my moroccanoil (light) to the color once mixed, I found out quite by accident that the manufacturer recommends it for this use, no more dry hair - problem solved :)

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on 11/23/2012 9:36:00 PM

Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I'm hoping that this review can give you guys an idea of both my experience, and ways to get the results you want from this color.

First, you should know that researching the basics of hair color is vital if you're going to color at home. You need to understand the levels of color, which colors "live" at each level, and how those factors will affect your results. Also, understanding what the different levels of developer do will make a huge difference in your results. For example, orange "lives" at level 7, so if you buy a level 7 color, that's the tone you will get. Also, if you use a level 5 developer, you will only get deposit, no lift. If you want to lift color, you would use a higher volume of developer, according to the level of lift that you want to achieve. I know it sounds complicated, but if you use Google and do 30 minutes of research, I promise it will make all the difference in the world with your color. I see a lot of people getting hung up on the "names" of these colors, and that's where you're going to get into trouble. When you learn to work with levels, you will be able to choose your color and not get so many surprises. Also, research mixing ratios; those will make a HUGE difference when it comes to how opague your color comes out.

That being said, I have noticed that for me, these colors pull about a level or two darker on my hair. That may not happen to you. My suggestion is to start about a level higher than the color you want, and go from there.

This color line is very good quality. The Sensitive Scalp developer (I use 5 vol) is great for me because its much gentler than anything you will get in a "box color." The color itself is rich, creamy, vibrant and ultra-shiny. It has great staying power and it doesn't damage my hair at all. It spreads evenly, doesn't drip, and stays moist while processing. Because its a Demi, it WILL stain the crap out of your skin. But that's really my only complaint with this color.

If you need any help, no matter what line you use, feel free to inbox me :)

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Normal, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

As of this morning, I've used Ion Demi for my root touch-up and once for all-over color freshening/glazing. LOVE!!

This is the first demi that has completely covered my greys/whites, which I have about 20% - 25%.

I especially love the versatility of this product. Depending on what your objective is, determines what ratio of color to developer you use. For my roots, to cover the greys, I use 1 part color to 1 part developer (1:1 ratio). For glazing I use 1 part color to 2 parts developer (2:2 ratio).

This color is applied to dry hair (I think most demis are applied to damp hair, at least the ones I've tried). I leave it on my roots 35-40 minutes. Glazing time is much less.

Ion Demi has a nice range of shades, including a clear. It does need to be mixed with the 10 volume developer. For glazing I mix the clear with a small amount of a color.

Since this line is a demi, I would suggest using 1-2 shades lighter so you don't have too dark of a color deposit.

My favorite color line yet!

Updated 1/6/10:

I'm still using and loving this color line! I fine-tuned my color formula (Dark Natural Blonde + Light Natural Brown (in a 60/40 ratio) and add a small dollop on Med. Copper Brown. This is what I use for my root touch-ups and the result is a med/dk warm brown. I use the Natural colors as my base since I have about 25% greys/whites to cover. I mix the colors together first, then add the equal amount of 10 volume developer so it's a 1:1 ratio. This ratio ensures the complete grey coverage.

For all over glazing/glossing, I mix clear with a small amounts of Med. Copper Brown and Dark Copper Blonde with the 10 volume developer in a 1:2 ratio and the result is a super shiney Copper Brown/Cinnamon Brown.

When I do my highlights (about 3 times a year) I bleach the selected strands to an orangey level, then tone with the Medium Copper Brown. The streaks are a subtle tortiseshell look which I really like on my dark hair.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Very Dry, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

This stuff saved me! Let me tell you how before I get into a technical review.
I have been getting my hair dyed since I was 13/14 anywhere from almost black to milky blonde (I wish it was still milky blonde hah!). I started cosmetology school in 2011 and was going to a wedding and got my hair dyed very dark brown only to wake up the next day to swelling on my scalp, itchy blotchy skin and my lymph nodes were the size of grapes under my skin. I went to the emergency room and they told me I had an allergic reaction to the hair dye, to which I said "I do hair! I've been getting my hair dyed for years and I dye hair everyday... I cannot be allergic to hair dye." - Boy, was I wrong. After another week of severe pain and itching and washing my hair 50+ times, I found an article online about PPD reactions and I was the textbook case! I felt hopeless...

I was in school to be a hairdresser and I am suddenly allergic to hair dye... Great.

So I let my natural hair grow out for over a year (yikes) before I was brave enough to find two professional hair dyes that didn't contain PPD and let me feel pretty again and ION COLOR BRILLIANCE DEMI PERMANENT WAS ONE OF THEM! WOO YEAH!

PACKAGING: Cardboard box - Coated metal tube holding 2 oz of product - Purple plastic screw on lid with poking device to open metal seal.

COLOR SELECTION: If you're using this for yourself, the color selection is enough but I find as a stylist that I would like a wider variety of colors if I chose to use this on clients (I currently don't because I can't do color correction with the colors available).

TEXTURE/SMELL: If used with the ION Sensitive Scalp developer (I highly reccomend) this stuff smells like Granny Smith Apples! No joke... It's one of the least offensive hair dye smells I have ever come across. I do find it hard to mix in a hurry, you need to slowly add the developer (your choice of 2oz or 4oz depending on your need) and mix a lot to get a smooth texture or my suggestion is to buy a mini whisk which will cut back on the mixing time tremendously. It is pretty thick and creamy and easy to spread without being too watery.

