Cleansers - EO - EO Everyone Face Cleanse

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I was delighted to find this cleanser at while traveling, bought at a trusted pharmacy specializing in wellness. It is surprisingly good; and to the reviewer who said the the pump does not go down again, I thought the same thing, but pulled the top out of the bottle and was able to close it again, then replace it in the container to continue travels.
This product provided a thorough …
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Moisturizers - EO - Everyone Face Moisturizer

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The smell is very strong, it contains to much essential oils. I couldn't even stand it on my body. It's not very moisturizing either. Their face scrub is great when used on the body but it's waxy and filmy so no good on the face.

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Lotions/ Creams - EO - Everyone Lotion for Every Body - Coconut + Lemon

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Holy grail body lotion! I can't say enough good things about this - very moisturizing, the smell is amazing and soothing, and you get a lot of product for the price! I sometimes have reactions to lotions with and without fragrance but have had only good experiences with this one. Have not used it on my face as I am extremely acne-prone and only recently found a facial lotion that …Read more

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Shampoo - EO - Essential Shampoo- French Lavender

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I bought a giant size of this lavender shampoo in one liter bottle from marshals! & ii have been using it for more than 3 months & it's a very good shampoo ! First of all I never buy & use drug store shampoos Bc I'm allergic to all of them Bc all those cheap fdrug store shampoos have a nauseating amount of fragrance & perfume which gives me skin rashes! So I always …
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