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9 years ago

The best exfoliant I have ever tried. It's so hard to find an exfoliant that doesn't contain any sulfates, cleansing properties or fragrance. I have dry sensitive skin and I already have a gentle cleanser. I don't need to rock the boat with extra cleansers in my exfoliater. This cleanser also doesn't contain any aloe, which I am allergic too. It's actually pretty hard to find natural products that don't contain aloe. It's an extremely effective exfoliater. The grains are so tiny that it really gets those tiny flakes off that exfoliaters with larger grains can miss and it has tons of those grains. It doesn't dry my skin out or anything. It says to use it 2-4x a week. If you have thinner dry skin 2x a weeks should suffice. Maybe if you have thicker oilier skin 4x is better? I can't say for sure because that isn't my skin, but this is definitely an effective product that doesn't require daily use to be work. I did get tiny tiny bumps in my t-zone after the first week, but I think that's because I had gone almost 5 months without exfoliating (recovering from a bad AHA experience) and I had a lot of dead skin and gunk going on there. I continued into the second week and the bumps started disappearing and were completely gone by the third week. Now I actually break out less. I just had a time of the month and didn't break out at all. I highly recommend this product. It's absolutely work the $24. There are more expensive products out there that are no where near as good and don't contain the quality ingredients this does.

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11 years ago

Hands-down, HG. I will never stray. I promise. This is such a *perfect* scrub -- the granule size (small) and density (med-high) are really closer to a polish than most scrubs I've used, and that's what I love about it. It's very gentle, but it WORKS. It works to the point that I'd advise care when using, lest you over-exfoliate. The smell is fantastic, as well -- sort of like a green turpentine-y smell which, I know, sounds a mess. But it's very light and clean and exceedingly pleasant. It runs toward the higher end, price-wise (I want to say in the upper $20USD for the regular bottle, I bought the trial/travel size for $6) but you need very little per use so I think it's actually a good value. I've been using 1x/day for the past week and 1/2 and my skin looks and feels fantastic -- very smooth, very clear, no clogs or blackheads at all, and none forming. Highly recommended for those who like polish-type scrubs, and will definitely repurchase.

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11 years ago

This is a great, fresh smelling scrub- very green and light. More importantly, the texture is awesome. It's a very finely milled, but vigorous scrub, almost like the texture of sand. My skin's really sensitive and dry, though, and this wasn't too harsh for me. It left my skin feeling soft and clean. The container lasted a while, and I will probably re-purchase. Most facial scrubs I've tried don't feel as though they're actually scrubbing anything, or are much too harsh. Zia's was perfect.

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