MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Loose Powder Microfinishing Powder


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Package Quality: 3.3

Price: $$$$


100 silica

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Normal, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Red, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Hazel

This stuff is AMAZING. I am a bit of a loose powder whore. I'm the last person on earth who needs to buy another loose powder when I already have a bunch sitting here at home to use. I have used Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil/Tinted Mineral Veil (too dense and just sits on top of the skin), Becca loose powder in Eggshell, Paula Dorf Colorless transluscent powder, Shiseido's, Sue Devitt's and even the other MUFE loose powders. While all great for setting makeup on the face, I still hadn't found a powder that was great for setting concealer under the eye. Even MUFE's which is quadruple milled and Becca's which was triple milled still looked heavy under the eye on top of concealer.

Now this stuff is a DREAM. Very light weight, feels like SILK, NO COLOR to distort or change the color of concealer/foundation, and its now my HG of setting powders. I work in the industry and have sold probably 8 of these in the past two days. I have used them on anyone from a caucasian 20 year old, to a late 50's caucasian woman with dark circles and crepy skin to a 20-something dark skinned woman with significant darkness in her orbital area (using the MUFE concealer palette in #4 for color correction). On EVERYONE the result was outstanding. I even dusted the African American gal all over with it and it looked like nothing on her skin. Her skin looked positively airbrushed.

I have to wonder though if you couldn't buy in bulk silica powder somewhere else. I wish the MUFE one was a bigger size, which is my only complaint. Can't wait to try this with the new HD foundation. Just buy it already. You won't be disappointed.

UPDATE 6/28/08: I removed a lippie only because I have to hold my breath when I'm dusting it on my face otherwise I inhale a bunch of it and its not very pleasant. The product is so micronized, I have to wonder what that might do to you from inhaling it over and over. I do still love it and it keeps my under eye concealer cemented and creasefree all day. I would still recommend it and I do still think it is the best one out there I've tried but keep your mouth closed and hold your breath when you apply it. If you dust it on with a brush, you get a really fine powder cloud around you and it makes me cough if I inhale any of it.

UPDATE 2009: I'm changing my "would you buy this product again" from "yes" to "no". Its not because I don't like the product its because its tremendously overpriced. Since learning the joys of Coastal Scents, I now know that I can purchase double-triple the amount of the CS Silica powder for less than the cost of the HD Powder.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Medium, Warm

Hair: Brown, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I have been looking forward to this release, actually the recent spate of "HD TV Makeup" starting from Cargo to MUFE, have all been really impressive - and the next brand launch of an HD TV makeup line will have a lot to compete with.
This is different from every other "fine mill airbrush" type powder I have tried, firstly it is purely silica, and an extremely fine mill! Also I believe this is probably the BEST finish of all the powders I have (and yes I have more than three dozen loose powders, mostly from mid-end, high end and luxury brands)... so as an affirmative from a powder-collector freak, this is excellent!

Let's get the bad points out of the way, price-yes perhaps (but that is not a criteria I use to decide on purchases anymore - since quality/function is more important).. Packaging - I do not like the narrow jar with low rims, end up wasting product if you are in a rush, I actually prefer the Jill Stuart (or say Chanel Poudre Libre, or La Mer) type bulky and oversized containers,there is still room to let you mix and tap powder back into the container, whereas the MUFE powder overflows..

Also, compared to other powders I have tried this does have the best finish (will discuss below) but here are some alternatives for MUFE HD powder if for any reason it does not work well for you - There is the Dior Extreme translucent powder (released in 2008), also a Chanel Cristalline loose powder, Laura Mercier secret brightening powder, or the By Terry loose powder (in a range of flesh tones, corrective tones and translucent tones), the La Mer/ Giorgio Armani are excellent mill too but it is tinted. Also the Japanese brand Canmake makes a good and cheap powder with a similar type of mill to the MUFE/airmill type powders. Also I just recently came across the Pure Luxe silica powder, but the first review has mentioned (quite usefully) that the MUFE powder has a superior mill.

Why it is the best - the finish is excellent, truly an airbrushed softening effect and does not emphasise pores or bumps. It can be used as a finishing powder and alone for a simple polished look. I do think that one does need to have good skin texture and skin tone for this powder to work at its best, simply because it is a translucent finish which will have very little effect for colour correction or coverage. I rarely use powders that are heavier than medium sheer coverage anyway as I do not think that is the true purpose of a cosmetic loose powder.

BTW I am NC30 with warm undertones, this does not make me look ghostly but does have a brightening/lightening effect. All I have is baby smooth skin..........!

