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Package Quality: 3.6

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Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil.

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on 10/31/2016 12:04:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Olive, Warm

Hair: Black, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Brown

I was faithfully getting individual lashes done at shops for years! 😒 I basically pulled out what lashes I did have due to the kinds of glue these shops used for lashes. My eyelashes have never been long or particularly thick but after having been using castor oil for about 2 months and a half. They are definitely thicker and darker! I've also used on my brows bc why not! Lol they're darker and filled in little areas where they had little hairs missing. I can't wait to see what another couple of months will do! You have to be patient, no results over night. I definitely saw less lashes falling out and they're definitely stronger. I've uploaded my progress so far!

PS: I bought my castor oil from a local beauty store, the tropic isle living brand black castor oil. Used a clean mascara brush to brush oil on lashes/eyebrows nightly.

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on 10/22/2016 11:43:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I couldn't believe my eyelashes today when I did my makeup 🤗 It's been about a month since I started using castor oil on my lashes and brows and WOW I am SOOO impressed. Let me begin from actually describing my natural lashes which are pretty average what makes them worse is having protruding eyes so my lashes grow straight due to heavy lids (I should not risk it and leave house without mascara haha) and their mousy color. They are also suckers at cooperating with me so one eye looks good whereas the other could technically be off of another face and that's all due to my eyelashes being unruly. OK today I put mascara on and I would of fainted glad I was sat down haha they have never been so long, I haven't noticed a difference in colour, I need to investigate that in natural light with clear mascara. My lashes improved by at least 70% and I will continue using the oil. My method to apply is with my finger, the oil is quite thick and your finger makes it more liquid as it releases heat. I basically stamp my lashes at the room making sure the whole lashline is coated and then feather the lengths and tips. At the end I press on to them to get rid of excess oil. Since I over plucked my eyebrows years ago they have never been the same. The oil has really given me my brows back. I don't go to a brow bar and do them myself. They are definitely darker and I have noticed hairs growing into the gaps. Very impressed.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Normal, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Brunette, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I love castor oil for...pretty much everything. I used it to wash my face a few years ago, and I've used it successfully for brow growth and lash growth.

I moved away from using castor oil for whatever reason, but I was dealing with acne for like nine months and decided to break it out again (just straight castor oil) and my acne disappeared like overnight. I still have a little bit of scarring, but it's like night and day and I'm SO thankful. This is a "modified" version of the OCM on the OCM website and I should PROBABLY mix it with another oil, but I'm going to wait a little bit before I start experimenting.

on 10/7/2016 8:41:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair-Medium, Neutral

Hair: Brunette, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

- The outer third of my brows were very sparse, bald almost, and I always needed to draw them in. Castor oil gave me my full arched brows back in about a month, I don't need to use brow-pencils anymore. I don't know why the outer ends of my brows started to thin about 2 years ago, but I suspect it's hypo-thyroid related. No matter, the issue is resolved!

- I also apply castor oil on my upper and lower lashes every night along with my brows and I do notice that my lashes are fuller and stronger (I was using Cetaphil lotion as an eye-make up remover and that was helping to condition my lashes too). The more noticeable difference are my lower lashes, I barely had any, and I can see them now!

- Once a week (just before bedtime), I mix castor oil with coconut oil (I use Vatika, but any coconut oil will do), and massage into my scalp, concentrating on areas where there is more scalp showing through (like the middle part, and frontal sides)...I also apply along the whole length of my hair. I leave this overnight and shampoo everything off in the morning. A month after doing this, my hair definitely looks thicker and there is less scalp showing through! I also shed alot less. Close friends and family members have noticed and have asked me what I've been it Kerastase? Is it this? Is it that? they mentioned some fancy-schmancy expensive crap I've never even heard off. But no, it's a $2 bottle of pure castor oil from the drugstore!

This stuff is just amazing! I'll never stop using this. I highly recommend!
(disclaimer: some people may be allergic to castor oil, so test on a small area of your skin first).

