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8 years ago

I got this straightener 7 or 8 years ago and I loved it. It made my hair straight, smooth and soft, and it never pulls.. like some of those cheap ones do. I paid around 200 for it, but I believe it's gone down in price since then. I used it every day pretty much, sometimes accidentally leaving it on all day haha. After time, it seems as though the heat starts damaging the plastic around the plates, because the strips on mine fell off. It didn't really affect it, besides making the plates a bit more wobbly. About a month it finally started to crap out on me. I would turn it on, then it would just turn itself off.. but I tried it yesterday and it seems to be working again! So for 200 dollars, I'd say it was pretty worth it, for almost a decade of daily use! So for 80 dollars, or however much it is now.. great deal.

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8 years ago

Best Flat Iron Ever!! Very cheap (~$80) and great iron. Well worth its price. I use it for styling and for my BKT treatments. Its plates are so smooth, better than Corioliss. The hair does never get caught in the iron and it is very comfortable. It keeps the heat very well. This iron has everything you are looking for in a Flat Iron.

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11 years ago

The H3000 is the best iron on the market and is well worth its price tag. Its sturdy, functional build effortlessy straightens or curls hair with minimal heat damage. <br> The iron heats up to 410 degrees in 15 seconds and has a scroll wheel for a customized temperature. <br> The Swivel cord adds to the iron's durability, as cords tend to be the first things to break what with all the twisting and bending. <br> The H3000 is ceramic with tourmaline to produce negative ions, leaving hair shinier and silkier than with normal ceramic flat irons.

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12 years ago

I love my new HairArt Ceramic Straightening Iron Model H3000 that I ordered from drugstore/beauty.com. It's an ionic tourmaline ceramic straightening/curling flat iron that was $80 (the most I've ever spent on a styling tool!!) but worth it. Shipping was free and I also got a GWP makeup bag full of sample goodies so that made up for the $10 diff in price buying it elsewhere. <br> The "pros" * It does a great job flipping the ends of my fine color-treated hair which is cut in a short, cropped style as well as adding volume (by curling under) to the crown. * My hair is left shiny after straightening & smoothing. * It heats up sooo fast & the swivel cord adds to the convenience. * The on/off switch is between the plates so I don't accidentally turn it off while using it (unlike my old ConAir flat iron). * I was pleasantly surprised to see the felt heat-resistant bag that came with it is very classy with "hairart" beautifully embroidered on it. <br> The "cons" * Because the on/off switch is between the plates, there's a good chance I could burn myself if not extremely careful when turning it off. <br> Even tho styling my hair is not something I am very good at doing, with this flat iron I can do it quickly and easily, and the end result is my hair looks and feels great. I'm loving the compliments I'm getting since I started using it. This tool has helped me get the closest I can get to that "just got out of the salon" look. <br> Update 02-Oct-2010: Still using it, still loving it, and still getting compliments on how great my hairstyle looks. :)

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