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7 years ago

I just wanted to mention: - This is an oil based product but it doesn't mean it'll clog your pores, the "hydrocarbon" base is different from the oils + dust + debris...etc that clogs your pores. - logically, oil does not mix with water. - Your facial skin (or where ever you want to apply this product) and your hands and fingers, must be completely DRY - not even moist, not even sweat. Even if it's slightly moist, this product will NOT work properly. If you live in humid countries (like South Asia) this product will not work properly unless you have a dehumidifier. - Since it must be moisture free to work...do NOT wash your face before use. Just apply, let the product do its work and THEN wash your face after; there is no need to "leave it on". - The product will work almost immediately after application and you will know it's working when you can feel the black heads (little beads of oil) seep out of your pores and form little clumps of oil in your finger tips as you massage the product on to your skin...it's quite disgusting but it's also very satisfying/gratifying to see all your black head oil clumps fall out of your skin. - Depending on how much black heads you have, you'll need to apply just as much cream to get rid of it. Sometimes I go through a whole bottle in a month (like in summer) or sometimes it lasts several months (like in winter). - I don't recommend you use this more than once a week. Doesn't sound healthy or natural to remove so much black heads. Black heads (or sebum oil) are your body's natural way of moisturizing and protecting your skin. There is a reason why it's there. But some people (like myself) over produce sebum and cause other problems. Apply and use with caution. - Your pores can be as long as the thickness of your skin - that means there could be black heads that are as long as the thickness of your skin. This means that you can keep applying this product until all pores are empty of black heads - but that's a LOT of black heads to remove...that also means a LOT of product use. It can get expensive. More you apply, more black head will seep out...but don't get OCD on yourself. Apply to get rid of "most" of your black heads. You'll never get rid of ALL your black heads. - You'll know when you emptied your pores - because your skin will feel A LOT smoother and flexible - this is because the thousands of tiny "spaces" that your black heads took up on your skin is now empty, leaving your skin much more lax and flexible. - I recommend that you apply other make up products (like skin moisturizers, essence etc.) ONLY AFTER your pores and skin is black head free. In that case, you'll allow your skin to soak up all the make up nutrients. Again - key message is - use ONLY WHEN your skin is completely DRY! This product is useless if you use it in wet, even moist conditions. DRY! Hope this helps! cheers!

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9 years ago

So far so good. It is actually quite mild and you do not see the results until you have used it for a month or so. But I can see that my pores are now smaller!

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11 years ago

This product is a thick yellow-ish liquid that you apply to areas that you have a lot of blackheads. Wait 10 minutes then massage the area and rinse away the product. After trying out a sample of this blackhead treatment, it really does remove some small less stubborn blackheads, non aggressive, removes some of the flakies and makes my skin very smooth. Its like Ice elements mask, where you rub the product off and theres little balls of dirt that you can visibly see. However, Dr Jart really does rub away the dead skin, as my skin is left feeling and looking soft. However, as the sample lasted 2 uses, I couldnt find any online shops that sell this but managed to find a relatively cheap online store based in HK. The packaging, as with all Dr Jarts stuff, is simple, silver and black. Its in a pump dispenser and one pump is good for each part of the face. So no product is wasted. Its in a 100 ml bottle which should last a very long time, as each time I use it, I only need 2-3 pumps. Whilst I love the concept of a non aggressive blackhead treatment for sensitive skin, I find that just by itself, it doesnt remove the stubborn blackheads. If I use a clay mask or a peel off mask, it removes a little bit more of the blackheads but just using Dr Jart, I cant see a difference on my nose/chin. So rather than REMOVING blackheads, this products LOOSENS the blackheads. I've given it 4 lippies but if there were half marks then I would;ve given it 3.5, as its a good treatment prior for another blackhead remover and is suitable for sensitive skin, but as its marketed as a blackhead remover, its not at all effective. Saying this, I would consider re-buying, as it does do a good job of loosening the blackheads for my clay and peel off mask

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