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9 years ago

Skincareman, a former MUA'er who was VERY highly regarded among regulars on the skincare board (I'm a lurker,) listed gauze on his notepad as an alternative to cotton pads for applying toner. Since he obviously knows his stuff, I bought some recently at CVS, 4x75 inches for a mere $3.99, and chopped it up into small pieces. The benefits of using gauze v cotton pads are abundant: no more flecks of cotton left behind on your face, ability to size it as you wish, less waste of product (cotton absorbs a lot of liquid,) and best of all, gauze is easily washed and re-used. Cool, right? Skincareman says wash the gauze in pantyhose turned inside out, but I just used a mesh laundry bag I had, the kind meant for washing delicates and sweaters. That worked too. I can't believe this doesn't have more reviews edit: too big of a pain to bother with on a daily basis...had to knock it down a lippy. still enjoy having the option around though!

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11 years ago

I buy bolts of gauze fabric made for clothing to thoroughly remove my cleanser and avoid irritation from "scrubs, toners," or harsh cleansners. Best, the cloth is inexpensive and usually no more than $2.00/yard if you look in the bargain fabrics. *sigh* Fabric stores are becoming a thing of the past. But if in US, Joann is a good source--just be sure to sign up online or at the store so you can get coupons. With a small amount of money, you can cut enough gauze cloths to last for weeks--so it's cost effective (big Plus) Me: mild rosacea, fair skin, use Retin-a Micro .01, Retin-A gel .01 and Renova .05 and.25 to control adult acne (clogged pores and sometimes cysts). After years of foaming cleansers,I made the move to either MD Forte or MD Formulations 12% glycolic cleanser. I cannot believe I was such a wimp for thinking that if my cleanser didn't foam and make my skin feel squeeky clean, my cleanser didn't do its job. NOT TRUE. More fool me. I was actually causing irritation and unnecessary dryness. And let's not talk about my avoidance of moisturizers because they would clog, sting, or not work to help deal with the dryish skin I have at times, especially in winter.While some have no need for moisturizer, I have found that when the dry weather comes, it's a necessity. Plus, I use the Sage moisturizer to buffer my retinoid, which has made SUCH a difference in flakes and irritation. SO-let's get down to business. Washcloths are too harsh. Scrubs are also usually ineffective, harsh, drying, and/or irritating. After some research, I realized that removing a glycolic non-foaming cleanser, or any cleanser for that matter, with a warm gauze cloth gave me a gentle exfoliation in additon to really removing all traces of the cleanser. I follow with splash of warm water. I cut the gauze to approximately 7inches by 10 inches. They dry quickly and are so inexpensive that you can have tons. The best thing is that they don't unravel, so you can use, throw in the washer, and have a nice supply without breaking the bank or having to worry about bacteria Anoteer plus is that the gauze does not unravel.. I've used other methods, but I find that the gauze is gentle as long as you don't "scrub.: My routine is to start wth a cleasning oil as I do use soe makeup.Next, I dry my face and I apply my glycolic cleanser (for you youngers with more resistant skin, foaming is fine), wet the gauze cloth with warm water, and then press it lightly over my face, rinse, and then rub lightly to remove all traces of cleanser and remove dead skin.. The objective is to use the cloth to exfoliate--but since the gauze is lightweight, it's much easier to control than a washcloth thus avoiding irritation. I am left with really clean feeling skin. Ever since I started this cleansing method, my skin is much more even-toned and the pores are much smaller in appearance--plus the nice glow. I follow with Sage Hydratging Emulsion (this particular product works wonders for me) and then, a few nights/week, follow up with on of my tretinoin (retin-a) products. I also have found that a light rub with a dry hand towel or washcloth in a downward motion while the face is still damp from washing works to remove any residual flakes--but you have to be, as always, gentle. I have found that the dry rub without cleanser makes it less likely that you will "over exfoliate" and cause irritation/redness.

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