Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette

Coastal Scents 88 eyeshadow palette


359 reviews

67% would repurchase

Package Quality: 3.3

Price: $$

Package Quality: 3.3

Price: $$


Talc, Mica, Mineral Oil, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Lanolin, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, BHT. May contain: Mica and Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Ultramarine Blue, Manganese Violet, Ferric Ammonium Ferrocyanide, Chrome Oxide Greens, Chrome Hydroxide Green, FD&C Red No.40 Al Lake, FD&C Yellow No.5 Al Lake, FD&C Blue No.1 Al Lake.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I had a terrible experience w/ Coastal Scents as a company. I wrote a bad review for some of their products [not the palettes] and they had the audacity to send me a nasty message! [Check my review for pink kabuki and Italian badger flat top buffer brush] Anyways, as a first time customer, I had spent nearly $100 on products because I was interested in seeing what the hype was about on youtube...

I was completely SUCKERED. Not only did the brushes suck - I was not too happy with their shadows. I found out I could later buy them for cheaper on EBAY and they were made in China.

When my friend bought hers, I was super excited - I swatched some of her colors with my finger, and the pay off was RIDICULOUSLY wonderful. I immediately set out to order the 88 shimmer, original 88 and Neutral/Bridal palette.

This one was the most useful to me... even though I had used it once or twice, MAX. The colors were chalky - and didn't blend right. I have a few MAC shadows that are my daily HG's, so I know it wasn't my blending skills or tools - because I also used my MAC brushes to apply and blend. I guess the oils from my fingers made the shadows seems smoother when I swatched it VS. using a brush?

I would have kept the palettes since they ranged in the 2.5-3 star rating - but when Coastal Scents sent me a nasty letter to belittle me instead of attempting to keep any kind of customer [I would have been interested to try their other products, just because I hate one product does not mean I hate the company] - but now that they've done that, and I know my review does not show up on their website, I know they SCREEN THEIR REVIEWS now, and they're a dishonest group of people.

Shipping is ridiculous - if you MUST have as a beginner, I suppose so - but I'm just beginning, and honestly - you couldn't pay me to waste my time w/ these after 5 min. Buy on EBAY if you MUST. It's seriously the same thing.

I swapped these because some people have the hand to blend those colors - some don't. I had the right tools, but it just didn't work for me, so hopefully whomever I swapped with enjoys those palettes and puts them to use far more than I ever did.

Coastal Scents: you guys lost a customer for life. Now think about every customer you'd piss off without trying to reason with them first that spends $100 each time they shop your site. You guys should know how much patronage you lose - after all, you read their reviews and screen them... don't think you can live a lucrative life making money off makeup noobies for the rest of your life. They all eventually learn to move onto bigger and better things - and many get smart enough to spend less.

Thanks to this entire ordeal - I DISCOVERED MUA - and I want to thank you all for your honest input on this third party review site. It's been extremely helpful... and I hope this helps someone too.

TO ALL BEGINNERS IN MAKEUP: I just started myself a few months ago - and I made the mistake of not doing enough research... buying into hype too quickly. I know it's hard for you to imagine yourself spending so much on makeup, but after taking so many art classes for my profession, I've learned its the TOOLS and MEDIUM that does the work for you [brushes and makeup]. You don't need to be super skilled. I went to a MAC store and asked for one tool that did it all - and they handed me a 224 with the choice of a 217 brush. They really do it all. Don't waste your money on countless brushes. That's all you need... if you need other brushes - invest in ECOTOOLS. I have several professional MUA's as friends to help guide me in the ways of the woman... which saves me $$$ on the investment I make with a makeup consultation when I can take advantage of their pro memberships at various makeup brands. The one thing I do have to lay good money down for is my MUFE foundation - so have hope, be patient, and you'll find your makeup niche. Find reviews from third party sites instead of company sites to better educate yourself on products. Good luck!

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on 8/18/2008 11:22:00 PM

Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Combination, Olive, Warm

Hair: Black, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I'm surprised no ones reviewed this on MUA yet. This is my 100th review, btw... So there are pictures of the palettes and swatches of all 88 colors at the end. This is the original palette, not the shimmer, which contains mostly mattes, but there are plenty of shimmery ones in it as well.

