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I sampled this in BBW when picking up my mom's Christmas stocking stuffers of BBW lotion.

I sprayed this in the air and sniffed and smelled nothing. I figured there were so many other fragrances in the store that I was just missing it. I sprayed a wee bit on my sleeve - still nothing. Sprayed more - nothing. Sprayed my sleeve again - got it actually wet - and figured I'd try …
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LOL so the shimmer and regular full size version of this were both $22, which is more expensive than the fine fragrance mist collection which is one of my only complaints. My second complaint would be that it stains your skin red. My friends thought I was having an allergic reaction to something when I wore this on my neck with a low cut blouse. Other than thsat, its a great scent, probably their …Read more

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I took a specific trip to B&BW just to try this fragrance and I have to say I was extremely underwhelmed. I mean, it's a nice enough fragrance, but for me kind of generic and one I would definitely pass by in the department store. The cost seems a bit pricey for the lotions etc considering that I could get any of their other lotions for almost half the price. The pomegranate note that …Read more

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This scent isn't as nice as many of the other scents offered by Bath and Body Works, and did not appeal to me. It's a fruity type scent, but I couldn't pick out what type of fruit. I have found no better staying power, even with their acclaimed quality ingredients. The bottle looks like a Very Sexy bottle from Victoria's Secret, so no added costs there I should think. I just …Read more

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Bath&BodyWorks Forever Red is the brand's newest permanent Signature Collection scent. Bath&BodyWorks has really been promoting this scent, they even made a whole mini website for it. A Bath&BodyWorks sales associate told me that more money was spent developing and promoting Forever Red than on any other scent in the brand's history. This scent technically hasn't …Read more

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