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Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil.

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Age: 18 & Under

Skin: Combination, Olive, Warm

Hair: Brunette, Curly, Fine

Eyes: Brown

Castor oil=the miracle worker.
There are loads of reviews here praising & detailing its every virtue, so I feel I don't need to add much. Just echoing the facts: ~will give you perfect skin ~will make your lashes grow and grow.
I come from the sub-continent, desi-land, where every woman seems to be born with the knowledge of every oil and its beautifying properties. I didn't grow up there, though, so I missed out.
Then one day my cousin saw me putting on mascara, with my classic mascara-face (mouth open like a kind of silent scream, furrowed forehead), and went "Why do you use that?" "Cuz my lashes don't show up otherwise." "Why do you want your lashes to show up?" "Cuz it's pretty." "Why don't you use castor oil like Aapi?" (aapi means big sister)
It happened like a tv commercial, basically. Anyway, so after a couple of days of using it, I noticed a layer of lashes growing ABOVE the original layer.
Now, after a few months' use: thicker. longer (definitely not imagining this, since now they skim my eyebrows, whereas before, even curling them wouldn't get them that high). and MORE of them.
By the way, you know how when you put on eyeliner, you gotta get it in between the lash-gaps, as close to the lash line as possible? Now I've given up lining the upper lid, because those lash gaps DON'T EXIST. Basically there's no space to apply liner so that it would look natural, you know? In case anyone has doubts, this is A Great Thing.
**UPDATE**The subject's come up on the forums, that medical practitioners say castor oil could possibly cause blindness, that it's poisonous.
FYI, the herbal medicene system from India, Ayurveda, has prescribed castor oil for a remedy of all sorts, for thousands of years. Problems both minor (e.g. short, sparse eyelashes) and major (e.g. removing toxic substances from the body). It's used in poultices (external) and tonics (internal) with no adverse reactions.
YES, the castor BEAN can be used to create a very powerful poison--however, the oil that you get in a bottle is completely different, chemically, from the bean itself, and is notpoisonousatall. If the oil was so harmful, why is it that Indian women have been using it as a beauty treatment (that includes the eyelashes) for thousands of years? Surely that practice would have been stopped in its tracks centuries ago, if castor oil was truly unsafe.
People in the medical field need to open their eyes to the ancient healing traditions, which have actually provided modern pharmacies with the basis of much of their has a lot to research yet. If it works, & if it's been tried and tested for longer than Western medicene's been around, & if the women of India/Pakistan/Bangladesh have pretty good vision (FYI most of the ladies in these countries have castor oil around for beauty treatments)...then you better believe that whoever bunks it as a myth is misinformed.

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Violet

My high school friend's Italian grandmother told me about castor oil when I complimented her on her lashes. She is in her 70s but has the most beautiful eyelashes I have seen on a human being regardless of age. She told me to apply castor oil every night before bed. After 3 months of use I notice my lashes are indeed longer and denser. She also taught me how to make cannolis from scratch. I love that woman.

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on 1/10/2008 2:00:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Hazel

I can't believe I am the first person to write on MUA about castor oil!!!

Castor oil is a wonderful natural oil that is amazing for the brows and eyelashes. It makes lashes thicker, darker, longer and stronger. It makes brow hair grow back faster and thicker too. This is especially handy for people who have very light brows and with not much hair.

You use it by applying a tiny bit of castor oil to your clean lashes and (if you want) brows before going to bed. Do this every day as part of your night routine and in a couple of weeks you will notice your brows and lashes will be thicker and longer!

I even read (on some forum) that people got a 'second layer of lashes' on top of their lashes! It works THAT well!

I personally have used this oil for a couple of weeks now. My lashes are short and my brows are thick on the inside (near nose) and then thin and colorless on the outside (appearing like I have half- a brow). I always have to draw in the outer part of my brows. So I tried this oil. I poured a little into a tiny empty travelers shower gel bottle and keep it with my face stuff. I notice my brows are groing back REALLY quickly (I am growing them out to re-do them completely) and the lighter part is getting more hair that is darker. My lashes appear a tiny bit longer, but not as much as I expected. They ARE very strong, I used to lose 5 lashes every time I rubbed my eye with eye make up remover, and now I NEVER lose a lash. BUT what really is funny and interesting, is that my lower lashes are REALLY long now! They are almost as long as my upper lashes! How weird is that.