An update - I forgot to comment on the oil controlling properties - I think it is average, because I always use a layer of rice/silk powder underneath anyway, and being winter in the southern hemisphere - my normally over oily skin is actually becoming a lot drier, so while I still had shine at the end of the day, the powder did not oxidise or disappear, and my face looked OK. I am not sure if I would use alone in summer, as my skin tends to be oilier and the humidity is very high... but even though it is a fine mill powder it is more absorbent than say talc based pressed/loose powders.

continued >>

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

This has absolutely got to be the "Jesus powder" of all powders...

I can't explain what a miracle product this truly is.... it's like Adobe Photoshop in a bottle.

I have combination skin with a super oily T-zone, nose, and chin. I use Everyday Minerals intensive foundation in "Light Olive" using the Everyday Minerals foundation brushes (which are the best makeup brushes ever invented), and I lightly dust the MUFE HD powder over my foundation.. and then .... BAM!!! Virgin skin!!!

I was sitting in a restaurant with my SO my first day using this and he couldn't stop raving about how great my skin looked! And let me tell you... this guy wouldn't even notice if I went from Cruella Deville Black to Platinum Blonde Hair. He never notices anything different about my look... until the day I wore HD powder. It even got to the point where I actually got fed up because he couldnt stop talking about how flawless and smooth my skin looked!!

The best part... a previous review states that your makeup will look just as good by the end of the day as the minute you put it on. Now there is absolutely no exaggerating that!! After coming home from a humid day at the beach, my makeup looked perfect 8 hours after I put it on.

I looked in the mirror, saw I had somewhat of a shiny T-zone, and then touched my T-zone with my finger. To my surprise, absoutely no oil on my finger! I just simply had that naturally dewy glow without the grease!! It's like having built in blotting powder in my skin!!

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Age: Unknown

Skin: Sensitive, Fair-Medium, Cool

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

Silica powder is a very smooth, silky, translucent fine white powder used in cosmetics.

When you open it, makes a puff mess, but to me it feels very fine and smooth as butter on the skin and gives a matte, polished finish.

It is highly absorbent and used for oil control. It improves slip in cosmetic blends and reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Silicones are a widely used group of oils and compounds, derived from the mineral silica. Silicones are water repellant and very stable.
There is no known toxicity when used externally.

Tests show it has been successfully used in hypoallergenic/hypoallerfenic and allergy tested formulations.

This can be used for slip in small amounts , oil control formulations of mineral makeup. Use in smaller amounts in dry skin formulations.

Those who would like to use this as a setting powder ingredient before or after applying makeup I like to ad adhesive powders to mine, it makes it even better

Please combine silica with other ingredients such as the below for added adhesion:

•Boron Nitride
•Magnesium Stearate
•Magnesium Myristate
For more adhesion

Is silica powder dangerous? The answer is yes and no.

Silica powder CAN cause silicosis, a respiratory disease, if breathed in in LARGE amounts, or through prolonged exposure in small doses over a long period of time (over 20 years)

This is also the reason why the people who are producing this stuff have to wear full body suits with masks.

However, as you are most likely not going to be snorting this stuff or creating large dust clouds of it to breathe in, you'll probably be fine. Edit: Silicosis has only been linked to crystalized silica particles (the stuff found in pottery, mining, etc) and there is no proof that spherical silica (cosmetic grade) causes or is connected to silicosis.

Secondly, cosmetic grade silica (silicone dioxide) IS a lab animals. It's not listed as a carcinogen for humans on the MSDS.

So as long as you aren't leaving your container of silica powder out for your pet to snort, you're probably also ok.

Other forms of silica are a known carcinogen in humans, however, but they are not as finely milled and therefore cause more damage to the lungs.

Additionally, according to wikipedia, silica is the 2nd most common compound on the planet. (Makes it hard to avoid now, doesn't it?)
It's basically quartz or sand, and is found in many, many products besides just our cosmetics. don't have to toss it out...just try not to breathe it in.

For those wondering what exactly silica is used for, a quick google search also turned up the following on uses for silica in cosmetics:

"These are the reasons why silica is used for cosmetics:
Silica contained in foundation adsorbs sweat and oils in skin, which prevents light reflection by sweat/oil and keeps makeup on the skin longer.

Spherical particle type of silica improves the smoothness and spreading of foundation and cream.

The smooth surface appearance of nail polish is created by silica particles in the polish.

Porous silica is used as an ingredient in powder perfume, which can keep the fragrance on the skin for a longer time.

Silica is contained in antiperspirant, which gives the smooth feeling after it is applied on the skin.

Check it out at "Sephora".

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Dark, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Black

Let me tell you this: MUFE hd foundation+ hd powder+ mufe mist and fix= beauty to rival halle, beyonce and any other lady out there. You will fall in love with yourself.

Here's a tip: You don't sweep this stuff across your face,mmkay? People complain about it turning them white are using it wrong. It is truly translucent even if you are the darkest of the dark. You take VERY little on your brush, tap some off, and PRESS into your skin all over or only where you need it. I have dry skin, but I tend to get all sweaty around the nose and forehead so that's where I use it.