Anyway, this is the palette that everyone and their mother (on youtube) has and raves about. I didn't really want it at first, but since I was on ordering some micas and brushes I went ahead and got it. One thing I have to mention is that their company is based in Florida and I am in Northern California. Shipping took two days (priority!) I mean, priority is supposed to take 2-3 days I know, but I've ordered things from neighboring states that ship priority that took three days, so I was pleasantly surprised.

On to the palette: after opening up my package I first took out my mica samples and was absolutely floored. The ones I ordered were so pretty and pigmented, so when I finally got to opening this it was pretty anticlimatic. lol. So these sat around for a day while I played with my pigments. Still, I brought them out later and played around with them.

When I first saw these online I thought the brightest shades were the ones I'd like best, but the neutrals are awesome. Not the first two columns though (all similar and somewhat chalky), but the last two are awesome. I'm the type of person who has to buy crazy e/s colors, only to end up using them sparingly. I usually go with neutrals and lots of black eyeliner and mascara on a day to day basis so these are fab.

I also know that you can order these on ebay and they come from a seller in Hong Kong. These are the same ones on coastal scents (check if the pictures are the same). It does not say on the package, but i believe these are made in asia (probably China since Coastal scents must import them). On ebay you can get it for about 25 USD (shipping included). On coastal scents, its about 30 USD (to California at least, 20 for the palette, 10 for the cheapest shipping option). So if you don't like your MU made in china then this is not for you.

So while the first two rows and columns aren't that great (neutral-wise - the colors are okay), the rest of the palette makes up for it. These swatches are all in natural light, on an overcast day. I used a good e/s brush to swatch them, but they have NO BASE (because that would be cheating :) and I did NOT layer any of the colors. ENJOY:

Ingredients (omg, evil parabens!! :P)

Natural light

In direct sunlight (You can see the shimmers and metallics better)

Swatched in order from palette. Remember, no base, water, ANYTHING. NC 43 skin.

And IMO, the yellow is chalky, (as are the first 2 rows and columns as you can see by how they don't even show up on my skin). So go ahead and GET chrome yellow :P

I always use a base w/ e/s because I have oily lids so as far as staying power and pigmentation go, I have no problem. These would probably crease and fade without. BTW... the palette is small (about 9x6.5 inches, about 23 cm x 16.5 cm?). The pots are small too... dime size or smaller.

I'm glad I got this because now i can play around with a bunch of colors. For the most part, what you see in the pan is what you get on skin. Its sooo cheap too. I wouldn't say that you NEED this, its just nice to have around. Will not repurchase. continued >>

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Dark, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I'll be a rebel and say that I don't like this palette from CS (I have the 88 shimmer palette).

First of all, I'm darker skinned and I find that the shadows show up sheer on me. I mean, the purply ones look pink on me! It is so annoying! Some of the colors are pretty in the pan and is it my dark skin (MUFE Mat Velvet #70 or NW40-43) that is distorting the shades? I dunno...

Second, I think it's kind of outrageous that ANYONE would have the nerve to compare these to MAC shadows! They aren't even in the same league! CS shadows are powdery and sheer, while MAC shadows are actually PIGMENTED. The only reason CS shadows look like they are pigmented is because you pick up so much product--they are just soft.

Third, I HATE the way Coastal Scents makes it seem as if they lovingly make these palettes in the lab on their own. CS palettes are made cheaply in China and bought wholesale. Then the products are most likely marked up 200-300%. So what we're talking about is sweatshop cosmetics (yay, capitalism!) made cheap, sold high (I think $20 for this quality is pretty high, esp. since you can get the SAME palette on eBay for DIRT CHEAP).

This palette is just like the types of palettes that are sold at ULTA, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, etc. during Christmas or Mother's Day. At least the aforementioned stores don't overcharge for bad quality. I honestly cannot understand the appeal of these palettes. SO many people "love" them but I think they have just found a way to "make them work" somehow. Bravo, ladies--you must be magicians!

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on 11/6/2008 4:34:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

*EDIT* View my FULL review to see pictures and swatches!

