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4 years ago

I wanted a treatment for eyes that would help with everything (wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness). I liked the sound of this, so I thought I give it a try. I like it. The packaging is great-you can dispanse as much as you want, without causing bacteria from hand getting in. The roller on the top is nice and cooling. I like the texture, it's not too thick, but still feels hydrating. After I almost finished the tube, my eye wrinkles seem less visible and the area is nicely hydrated. On the other hand, I don't think it helped with the eye cyrcles.but maybe that's too much to ask ;)

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10 years ago

Not getting enough sleep at night? Who in today's world is? Okay, I'll accept the fact that I'm no longer getting my 8 - 9 hour sleep requirement, but I certainly don't like to look like it in the morning. Enter TALIKA EYE DREAM. Now, when a top fashion/beauty mag enthuses about a product that's a pretty good indication that it's something special, and Eye Dream was called "An under eye mask that makes five hours of sleep look like eight." Perfect! Talika tells us that during sleep the delicate skin around the eyes loses up to 50% of its moisture, but on the bright side that is also when this skin is most biologically receptive to hydration and nourishing ingredients. That is precisely what Eye Dream delivers with ultra hydration plus regenerative elements and biopeptides. - Gail Cooke

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12 years ago

I used this product for a month and found that it did absolutely nothing! Not at all moisturising, if anything it made my eye area dry. I dislike the tube it comes in because it was quite hard to dispense and I had to be very careful that it didn't shoot out in a totally different direction to the one intended. Probably one of the worst eye creams I have ever used. A complete waste of money.

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12 years ago

This product is what i dream for. I have very serious problems around my eye contours especially puffiness and drak circle. But this product is like a dream and miracle. I can feel that it helps me and changes my life after 1 week and it is also worthy every single money you spent. GREATLY RECOMMEND.

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