So, for girls who need longer lashes and thicker brows this is perfect. I'm not sure where you can buy it in your country, but here in holland I bought a bottle of 50 ml for $4 at the pharmacy. You only need a tiny bit (one drop a day) so the bottle lasts you for a long time.

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on 6/21/2008 12:47:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Oily, Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I read every single review and every single article about the Oil Cleansing Method before I tried this out. I was literally SICK and TIRED of my bad skin.
I use 75% EVOO and 25% Castor Oil and I put it in a travel size plastic bottle. Every night I apply a good palmful all over my dry, dirty face. It is amazing at removing all your makeup. So I massage this into my face for about 5-10 minutes each night. Once I feel that I have massaged enough, I steam my pores with a hot wash rag. After steaming, start GENTLY wiping your face clean. Try to remove most of the oil, but don't freak about getting eeeevery single bit. If your face feels too dry once you are done washing then you need to add more olive oil to your mixture. If it too greasy, then obviously add more Castor oil.
It is very important not to overdo this as these oil (mainly castor) go deep deep into your pores and purge everything out over time. Dont rush it- you will only dry your whole face up. In the mornings just cleanse with warm water and pat dry...your skin should feel clean enough anyway.
Now for the ONLY bad part- there will be a purge involved here-obviously. The oils will bring all your impurities up out of your skin OVER TIME. It will not happen in a week and probably not in two weeks either. In fact- you will probably expirience some sort of breakout or flare up in the first month due to years of junk and gunk that is finally being naturally removed. Don't believe me? As you are massaging your face you will feel small grainy little thingies in your oil. These are hardened sebum plugs that have worked loose and worked out of their pore. WONDERFUL!! However, you may notive your pores looking larger....they probably are. As gunk gets purged out of your face, it makes room for itself to get out. TRUST ME keep up with it and slowly as your pores become empty (few weeks worth of loyal cleanising every night) they will slowly closeback up and almost "heal" up. You need to give it time to properly detox your face. This can take up to 3 months depending on the condtion of your hang in there even if your skin starts looking WILL eventually look better than you have ever imagined!!

One last point, I have Oily/Acne prone skin. I was very very nervous about trying this out but at the same time I was willing to give anything a shot. I leaned towards this method because I figured " well, at least im not putting more chemicals on my face" so yes...i was freaked out about slathering oil on my face please trust me...oil DOES dissolve oil, and these natural oils are SOOOO much better for your skin than all the chemical filled junk out there !! Try it!

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Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Blue

I used to be a product junkie. Like, intensely. Then I began a purging phase and wanted to be a minimalist. Ultimately, I wanted not to have to use makeup. I wanted beautiful skin and hair and everything else without having to pretend. (Crazy sounding, right?) This is the best product I have found. Mainly my skin care regimen consists of a lot of different oils. I originally bought this with the intention of lash/brow growth because I wanted to see more fullness and not have to wear mascara. I wasn't really sure what else I would use this for until my room mate, who is a nautropathic med student told me alllll about the wonders of Castor oil. It is a wonderfully healing oil, ultimately. If you type castor oil in google it will tell you all about the different uses. I have not used it in pack form, yet, though. I do use it as my main oil for the OCM. At first I noticed a lot of what people think are breakouts or congestion. Really, what was happening was that it was drawing all of the impurities in my skin to the surface. And it does a right quick job for it. And it makes perfect sense, really. If your skin is a way to show what is going on in your body, then in is safe to say that any drainages or pimples or whatever skin concerns you will have are coming from within. I also use 1 drop of castor oil to 1 drop of emu oil for my facial moisturizer after icing. I've noticed less acne, more even, toned and glowing skin. I think this is what orgasm (NARS or real one) is supposed to look like ;) Body moisturizer? Half castor oil and half coconut oil. I have noticed incredible tone, evenness and cellulite reduction since using this after a shower. I also use this for boo-boos. I have this terrible habit of picking at imperfections I find on my body and this heals them pretty darn quick. Also, it's really safe for eye use. You might wake up feeling goopy in the morning after putting it on your lashes, but since it's been known to cure styes I have no fear that that irritation is doing something terrible if it accidentally gets in my eye.