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on 9/22/2016 11:53:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

I have always been sceptical of "natural" remedies for hair growth and skin. Being a woman of science I can't help but roll my eyes when people try bullshit me with natural alternatives. Yes they have their place, but lets face it our "natural" look is one of ageing gracefully, hair loss, and less than desirable hair colours. But i digress! This product has shaken my anti-natural stance to the very core!!! IT'S INCREDIBLE! My eyebrows started getting think thin, patching and all around sad about a year ago. I wanted the lush eyebrows of my youth (which i tragically plucked away when I was a teenager).
Then i read about castor oil and wanted to put it to the test, what could i lose right?
I followed a regime outlined on this site-
- I cleanse my face and exfoliate
- I put two drops of essential teatree oil in sterile water (boiled)
- Wait for it to cool and brush my eyebrows for a 1-2 mins
- Dip a cotton tip in the oil and lightly glaze my eyebrows (Very lightly!) You don't want to use too much because its a thick oil
After 1 week i have BUSHMAN eyebrows! I wish i'd taken a before and after picture
I can't wait too see them next week!
Just note- Go for cold-pressed organic castor oil so the refining process is minimal and all the good shit isn't lost!

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on 7/30/2016 10:11:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Acne-prone, Fair-Medium, Not Sure

Hair: Blond, Other, Other

Eyes: Green

$1 Castor oil vs $25 Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Can $1, processed castor oil really be better than an organic, cold pressed version? I tested them both and the results were very surprising!

I wanted to try Castor oil because my eyebrows aren't very thick, and my lashes are downright sparse. Rather than do my typical ten hours of hardcore online research about everything from how well it works, to which brand to buy, I just bought the first one I saw. Someone had put it in my head the previous day and there it was sitting at Walgreens for $1.55. So I just took it straight off the shelf, bought it went home and immediately applied it to both my brows and eyelashes.

In less than a month I noticed major improvement. It was one of the most effective things I've used. My lashes were twice as thick. There seemed to be more of them, and the ones that were there seemed thicker.

I was so excited about it, that I immediately went back to do my standard research. I bought a nice bottle of cold pressed castor oil that only came in a huge bottle, so it was $25. But that was easily worth it for this little miracle oil!

But then a funny thing happened. First thing I started using my "superior" castor oil... my results almost stopped. I was disappointed because things had been in full swing just a few days before. I figured I must have tapped out my growth potential.

Three months passed, and when traveling I brought my huge $25 bottle of castor oil with me on a weekend trip. When I came home, I realized that I had accidentally left it behind. I never really saw better results with it, so I just went back to using my $1 Walgreens castor oil.

Much to my surprise, the growth in my eyelashes and eyebrows began to accelerate again! I was shocked! I thought I had tapped out the growth ability, but no. The difference was the oil. The cheap stuff was working better!

I'm a firm believer in exclusively using cold pressed, organic oils. I've tried the cheap processed stuff in the past, and it's never been as good... until now. As weird as it sounds, the cheap castor worked better for me.

Intrigued, I went back and read a lot of the reviews in this very thread about castor oil. What I observed in the reviews, matched my own experience. Almost no one says they tried both kinds(cheap and cold pressed). But every single person saying things like "It tripled my lashes" and "it totally regrew my brows" ALL seem to be using dirt cheap, processed castor oil. While almost every person saying they use cold pressed, report tepid or even zero results.

This is totally the opposite of anything I've ever seen with oil, but I suggest trying the cheap stuff. As weird as it sounds, I think it works better.

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on 7/7/2016 1:18:00 AM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Dry, Fair, Warm

