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2 months ago

My skin is dry as the desert and is sensitive, too, I used to use vaseline but it was too tacky and you would rub and rub and it would not get absorbed into the skin, just setting on top, I saw this and gave it a try. I am on my third jar, I use it mainly in the fall/winter time when the weather is a little cooler, It works better than vaselone because your skin absorbs it. If you do not have dry skin, this is NOT for you. You can put it on your face or anywhere. She also has another product called Love Butter which is similar in formula.but scented. The scent is cinnamon and frankincense-spicy! The Body Jelly is unscented, This is a good natural product,

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6 years ago

Since I purchased this during the summer months when it arrived the contents were pure liquid. Be careful when opening to avoid a spill if you purchase during this time of year. I have a constant problem with dry itchy skin due to chronic health issues. It is a maddening condition. I felt immediate relief upon application. It is oily but somehow seems to sink in better than most oil based lotions and creams. I like to use this after a shower while my skin is still moist. It seems to penetrate better then and relief lasts throughout the day/night. The smell is reminiscent to vegetable oil which I do not enjoy but it is not overpowering and seems to dissipate. Maybe because I always use fragrance soon after applying this product. I like that this is made of natural ingredients and it is the only thing I have found to offer me any relief from scratching myself raw.

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9 years ago

I tried to like this because my mom swears by Vaseline, but I know that it's not good for your skin. So, I thought I'd try this. Well, it feels a little greasy when you first put it on but then it gets very dry. Plus, it doesn't smell very good at all. I'd rather put something moisturizing on that smells good. I suppose you are supposed to use this after the shower to lock in moisture, which I have done, but I haven't noticed any tremendous results with this at all. Not impressed.

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11 years ago

This is a slightly scented very emolllient moisturized body product. It is similar to Vaseline but it has a slight scent and is vegetal based unlike Vaseline. I went to Sephora, being eager to scope out things in person that I would like to try first hand. This line of products was one of them. I have very allergic eczema prone skin, especially on my legs in the winter. They were so parched and dry. So I bought the body jelly and put it all over my body. I was anticipating some type of response to the fragrance but none occurred. My skin felt hydrated and not dry which was the effect I was seeking. So I would buy this product again in a heartbeat.

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