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5 years ago

I love Illume Pineapple Cilantro candles! They smell like fresh pineapple -- plain and simple. Don't let the other notes listed confuse you. These are the only pineapple candles on the market that don't have a weird undertone that triggers migraines for me. The same scent by Yankee Candle smells more like a tropical blend so if that's what you're looking for stick with YC. But, if you want something that smells like fresh, juicy pineapple go with Illume. They also offer it in a variety of beautiful containers and only use natural waxes, pthalate-free natural fragrances, and essential oils -- may be why they don't bother me. They also have a wonderful throw. The only complaint I have about Illume candles is that they are very temperamental. If you trim them before lighting the first time, trim them a little too short (ever), or don't rotate them each time you burn them they can have issues such as never burning properly or burning unevenly. If you're willing to put in a little extra effort, though, they're truly fabulous!

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12 years ago

Apparently Pineapple Cilantro is Illume's most popular fragrance, so decided to give it a go. I tried out the small soy tin candle first, just in case I didn't like the scent. It's obviously pineapple, but is toned down with the freshness of cilantro (coriander), but it's not that horrible herby coriander smell - it's just fresh tropical pineapple. It's not that overbearing fruity scent - it's quite subtle and fresh when you burn it. Definitely reminds me of a tropical getaway - bit like a pina colada, but no coconut. The candle's scent has a great throw even if it's not lit, but as I mentioned with the papaya one, I had some trouble with the packaging in that the wick burnt out totally even before the candle finished, so I had to put my own wick in there to burn, which was a bit messy. I won't be buying the small travel candles again (unless it is to try a new fragrance), however I will definitely be buying the full size candle in the jar of this - really nice.

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