Hair: Brown, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Brown

I dare to call this a miracle worker.
I'm kind of ashamed I didn't think of using it earlier than last month. You must know that here in Italy, the first thing anyone associates to castor oil are fascists tortures, as prisoners were forced to drink it and well, it resulted in painful bowels actions. The fact that the alleged inventor of this torture is also my favourite poet in the world, well, made it sound ever creepier. So I never thought of this product as a positive cosmetic help, due to my totally justified and legit dislike of fascists (am I really mixing make up and politics? Oh lord take this laptop from my hands and throw it away)
I use many oils (olive extra virgin, coconut, flaxseed, karite, jojoba, tea tree) and prepare this mix I appy on my hair about twice a week. I recently bought castoir oil - from the excellent made in Italy, 100% organic brand Forsan - to be added in this mix, and the results are satisfying; I would like to use it alone, but my hair absorb it so fast it seems I have to waste half bottle for one conditioning.
But why did I call it miracle worker? Well, ask my brows. As a teenager, I did extreme damage to my brows, due to poor knowledge and experience in grooming them, and basically cut the right part of the right brow for good. Until now, not many hair grew back, and it still looks like it's missing something. Left eye (oh man am I really getting emotional thinking about our beloved deceased TLC baby girl?) instead is in better conditions, but still has empty parts. So, I applied castor oil and massaged it every night before bed and, if I'm home during the day, I don't mind having a shiny oil on my brows (even if my husband finds it disgusting but then I remind him the time he almost shat himself at our goddamn wedding, like really? You almost blasted on your Ferragamo dress and you still dare to call me disgusting? Boy bye) so let's say it stays there for about 10 hours a day. Well, after about 10 days of use, I was impressed to see that my brows look fuller than ever.
I've always been scared and unconfortable with all that pomade-stencils-pencils-stuff fashion thing and I wonder how girls are able to wake up near their man looking completely different from the night before - it's not my business, but I'm into horror stories and this one is definitely a horror story. And what if I sweat like a pig? Would it look like a bird shat on my eyeballs? No way! So, thanks to castor oil I can finally fullfil my desire of better brows, in a natural, confortable way, with excellent results in no time. I will use it everyday for the next months and will tell you how it works, maybe I'll share pictures!
Oh and I'm using this on lashes too, I don't see any precise improvement but for sure even the cheapest mascara looks a loooot better than before! Surely they're all conditioned and nice now. I don't have blurry vision problems because of it, as other people have stated. Don't be scared, nothing will happen to you! It's non toxic at all.

Fun fact: when I was doing research after hearing for the first time the english name of the product, I googled an invented italian translation for it. "Castoro" in italian means "BEAVER", resulting in me literally googling "BEAVER OIL", so I was totally shocked at the idea of a poor beaver all squeezed and melted for my hair benefit. EW.

UPDATE! After a full month using this, I can definitely tell the difference. It is pure wonder! I applied every night except one I went straight to bed after a night out, and I usually use a sleep mask for preventing light (if there's the tiniest electronic light in the room I won't close an eye) so the oil was kept warm under it. The brow tails are finally perfect after years they were kind of missing expecially the right one. Hair are quite thicker and darker (they've always been much lighter than my hair roots), and I finally dare to apply some tiny lines of brow pencil just for fun, something I was too ashamed of doing before as the difference was striking. COOL!
Lashes - drum roll - are pushed up like I wear a brown or clear mascara! I never complained about them as they were normal and long enough, but now, hey hey! I won't complain about any improvement!

UPDATE YO: Brows are full, lashes are cool, lips are thick and nourished and I can wear kids facepaint as lipstick and still look perfect and hydrated. It's the first time ever I feel close to that terrible, tasteless saying "on fleek"
Dude what on earth on fleek means
It's unforgivable

GURL: 2 months later I HAVE THE FULLEST BROWS EVER. This is insane and if I keep using it I might become Chewbacca - well kind of. For sure now I have to take care of a new problem: MONOBROW. What the actual f**k dude. Grooming is becoming annoying. Really, it's incredible. It's the first holistic treatment that worked 100% for me. So, bear this in mind if you follow the same path: thiss oil worked on me, but for example on the very face and hair the miracolous holy coconut oil doesn't work except basic skin hydration that any other cream would achieve. So..
The worst thing that might happen to you it's that you might get greasy for nothing useful. Nothing that should stop you from trying :D

UPDATE 18 december 2016: it's been 6 months since I fell in love with castor oil and its effects are unstoppable. I mentioned that I use it as a night lips balm right? Well it's definitely helping growing MOTHERF****N MOUSTACHES
The other day I was at the movies with my husband when, while in line for tickets, he stared at me and said: "Honey, are you becoming hipster? What are THOSE?" pointing my upper lip and making me ask myself "Do I want to keep living?"
I spent the next three hours wearing my scarf up to the nose and definitely looked like a rebel ready to drop a paper bomb on a capitalistic pigs shelter. Gotta discontinue this for the lips (and using my beloved Dior's Lip Maximizer as night treatment instead, which works wonders