Okay. I caved in.
After living off of the same basic MAC shades for the longest time now (after upgrading from L'OREAL HIP duos), I wanted something brighter. Something that popped. Something interesting that I wouldn't mind blowing some money on while still feeling like I got my dollar's worth.

Enter the 88 Color Palettes from Coastal Scents.

Matte Palette in Daylight Lighting.

Matte Palette with Flash.
The pigmentation on this thing is just ... I mean.
Well, wow.

Just swatching it on my finger alone was enough to make my eyes bulge out of my head. The color you see on the palette is the color you will get when you apply it! Even just on plain skin, I mean, wow!

I can't guarantee that it won't crease if you've got oily lids like I do. But thankfully, I never wear eyeshadow without a primer. The staying power is just fabulous with Urban Decay Primer Potion -- the colors stay just as vibrant, remain on the lid, and have just about the same consistency as MAC shadows!

But I'm running low on UDPP now. So I'm thinking ... Maybe I'll pick up a new primer?
I've heard that MAC paint pots are really good! Reccs?

Shimmer Palette in Daylight Lighting.

Shimmer Palette with Flash.
The finishes of the original 88 color palette run from MATTE to SATIN, while the Ultra Shimmer 88 Palette's finishes are comparable to MAC's VELUXE PEARL and FROST finishes. Nothing sheer at all.

I just ...
Okay. I know you've heard about these things everywhere, but I just can't stress how fabulous the colors are! I mean, they obviously aren't shades that I'd use every single effing day, but it has all of the colors that I was afraid to blow my cash on with MAC. All of the colors that, when you're doing your makeup, you think to yourself, "Wait a minute ... If I just had an electric blue ..." :D!

If you can't decide on which palette to get, I'd suggest just saving up about $50 and buying both. You never know when you'll need a dark, matte navy finish, versus a sparkly, glam navy shadow, right?!

I just can't believe the Sephora Blockbuster palette was friggin' $48, and only ONE of these AMAZING palettes is $20-something!! @_@ Mindblowiiiiing. I mean, why spend $50 on only four MAC eyeshadows, when you can get 176 for the same price?! HAHAAAA!

After having these and testing them out myself, I became obsessed with Coastal Scents.
So I ordered the Neutral Palette (which I'll show off once I've got it in my greedy little hands!).
Next on the list is the 10-pan blush palette! Ohmygodddddd. HAHA!!

They packaged it extremely well.
Lots of bubble-wrap, extra paper, nice boxes around the palettes with the ingredients written -- great.

And the best part??

Someone on the Coastal Scents marketing team is doing a great job, huh? ;) continued >>

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on 3/31/2010 4:05:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Other, Warm

Hair: Other, Curly, Other

Eyes: Brown

The colors are beautiful in the palette, ranging from matte and satiny shades. Typically pigmented, nothing too amazing. I found the texture rather disturbing, too powdery and dry, like pure talc. Reminds me of chalk. On my eyes, the colors tend to look blotchy and cheap. Very drying to my eyes and the colors look dull, but not because they're matte! The "shimmery" colors (like the silver) are so frosty (not in a good way) that it's impossible to apply it with fallout. While all the colors are THAT powdery and horribly made they will fallout, but the sparkly shades will go all over your face. This is so unnecessarily powdery that it will break and you loose so much product when you dip your brush/sponge applicator in it. The one matte blue color (the second to last in the middle) oxidizes so much, and other colors do as well. Most end up looking muddy and just.. ew. Plus, the packaging is so crappy and cheap, it fell off almost immediately.

As well as that, these eyeshadows BURN my eyes. I don't even have sensitive eyes and they sting my lids so intensely that they give me an eyeshadow. This has happened to me with the 120 palettes. This is has NEVER happened to me before, and I hate to be this way, but I strongly suspect this has lead in it. My first bad reaction to eyeshadow, and it's unregulated, Chinese makeup. We all know China has a bad reputation for lead poisoning. Come on now guys, a HEADACHE?! It happens every time I apply this to my bare lids, as well as a few minor, but still annoying, thrusts in my hand and arm.

