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Ok, count me in. I'm a believer. This product has changed the way I have previously dealt with hair removal and takes on all comers and almost blows them away. I don't know if it will replace any other method totally, but it's a powerful tool in the battle of the bristle, and a preferred one for me as long as that lasts! I have the cream with the soothing cream included. This …Read more

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I'm SOO mad at myself!! Why, oh why, have I been waxing for so many years when I could have been using this?? Seriously. I started off with the hair removal cream for face, and fell in love. I applied a thick layer to the peach fuzz on my face and chin, waited 7 minutes, and was completely smooth! I didn't feel a thing until I wiped it off, then was red and burned slightly, so applied …Read more

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Wow! I just bought this product after reading the reviews for it and it really does remove your hair. Now, I know you may be a skeptic like me - I tried every depilatory cream there is - also used no!no! (its crap on thick hair, don't waste your money, buy 45 of these tubes instead). Since this product runs around $6 at Sally Beauty, it didn't hit my pockets too hard, so I thought …Read more

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I purchased this based on the reviews at Sally Beauty website. In the past I have used Veet (burned me like crazy) and Nair hair removal lotions. GiGi is the best by far. It removes all the hair from my leg and bikini area without any irritation. Instructions say to shake well each time and apply to damp skin. Leave on for 7-10 minutes and rinse off. I use this once a month on the bikini area …Read more

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