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3 months ago

My favourite deodorant. The "Live It Up" scent is by far my favourite and smells like rose and lemon. It's not an anti-perspirant but it lasts all day, smells great, doesn't irritate my mega reactive skin, and isn't tested on animals. A bit more expensive than drug store brands, but it lasts six months so well worth it.

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12 years ago

These are good natural deoderants. Mystic Wish is my favourite - my husband even commented on how nice I smelled when wearing it and he never notices perfume etc on me! Retail for about $8.95AU which is expensive for a deoderant but well worth it for a certified organic, 100% natural product. Obviously they dont stop you sweating and you will probably need to reapply during the day, but they work darn good. They stand up to the test on my 4 day climbing/hiking adventures with no showers/washing!! NB: take note of the expiry dates as they do start to smell odd after they expire.

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