I apologize for the incredibly long rant. I just feel that castor oil is so amazing, especially for non-beauty purposes. But since this site is pretty much about vanity, or as a means towards inner beauty, I thought I'd share my experience through using it.

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Age: 30-35

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Straight, Fine

Eyes: Black

Hello. You are reading this review. But what you really want to do is go to the selection bars at the top of this page and select reviews by "most helpful". And read those reviews. Those are the reviews that got me using this for my lashes. I have stick straight, transparent lashes (because I have Chinese ancestry) of a moderate length. After conditioning them with castor oil every night for two weeks -- I dampen a q-tip with the oil and then run it along my lash lines as if I am applying eyeliner -- my lashes are thicker, longer, and there are more of them. I now look like I am wearing eyeliner when I am not. I have also tried castor oil for healing grazes after they have scabbed -- it works; I have used it for conditioning my hair pre-shampoo -- it works too, but it is extremely sticky and difficult to wash out (perhaps I used too much?); I have used it in an oil cleansing method (pre-cleanse with castor oil and then wash off the oil with Pears soap) for taking off my makeup and sunscreen -- this works too, but in the winter when my skin is dry, the castor oil dries it out more. My absolute favourite use of this is for lash growth... and ocassionally brow growth.

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on 6/5/2013 5:41:00 AM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Medium

Eyes: Brown

So I've never really been impressed with ANY product to actually boot up my laptop and write a review, but but - Castor oil is MY MIRACLE product. So I bought this off a drugstore when I saw it was dirt cheap and I hoard all kinds of oils for my hair and skin.
A little background check - So one day I decided to clean up my eyebrows on my own - worst decision ever.. I shaved a little too much in the middle and It made my forehead look SO BIG ( A little tip for the ladies - keep your eyebrows really long - as long as possible in the middle, it makes your face look thinner! ) And I'm a lazy klutz so I dont find a mascara wand to apply to per se. I just took a quarter size in my palm and applied it quite unevenly on my eyebrow area and went to sleep. The next morning - voila, In less than 8 HOURS I swear I could see tiny little baby hairs on my brows.. If that's not a miracle then I dont know what is. Read on to find out what else castor oil works for
Nails and Hands - Sometimes being lazy helps. If you take the oil in your hands and rub them on your hair like I do, added benefit is really soft hands and great cuticles.
Hair - This is PROVEN, for me and a million other women. Fact of the matter is - Castor oil makes your hair grow at AN ALARMING rate - quite alarming for me I'm wondering if I'll turn into king kong or something. That good. Apply it on your hair - EVERY night, that's right. I know its REALLY thick, but if you've got normal hair like I do, the hair just soaks up the nourishment, you can totally wash it off in the morning with a good shampoo - sometimes I do it twice, totally worth it. My hair has grown atleast an inch in A WEEK!
Eyebrows and Eyelashes - Enough said. They make both long, thick AND DARKER. Better than any MAC product.
Skin - This is the best part, which I found for myself. Every night as my clean up routine - I wash my face with Dermaderm (A gem) and pat it dry and apply sea salt toner (Dont waste your money on expensive toner. Make your own DIY toner - with sea salt + water. Its THE BOMB especially if you've acne prone skin like I do .. ) And then I take castor oil and massage my face and neck with it. I dont miss out any area - eyebrows, eyelashes, creases on the face, basically everywhere. And I apply it on my hair too. (Only do all this if you arent sleeping with your bf. ;) Lol. Cos you look like a grease ocean at the END of it) If you can take a little discomfort for the sake of your hair and skin, its worth it. Wear old clothes. When you wake up in the morning - this is THE absolute best part for me, I run to the mirror to check the results and for 3 months now, in a row, I've not been disappointed a SINGLE day. I've amazing skin - no zits/marks/scars. I've fantastic, LUSH lush hair, mid back length (when I started out, it grazed the shoulders) My eye lashes are a MILE long, literally fairytake lashes. And thick eyebrows. Altogether - HELL YEAH, am a happy person in life. Would I buy it again, I'd rather go without ANY other make up pdt than my bottle of castor oil. Try it once and you'll be sitting here writing your own review cos its addictive and gives astonishing results. Good luck to all the women in getting great skin and hair! :D