Lead has a negative effect on the brain, causing neurological disorders. Maybe that's why I felt my head throbbing. Even a swatch on my hand gives me a bad reaction

Remember, with a lot of these Asian ebay/Coastal/wholesale makeup palettes, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAID FOR!!

And the fact that I am not the only one who got this bad reaction scares me! On Youtube, Livejournal, and on here, I have seen people complaining about something funky happening to their eyes.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Dry, Medium, Warm

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Black

Ok, after waiting a full YEAR after seeing this on youtube i finally got it.. and.... it SUCKS. They are in NO WAY comparable to MAC eyeshadows and I feel like a lot of the people giving them high reviews have not felt high end department store eyeshadows. They're INCREDIBLY chalky, like no joke, you just dip your brush into it and the eyeshadows CRUMBLE. They look so pigmented when swatched because the eyeshadow just comes off so loosely form the pan. Personally, the shipping costs are so high that this palette isn't worth the money at all. Don't get suckered by gurus on youtube, they get freebies for advertising!!

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on 2/1/2009 9:13:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Normal, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Wavy, Other

Eyes: Brown

No offense, but the people who claim this palette comparable to MAC eye shadows are BLIND. I got this palette after hearing all the wonderful reviews on youtube. Like seriously, how could I NOT have wanted it since everyone raved about it?? I'll admit its not HORRIBLE, but most of the colors (especially the more neutral shades) are sooo chalky and powdery. Its SLIGHTLY better than the cheap makeup palettes stores sell during Christmas, with the exception of a few of the bright shades that have a decent amount of pigmentation (but still a lot of fall out) - but a lot of shades have nooo pigmentation - ive tried it with so many different bases and i still have to pack it on and it wont show up...
Oh ya I hardly ever use this palette and the hinge broke off - the whole top half came off...
the pans are very small too = inconvenience
oh ya, try to buy the 40 or 88 or 120 eyeshadow palette off eBay instead of coastal scents - much cheaper.

OVERALL: If you own higher end eyeshadows, you will not like this palette.
If you don't own a wide range of higher end eyeshadows, you will enjoy this product (since you don't know what you are missing hehe)

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Other, Other, Warm

Hair: Other, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Other

This palette isn't worth all the hype. Sure it's better than some of the palette's you might buy at Wal-Mart, but not by much. The shadows are very small and you have to use quite a bit to get good pigmentation. The texture is more rough than chalky and you really have to tug at your eyelids to blend it out. The colors also look very ruddy on the skin, almost like the texture of the product hurts to look at. This sounds horrible, but I feel I look like an 80's crack whore with these shadows on. The products also made me break out in a horrible rash all over my eyes (ouch) and although my lids are naturally sensitive, I have never experienced anything that severe, which makes me question the integrity of the product. It's no secret that Coastal Scents only gets all the Guru endorsements from YouTube because they send them FREE product. Sure, it might be cheaper, but my order total came up to nearly $60.00 for a few damaged gel liners, 3 hot pots that broke me out in a rash, and a cheap palette, I could have bought quite a few pieces of MAC for that amount.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

This really reminded me of those cheap department store makeup, the ones you buy at like JcPenny. The ColorWorkShop or whatever you call it.

I was really excited at first but then I was like uhm it's not that great actually! The only way the colors will really show up is if you put vasline on as a base. Seriously!

There were like a few like the purple ones that came out really soft and pigmented, but the rest were like eh...

I don't know what all the girls are raving about so much because it's not that great. The wet n' wild palette beats this anyday.

OH AND BTW! i ended up tossing mine away.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Green

I think the buzz this caused was because people thought they were getting a deal. 88 shadows for $20+..? What a deal! No, it's not. The pans are shallow and the shadow is chalky. Blending is impossible because the shadow fades into nothing or blurs into one shade. I'm also not too keen on buying makeup from China that cannot be tracked to the source or regulated by the FDA. I gave a two for the shades... they look pretty in the pans but they are not that pigmented... they are sheer. Rip off city. It's not worth $5. They have alot of cheap dye in them, which smells bad. Some of the shadows have far too much dye in them, which will stain your finger and your eye lid. No way these were properly made for use on the eye.

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