Feverlet BB Cream

 Feverlet BB Cream


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Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$

Package Quality: 4.0

Price: $$$


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Age: 19-24

Skin: Dry, Fair, Cool

Hair: Black, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Black

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Never see a lot of claims, most of Feverletís info is available in Korean only :( All I know is that this brand is created by popular makeup artist. It seems to be considered as high end brand.

My Skin Type:

Ranging from very dry to normal/dry. Sensitive, acne prone.

My Skin Tone:

Some said I have very fair, Casper-ish complexion. Frankly speaking, thatís what you see in my FOTDs, but I personally think I look (much) darker in person than in those photos. Still, yes, Iím quite fair.

Bottomline: my skintone range is lighter than MAC NC/NW15 to NC/NW20.

I have neutral cool undertone.


Sleek blackened purple with pump with 35ml of content, as far as I can see. Seems really elegant and travel friendly? Canít really tell since all I own is a bunch of samples :P

Color Selection:

Only 1 color is available, and it seems to blend well into my fair skin. One of the lightest BB cream Iíve ever used. The cream does have pink undertone IMHO.


Light cream, almost fluid.


Sheer, it wonít cover major discolorations. It will only evens out your skintone, much like a tinted moisturizer.

It doesnít cover pores as well as I like it to be, but itís acceptable. I canít say it smooths the texture of my skin very much, maybe because I donít have a ton of problems on my face, just pores and good old reddish acne scars (non pitted, thankfully). But Iíve seen several photos from Nicoleís blog, and it seems to be *very* smooth on her. Very visible before and after improvements, it hides blackheads very well too.


Even though itís not as fluid as BRTC Perfect Soothing BB Cream, Feverlet BB has a lot of slip, so blending is easy. I personally think BRTC Perfect Soothing and Feverlet are the best BB cream in terms of texture.

What really differentiate Feverlet from other BB/foundations/TMs is that after several seconds, it will really sinks to your skin and looking invisible, while at the same time perfecting your skin.


Semi matte. Looks very good under natural light, makes my skin looks healthy.

BTW, after observingÖ.I think on my skin itís similar to my favorite BB: Missha Perfect Cover SPF42/PA+++. I personally think itís the sheerer, more imperceptible version of Missha PC.

Oil Control:

Not supposed to be great. I always see in sprees that this BB cream is meant for dry skin. I agree, itís best for dry or normal/dry skin.

My General Review:

I got into this BB cream because of several rave reviews, mainly my a friend and after seeing Nicoleís before and after pics. Iím not disappointed, I think itís one of the best BB creams.

Like other BB creams, I donít find major skincare effect from this, but prolonged use makes my skin softer.

Itís fragranced, too bad. I prefer non-scented products, but this doesnít seem to cause problems. Another drawback: it has no SPF. But I usually wear sunscreen underneath, so I hope itís okay.


Outside Korea, price is generally exorbitant. It retails at around USD40 at ebay. Best and easiest source to get Feverlet online is from GMarket, you can get it at around USD15-20 (excl. shipping). I get 50 packs of sample from GMarket at only USD12. That already includes shipping with EMS. Those packs equal 2 full size tube. A true bargain :D


As far as I know, only available in Korea at the moment? Otherwise, you can get it from sprees.


I canít find full ingredients of this products on the net :( And since I donít own full tube, I canít tell as well. All I know is that there seems to be a claim that main ingredient includes Kinetin, Vitamin-C, Arbutin, Centella, Liposome, Green Tea Extract, Hyaluronic acid. That sounds great.

If you can help me with the full ingredient list, Iím really thankful :)

What Else You Need To Know:

Regardless of those skin caring ingredients, you still have to wash BB creams completely. This is still a makeup product.

Another tip: I personally think that BB creams reflect lights pretty darn well. It can make you look *very* glowy and white. In person, Iím not as white as I looked in those FOTD pics.

Overall Rating:

5 out of 5. Canít find any reason to go against this product. I love Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream better, but I think itíll be unfair if I give Feverlet a lower rating, since the quality is not lower. Great quality, just sheerer than Missha.
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