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on 7/7/2016 1:18:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I dare to call this a miracle worker.
I'm kind of ashamed I didn't think of using it earlier than last month. You must know that here in Italy, the first thing anyone associates to castor oil are fascists tortures, as prisoners were forced to drink it and well, it resulted in painful bowels actions. The fact that the alleged inventor of this torture is also my favourite poet in the world, well, made it sound ever creepier. So I never thought of this product as a positive cosmetic help, due to my totally justified and legit dislike of fascists (am I really mixing make up and politics? Oh lord take this laptop from my hands and throw it away)
I use many oils (olive extra virgin, coconut, flaxseed, karite, jojoba, tea tree) and prepare this mix I appy on my hair about twice a week. I recently bought castoir oil - from the excellent made in Italy, 100% organic brand Forsan - to be added in this mix, and the results are satisfying; I would like to use it alone, but my hair absorb it so fast it seems I have to waste half bottle for one conditioning.
But why did I call it miracle worker? Well, ask my brows. As a teenager, I did extreme damage to my brows, due to poor knowledge and experience in grooming them, and basically cut the right part of the right brow for good. Until now, not many hair grew back, and it still looks like it's missing something. Left eye (oh man am I really getting emotional thinking about our beloved deceased TLC baby girl?) instead is in better conditions, but still has empty parts. So, I applied castor oil and massaged it every night before bed and, if I'm home during the day, I don't mind having a shiny oil on my brows (even if my husband finds it disgusting but then I remind him the time he almost shat himself at our goddamn wedding, like really? You almost blasted on your Ferragamo dress and you still dare to call me disgusting? Boy bye) so let's say it stays there for about 10 hours a day. Well, after about 10 days of use, I was impressed to see that my brows look fuller than ever.
I've always been scared and unconfortable with all that pomade-stencils-pencils-stuff fashion thing and I wonder how girls are able to wake up near their man looking completely different from the night before - it's not my business, but I'm into horror stories and this one is definitely a horror story. And what if I sweat like a pig? Would it look like a bird shat on my eyeballs? No way! So, thanks to castor oil I can finally fullfil my desire of better brows, in a natural, confortable way, with excellent results in no time. I will use it everyday for the next months and will tell you how it works, maybe I'll share pictures!
Oh and I'm using this on lashes too, I don't see any precise improvement but for sure even the cheapest mascara looks a loooot better than before! Surely they're all conditioned and nice now. I don't have blurry vision problems because of it, as other people have stated. Don't be scared, nothing will happen to you! It's non toxic at all.

Fun fact: when I was doing research after hearing for the first time the english name of the product, I googled an invented italian translation for it. "Castoro" in italian means "BEAVER", resulting in me literally googling "BEAVER OIL", so I was totally shocked at the idea of a poor beaver all squeezed and melted for my hair benefit. EW.

UPDATE! After a full month using this, I can definitely tell the difference. It is pure wonder! I applied every night except one I went straight to bed after a night out, and I usually use a sleep mask for preventing light (if there's the tiniest electronic light in the room I won't close an eye) so the oil was kept warm under it. The brow tails are finally perfect after years they were kind of missing expecially the right one. Hair are quite thicker and darker (they've always been much lighter than my hair roots), and I finally dare to apply some tiny lines of brow pencil just for fun, something I was too ashamed of doing before as the difference was striking. COOL!
Lashes - drum roll - are pushed up like I wear a brown or clear mascara! I never complained about them as they were normal and long enough, but now, hey hey! I won't complain about any improvement!

UPDATE YO: Brows are full, lashes are cool, lips are thick and nourished and I can wear kids facepaint as lipstick and still look perfect and hydrated. It's the first time ever I feel close to that terrible, tasteless saying "on fleek"
Dude what on earth on fleek means
It's unforgivable

GURL: 2 months later I HAVE THE FULLEST BROWS EVER. This is insane and if I keep using it I might become Chewbacca - well kind of. For sure now I have to take care of a new problem: MONOBROW. What the actual f**k dude. Grooming is becoming annoying. Really, it's incredible. It's the first holistic treatment that worked 100% for me. So, bear this in mind if you follow the same path: thiss oil worked on me, but for example on the very face and hair the miracolous holy coconut oil doesn't work except basic skin hydration that any other cream would achieve. So..
The worst thing that might happen to you it's that you might get greasy for nothing useful. Nothing that should stop you from trying :D