LASTING POWER: This stuff isn't permanent, but it's the closest I've ever come to permanent haircolor. I use 3+4N and althought it does wash out a but, it lasts months. Just because it is demi doesn't mean it will eventually come out of your hair, so be careful not to get a lot of color buildup or you'll have a hard time lightening your hair if you decide to. I don't reccomend using a dark demi permanent color along with very light highlights as there is a big chance for color transfer onto your beautiful blonde streaks which might ruin them. With demi haircolor, it is always best to shampoo in luke warm to cold water which will DRAMATICALLY increase the life of your haircolor. For me, it's around 6-9 weeks.

AVAILABILITY: Luckily for everybody, this is avaible at Sally's which means anybody can walk up and buy it!

PRICE: Cost at Sally's is $4.99 online without a discount. For the developer, I seriously, seriously think you should try the ION Sensitive Scalp 10 volume cream developer and a bottle enough for two applications is only $3.19.

TIPS: Wash hair in cool water - Wash hair as least frequent as possible - Don't use a dark demi permanet color along with light blonde highlights as it may bleed - 3N is basically black so be warned ahead of time - Use 4oz instead of 2oz developer - With demi hair color you will see some color the first week of washing so don't be alarmed.

RESULTS: Very shiny hair! Some hair color can leave you looking flat but this has something in it that makes the hair very, very shiny after dying. Of course, it won't stay that way without touch ups, but for the first 3 weeks it is very shiny. I have found that the colors run a tad darker on your actual hair than the hair samples at the store, so if you're wanting brown or dark brown hair, I would NOT go darker than a 4. I use a 3 mixed and it turns it very, very dark.

This product is a great hair dye for those who have a PPD allergy or those who don't even want to risk it and go for something more gentle. Perfect for people who like a "real" hairdye but not so scary and doesn't have a 100+ color selection so it's great for beginners.

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on 8/19/2015 12:10:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Very Oily, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

I initially liked this line. The formulas didn't feel damaging on my fragile hair, and they are DEFINITELY way better than the average boxed dye you'd get from the drugstore. ION has always been a hit with me in the haircare department, I figured the demi dyes would be created equally.

However, I won't be repurchasing this now that I've found my "holy grail" toner (Wella Liquid Permanent Toner). There were a few dealbreakers with ION that made the choice easy:

1.) The colors turn out darker than the demonstration strands at Sallys...easily. Meaning the color that is depicted by ION, is not completely accurate. I wasn't the only one that had this issue, either. When I looked into it, I was shocked to find many others have ran into the same issue.

2.) The dye grabs unevenly. Even while using a protein filler. And then over time, it fades unevenly. To be fair - this happened with a lot of the lesser quality dyes I've tried. But my "holy grail" toner never does this to me. After a hair mistake from the pits of hell when switching to a powder lightener, I had to wear my hair up for almost a year. Not just because the lightener reeked havoc on my hair's health, but because the color was soooo patchy. I tried and tried to fix it, never realizing that ION was part of the problem.

3.) If you're going to go the ION route - save yourself some hassle and buy the liquid formula. The gel formula is harder to wash out, harder to spread/apply, and you run a way bigger risk of it over-darkening due to not being to wash it out in time.
Edited to add: Just so we're clear - you do not *have* to use an ION Developer. They all contain the same active ingredients, instructing you to use an ION developer with this is nothing more than a marketing scheme. I personally recommend the Blond Brilliance Developer in volume 5 (lowest % available at Sally Beauty). Demis are intended to deposit color only............using a higher volume means using more peroxide. In turn, you are further damaging your hair. I use the Blond Brilliance developer with all my hair dyes. (Just don't touch their powder lightener.... :( )

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on 3/10/2013 8:24:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

This review is for shades 8N and 7N. I want to start by saying that if it weren't for the reviews here on MUA, I wouldn't have taken the plunge and colored my own hair. I am so glad I did! I am like many reviewers, natural color is around the 6N swatch- dishwater blonde or light brown- mousy. I was a heavily highlighted blond for years, then a couple of years ago I went brunette. I loved the rich shiny chocolate color, but when my roots grow out, they are noticeable. I was spending $$$ on keeping that brunette, because my color would also fade quite a bit. The last 2 times I got professionally color treated (single process, demi) I was disappointed that no one could achieve the color I wanted- rich but medium brown- just a richer and slightly darker version of my natural color. I also have about 5-10% silver now. So after reading a lot of blogs, I bought Ion Demi in 8N&7N with volume 10 developer. I was very nervous that I would mess up my hair because after all, the professionals couldn't even get it right! On dry, clean hair, I used 1 oz of 8N, 1 oz of 7N and 2 oz of developer, started at the roots (it had been 4 months since my last color at the salon) and then immediately applied through the rest. My hair is fine, and it soaked up all the product, so next time I will make more (length=midback). I let it sit for 40 minutes- no stinging at all. Nice fragrance. I shampooed with Ion sulfate free shampoo, then conditioned with a packet of after color conditioner (also Ion) that I got at Sally's checkout counter. The Result: Perfect! Very shiny, no staining anywhere, the perfect medium rich brown! I noticed in the sun that I saw copper highlights- but that's my hair- tends to pull reddish-orange. I don't mind them- I love the color! In indoor light, there is no sign of the coppery highlights. Next time if I change anything else, I would go for 7N- I was afraid it would be too dark. Demi color is the bomb! Don't waste anymore of your $ at the salon- or save it for a great haircut!

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