Do yourself a favor and buy it.

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Age: 44-55

Skin: Oily, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

OHHHH MY GOODNESS!!!! Where has this stuff been all my life? I'm honestly in a state of absolute shock! This is the most amazing, loveliest face powder of all time.....

I walked into Sephora looking for Hourglass finishing powder. I started using it recently after having received a generous sample of it, and I really like it. My Sephora didn't have it, and the sales clerk introduced me to this. She told me they can't keep it in stock and I can see why.

I loved it the moment I tried it, but all too often, I adore something in the store, take it home, and well..... Not this time. Everytime I use this, I marvel at how gorgeous my skin looks and feels. In fact, more often than not, I don't use any foundation at all - just a very thin layer of Monistat Chafing Powder Gel and a dusting of this. My skin looks great in the morning and just as great at dinner time and THAT has been the case through the hellish month of August.

Some mua'ers commented that at $30, this is a pricey item. I don't think so. In fact, I'd happily pay twice that price. HAPPILY !

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Dry, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Other, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Hazel

I purchased MUFE's HD loose powder to set my sunscreen and cream concealers before dusting on mineral foundation. Anyone who uses mineral makeup knows that these products can cling unevenly to areas where skin feels tacky or moist, so I've been on a quest to find something to cut moisture and leave my skin feeling dry *without * leaving a heavy layer of product or adding a conflicting color, as this powder is purely transparent. After nearly two weeks of testing this powder, I've determined that I can live without it. Why?
One - It's too mattifying as a finishing powder. The finish is flat matte instead of a luminous matte that clean, dry skin looks like. Give this powder a chance to cling to moisturizer and you'll be left with skin that fails to reflect light. I didn't mind it under mineral makeup because it's hidden by other products, but when I used it overtop liquid foundation, it made my skin look dull and lifeless. This is a different matte finish than silicone primers. They mattify but not to this extreme. This is like a black hole in convenient white powder form.
Two - Whatever isn't absorbed by cosmetic products or sebum (leaving the surface completely mattified), the excess will sit on top of the skin like a microfine white film. Yes, you can buff the excess off or press it in. I have no real issue with this because this is the case with any powder in beauty history, but I'd rather have a finishing powder that its excess doesn't reflect pure white in pictures. I took some self-pics when I had too much on. It wasn't pretty.
Three - When using it as a mineral makeup primer, this powder tended to leave my skin too smooth for mineral makeup to cling effectively. Whereas with just moisturizer/sunblock I'd have patchy, uneven application, using this I was prone to applications that were too sheer because the makeup just couldn't find a surface that it could stick to. Now the makeup looks watered down. As a comparison, I've used Pure Luxe's Silk powder and that smooths and dries very effectively, but I am also able to apply layers that offer more coverage. It controls shine just as well, IMO.
Other "this has nothing to do with why I don't like it and more for your information" kind of stuff: I also ordered and used the Pure Luxe Silica Powder. It's just as good (or bad) depending on which camp you hail from. The extra milling of the MUFE is not enough for it to function diffferently. It mattifies completely if absorbed into oil or skin care products and it can leave a white cast if used in excess, just like the MUFE. So if you're torn between two products, get the Pure Luxe.
Also, that silica thing. When I first tried this product I loved it - well, before I found flaws stated in reasons one thru three. ;) Then I found out how harmful silica can be to lungs and I becamed skeeved about it. Now I'm at an 'eh, I'll just be careful if I like it that much" mindset. Silica (or its derivatives) are in so many powder beauty products that I think it's unfair to campaign against one product when it's such a common industry ingredient. Silica is not toxic if ingested. However, it's good to know that silica is indeed an agent that can cause lung damage because it can't be eliminated from the lungs once inhaled and silica's ability to build up in the lungs (over time) is what causes respiratory health issues. It takes a lot of environmental exposure to airborne silica to cause silicosis, but nevertheless common sense caution should be applied when using it.
Bottom line: I tried the HD powder, compared it against Pure Luxe Silica powder and I'm not impressed with the genre. I returned the HD powder and am much happier using Pure Luxe Silk powder as a mineral makeup base or for mid-day touch-ups. continued >>

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

What a gorgeous powder. It's huge reputation is pretty well-deserved.
OK, to start off - yes, you can buy a very similar powder made out of the same stuff for substantially less from discount sites. I have chosen to get the real thing for three reasons: 1.) mine came in a set with other things I wanted (score!) 2.) I prefer to buy from brands that I know and trust 3.) I've heard this is more finely milled than the other, and that's quite important to me.
I absolutely don't fault anyone who chooses to try the cheaper alternative instead - go for it! However, I won't knock down my overall rating on account of price - that's what the price rating is for ... and I don't find the price to be ridiculous - expensive, yes, but not 'what a horrible rip-off' expensive.

