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I use this for infected blemishes, this or gentamycin will kill about anything. I will puncture the blemish w a sterilized end of an extractor to lance it, then I run a cotton square soaked in hydrogen peroxide & hold it over the blemish for a bit of time. Then I apply Hibclens foam to the blemishes (do not rinse). Last step is bactroban twice a day cream is preferable to ointment becoz I …Read more

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So! I am a 16 year old girl who has a terribly oily face constantly! Milk of magnesia has been working wonders though! So hopefully, it has me covered :) but anyways! This stuff rocks! I have had a constant break outs going on for like 2 months now and absolutely nothing got rid of it! I tried the panoxyl 10% wash and it burned my skin and made it worse! I use a clean and clear exfoliating …Read more

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My dermatolgist has been prescribing the generic form of Bactroban for years. It's a miracle product. If I have a slight infection, or a pimple it nukes it right away. I try never to run out, because it has so many uses. It is covered by most RX plans, with my co-pay, it's only $15. Never want to be without it!

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I wish I had worked out sooner how great this stuff is for pimples!! These are the steps I follow when ever I get a pimple and when I use Bactroban it VANISHES overnight!

Step 1: Pop the pimple (unless it is blind - bactroban will not work on blind pimples or un-popped pimples).
- I think popping is OK if you treat it quickly and pop it cleanly

Step 2: Cleanse the …
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I just stumbled upon this review and realized I haven't used this stuff in years but it is GREAT! My mom always had this on hand and whenever I had lost control and picked I stole some of this stuff and it really really works. I never used it as a consistent cream as a preventative measure but I could imagine it could work well for some skin issues. I definitely think I am going to try to …Read more

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