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10 years ago

OMG!! This is so crazy! I've been shriveled up for about 4 months since I started using tazorac. My skin is red, irritated and dry. However, I don't have any breakouts! So I've been trying all kinds of moisturizers and they either cause little breakouts, don't moisturize enough or leave me greasy. I bought a bottle of glycerin rosewater, poured it into a spray bottle and used a little on my face. My facial skin was so moisturized from this water, I can't believe it! So I sprayed it all over my body, and again, so much moisture! My lips are completely back to normal. The skin around my chin and mouth isn't chapped and flaking. I spray it on my hands and my hands look normal, not old. It's amazing!! I've used the Burts Glycerin & Rosewater and didn't have nearly the same effect as the generic Albertsons (Equate) brand.

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11 years ago

after reading some great reviews on other brands of rosewater and the somewhat good reviews on 'unlisted brand' glycerin, i decided to look for both at walmart. i was able to find both in one package for very cheap. i used this as a toner with a bit of witch hazel and i must say, after one use, overnight, i greatly noticed an improvement in my wrecked forehead. (no idea what was going on, but i have little break outs for weeks, with nothing working, not even tea tree oil) it significantly cleared it up overnight, and the bigger break outs seemed to dry up. on the bottle it states it's an emollient for dry skin. because i have oily/ combo skin, i was very skeptical about using this thinking it may make my face worse, but not at all. cuz i live in canada and my skin all over is super dry right now, i will definitely try this on my body. will surely buy again and recommend this! packaging could be better. it would be nice if it came in a droplet

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