Prior to getting this powder, I was quite happy with my Laura Mercier powders. I used her translucent powder for all-over makeup setting, and I used her secret brightening powder for under-eye setting, when I could be bothered to reach for a second product. I still think they're both great products, and I still use both of them.
However, this MUFE HD powder has a few things going for it that neither of the others have:

It's supernaturally, amazingly, this-must-be-witchcraft soft to the touch. When applied to skin, it makes your skin feel like it's made of silk. The only other thing I've tried that makes skin feel this soft is the Hourglass primer!

This powder really is translucent, like completely clear. I have seen it used even on people of very dark skin, and it doesn't add any whiteness or ashy tones. On my fair skin, this is less important, but it's good to know it doesn't add any white-cast or weird reflections for photos, and that it's not going to wash me out, or alter the color of my foundation or blush etc.

The MUFE HD powder is better at keeping oil at bay than other powders I've tried. It leaves a very dry touch to the skin, but doesn't over-emphasize any dry patches visually. Because it keeps my skin more oil-free for longer, I absolutely love this powder for summer, or anytime when I want my makeup to last a long time, and not need a touch-up to deal with oil or sweat. It's not *actually* magic, it can't stop you from sweating buckets, but it does make a difference, especially to the longevity of your makeup, not letting it just melt off as easily on a really hot day.
Because of this, I love this powder best for the warmer months, and I tend to revert to my Laura Mercier translucent powder for winter when my skin is quite dry, and I don't want to add anything that feels drying to it.

This powder works just as well for setting under-eye concealer as it does on the rest of the face. My two tips to make sure it sets under-eye concealer perfectly first to smooth your under-eye concealer immediately before applying powder to make sure it hasn't settled into any lines. Do this even if it doesn't look like it has, just to make sure. Then when you do set with this powder, use it sparingly. You're not trying to coat on a bunch of it, you're just trying to get the thinnest possible but still even application. The light application goes for the rest of the face as well. The temptation can be to use more (if a little is good, lots must be GREAT!) but that's not the way to make it look the best and the most natural. For my Laura Mercier powder, for all over the face, I prefer the powder puff application (fold and roll, pressing powder into the skin). For this MUFE HD powder, I prefer to use a large fluffy brush. I pick up a tiny bit of powder, tap off any excess, swirl the brush in the cap to even the powder through the brush, and then first lightly sweep, then gently and briefly buff it into the skin with light circular motions. Finish with gentle up and down motions on the cheeks to make sure any tiny hairs are lifted free, and then lay down flat. If you have oily skin, or, for example, an oily t-zone like I do, using a bit more powder in those areas is fine, but you don't want to use more powder than necessary anywhere that's dry or normal.

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Age: 36-43

Skin: Oily, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Blue

For those looking for an alternative to the expensive MUFE HD powder, please read:

Regarding silica spheres:

Here is the size of the particles:

TKB Trading = median size 5 microns
MUFE = under 7 microns
CS = 10-14 microns

Price comparisons:

TKB Trading = $20.50 for 8 oz., $11.50 for 4 oz., $3.45 for 1 oz.
MUFE = $30 for 0.35 oz. (!!!)
CS = $21.90 for 8 oz., $4.00 for 1 oz.

I just got an 8 oz. bag from TKB Trading and I'm amazed. Awesome price, cheap shipping, and super fast too. I hope this helps.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

My first loose powder was Laura Mercier's Translucent Powder. It was good but it didn't seem to cut it especially during the summer (I have combination-oily skin). So I decided to get HD High Definition Loose Powder. The good thing is that it is extremely finely milled as some other reviewers have mentioned. It is probably one of the most finely milled powders I've ever encountered. As a result, it blends so nicely onto the skin. However, this "nice finish" seems to only work on certain types of foundation in my opinion. It works great on mineral foundation and actually controls the shine. However, on my liquid foundation, it either doesn't keep the oils at bay or it accentuates lines or pores on my face. I'm also giving it a 2 because for me, it cannot be reapplied throughout the day (it'll creep into fine lines and give a white cast). Also, the powder seems to sometimes get "trapped" between the very small fine facial hairs (like the very fine ones that you would never really see)...and this sometimes contributes to the appearance of a white mask (since it wasn't able to go into the skin). Lastly, the BIGGEST problem I have with this powder is the FUMES. It might not bug some people but for safety health reasons, I wouldn't suggest people buy this. The fumes are really bad for me. When I apply this powder with a brush, the fumes will sometimes get into my nose (even if it's just in the air) and it makes me sneeze, cough, clogs my nose (makes it difficult to breathe sometimes). And I'm sure this isn't a good thing. So just a heads up girls!

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