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3 years ago

This one was just fail for me. Honestly I never smelled incense or anything of the sort that is mentioned. Mainly it just smelled like a Michael's craft store (cheap potpurri?) or a pomander imo. The really unfortunate part was that I purchased a whole bottle for $17.50 based on the ad copy. I ended up using it in my henna mixes to help cover up the smell of the henna.

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11 years ago

excolo <BR><BR> notes: clove, peach and orange with cinnamon, patchouli and dark incense notes. <BR><BR> in the vial: pfft! predominantly a winey, thick fruity scent with undertones of clove and cinnamon. i wouldnt be able to pick out peach and orange, and would have instead said red wine and musk. it kind of reminds me of cinnamon toothpaste. <BR><BR> wet on skin: the fruit is totally gone. spicy, sharp cinnamon thats more like big red gum than any other type of cinnamon that comes to mind. its not incredibly strong, but its very spicy. i get hints of incense thats extremely smoky and a bit cedar-y. this is an incredibly thick and dark scent. <BR><BR> dry down: pretty much the same as when freshly applied - smoke and wood. strangely, i never get a bit of patchouli, but maybe its blending seamlessly with the incense. <BR><BR> verdict: pretty darn nice, but not the type of scent that i look forward to or enjoy. its nice for a sniff, but i know that i would never reach for this.

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12 years ago

To be honest, I wanted to try this because of the name. However, I was not disappointed when I received my vial of Al-Shairan. In Islam, this is the devil. So I expected a fiery, cinnamon, clove, spicy kind of scent. This is not my choice of fragrance. It reminds me a bit of big red gum, you know that initial bite when it reacts with your saliva? Yep, this is Big Red gum in a bottle. It's not bad to be honest, it's sugary sweet cinnamon, but just not my cup of tea. Plus, cinnamon burns my skin. Ouch!

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