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Very Oily, Fair, Neutral

Hair: Blond, Wavy, Fine

Eyes: Green

This is the thickest oil I have ever used, and trust me - I've tried many. When I bought this I definitely did not expect that. Castor oil is VERY different from all of the other oils I've bought. That is likely due to it's high ricinoleic content. I don't recall any of the other oils in my collection contain ricinoleic. Ricinoleic is a fatty acid if any of you are unfamiliar. All of the fatty acids are hydrating.

Skincare is very your-mileage-may-vary. I haven't tried this as a regular nighttime moisturizer because the thick consistency scares my acne-prone skin. To be clear, I am NOT saying that castor oil breaks me out. More so I just want to be honest & admit I haven't applied it to my entire face. Update: *Unintentionally* used this as a facial moisturizer after a glob of it trickled down my face before i could blend it into my eye area. I woke up the next morning with pimples in that area so it's safe to say this does break me out as I feared. :( But if used only on my eye area, it's still awesome for me.

But thus are the benefits I've noticed using castor oil:

-GREAT eye cream because it is so thick and emollient.

-Suitable replacement for silicone hair serums. I've always preferred silicones (vs oils) but this stuff really acts like a heavy duty silicone product. A little goes a lllooonnnggg way (it literally takes half a pea sized amount). The ends of my hair are super hydrated, shiny, and soft. Overtime I expect this to reduce split ends. There are a few sections of my hair that are fragile and dried out. Castor oil seems to be great at protecting them. Something I've noticed about castor oil is it seems to absorb fully into my hair. After about 10 minutes there is no residue coating. Traditionally coconut oil is the #1 oil to penetrate the hair shaft but I found castor to be MUCH more effective.

-Wonderful pre-shampoo treatment. Applying a dollop of this and then distributing it throughout my hair before showering has given me great results.

-Offers relief to chronic dry lips. This doesn't feel greasy on my lips and it stays put a lot more than other oils. Even so, I still follow up with chapstick to seal it in.

-Editing to add: One weird thing I love about this oil is how it makes my mascara look now. My lashes are much more conditioned despite me cleansing this off in the morning before make up. It helps my lashes look more lush and separated. But word of caution - this could potentially remove mascara the way oil cleansers remove make up. I use tubing mascara only so oil is not a threat. :)

As for hair growth... when I apply this to my eye area I always make sure to coat my brows and lashes. I can't say I've seen an improvement...yet. But I'm hopeful since that's the most common purpose that others buy castor oil for.

I will have to update.

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on 1/21/2016 7:29:00 PM

Age: 25-29

Skin: Oily, Tan, Not Sure

Hair: Black, Other, Other

Eyes: Brown

I have oily skin and naturally decent lashed both in length and thickness. I do dab this around my lash line with a q-tip to just condition the lashes. However, since castor oil is pretty thick and rich, I don't use it in my skin or brows as it can clog pores, for those I use jojoba oil especially in the summer. My mother is the primary user though as she uses it as a hair pack and it has helped with shedding for her. As with any oil, I would suggest that everyone do a spot test to ensure they are not allergic to castor oil. Also, the whole Ricin that people are complaining about is only found in the seeds of castor plant and is boiled off and left as a waste product after processing of castor oil. The only people to be likely poisoned from Ricin present in castor seeds are the workers at processing plants for castor oil.

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Age: 25-29

Skin: Combination, Fair, Not Sure

Hair: Red, Wavy, Coarse

Eyes: Grey

Castor oil is the best! It is not only good for brow & lash growth...but also hydrates the brows and lashes you already have. I have taken a break from castor oil (thinking I did not need it) and saw a sharp decline in my brows and lashes (especially my bottom lashes) I have since been a castor oil devotee.

I use disposable mascara wands to apply. This helps to evenly distribute the oil, and carefully apply to lashes!

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