UPDATE 18 december 2016: it's been 6 months since I fell in love with castor oil and its effects are unstoppable. I mentioned that I use it as a night lips balm right? Well it's definitely helping growing MOTHERF****N MOUSTACHES
The other day I was at the movies with my husband when, while in line for tickets, he stared at me and said: "Honey, are you becoming hipster? What are THOSE?" pointing my upper lip and making me ask myself "Do I want to keep living?"
I spent the next three hours wearing my scarf up to the nose and definitely looked like a rebel ready to drop a paper bomb on a capitalistic pigs shelter. Gotta discontinue this for the lips (and using my beloved Dior's Lip Maximizer as night treatment instead, which works wonders

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on 11/4/2012 10:18:00 PM

Age: 36-43

Skin: Combination, Other, Not Sure

Hair: Brown, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

Ovarian cysts anyone?? this might interest you....

Most reviews about castor oil seem to be about lash/eyebrow growth. Although I have tried it for that purpose I can't really give a rating because I didn't use it consistently enough to really rate it fairly. I did, however, want to let you ladies know that castor oil is also used for many other skin and medical issues.

About two months ago an ultrasound showed that I had a hemorrhagic cysts about 2.8cm in one of my ovaries. I was having dull aches on my side, feeling bloated and full, which are symptoms of cysts. The doctor told me to just watch and wait as they can resolve on their own within a few months. I didn't want to take on such a "passive approach" so I did some research and found out that one of the uses for castor oil is to dissolve cysts. That night a made a castor oil pack, and put heating pad over it for about an hour, the next day I still had symptoms. I did it again the next night but left it on for about 2 hours. The next day, I felt a slight burning sensation in my tummy area( a sign of hemorrhagic cyst dissolving) and by the next day all my symptoms of pain, bloating, feeling full COMPLETELY DISAPPEARED! after having it for more than a month. I'm not saying this will work for all that have cysts but if you do a search you'll find this remedy on many sites. I'm no doctor but I wanted to share this with you as I know cysts can affect many women of child bearing age. I'm so sick of overpriced products not doing even half of what they claim to do, so I'm ecstatic that something so cheap and natural actually worked for me, I hope this helps!

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on 9/23/2011 2:57:00 PM

Age: 19-24

Skin: Sensitive, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Brown, Straight, Medium

Eyes: Brown

I bought my organic castor oil on --- get $10 off of your first purchase using code YEW608!

WOW. I am a believer. I initially bought castor oil for oil-cleansing and I stumbled onto the reviews here. When I read the rave reviews on how it makes eyelashes grow, I scoffed and was skeptical. However, I've been using castor oil on my lashline every night before bed for almost 2 weeks and there is already dramatic results. You can definitely see the improvement when you apply mascara; I think my lashes grew about 3mm, which is a huge difference for eyelashes like mine. I have Asian monolids that seem to eat up my lashes and my eyelashes were almost nonexistent, so I am certainly really really excited to have found this particular benefit of castor oil. It makes eyelashes grow in places where there weren't before, and my lower lashes have lengthened and thickened. I will continue my use and update if there is more dramatic result.
EDIT (10/22/2011):: My lashes are continuing to grow and multiply. My sister who always made fun of my short lashes suddenly looked at me yesterday and said "your lashes look longer" and asked if I had changed my mascara! I am shocked that castor oil has not been proved scientifically for lash growth.. it's truly like Rogaine for lashes!
EDIT (11/19/2011):: Still continuing to improve my lashes. I think my right lashes are growing faster than my left ones, so I am now just applying it every night on my left lashes. And get this ladies: I can curl my bottom lashes. wait, LOWER lashes?? YES! I flip my lash curler upside down and pinch on my lower lashes to curl them downwards, which gives a very dolly effect when you apply mascara. Like I mentioned above, I have (or used to have) very sparse, thin, short Asian eyelashes.. And having lower lashes long enough to curl them downwards is a miracle to me. Castor oil has also made me grow new lashes, and so I don't have to look for a volumizing mascara, because when I wear a volumizing mascara now, it looks like too many lashes... in a very good way. But personally, I like the look of clean, long lashes so I just wear a light coat of lengthening mascara. I've been getting lots of compliments on my lashes, which I never thought would happen. *cries with joy*

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