Misc Beauty Tools -Sigma -Spa Brush Cleaning Mat


Do yourself a favor. Save your money, buy a cheap one on Amazon or a tj Maxx. Take the extra money to buy a good cleanser. The is no difference in the quality of this vs a $5 one.

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Lip Gloss -Sigma -Lip Switch


Great job with the marketing! Too bad it doesn’t remotely live up to the hype. And now it’s back to being discontinued. Gives you an idea of what people ACTUALLY thought of this product

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Conditioner -DevaCurl -One Condition Decadence

on 12/17/2017 1:53:00 PM


I *hated* this stuff! It left my hair feeling coated and brittle, my hair felt so awful the one day I used it I couldn't wait to get home and wash my hair to get it out. Promptly returned it.

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -E40 Tapered Blending (was SS224)


I have the natural and synthetic. The natural is fine-does a good job of blending. They never should have switched to synthetic and called it the same name. It not the same brush. The synthetic doesn’t blend nicely, it’s scratchy and a waste of space in my brush cup.

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -E35 - TAPERED BLENDING BRUSH


It sheds, frays I’ll stuck to a more trustworthy company.

Makeup Brushes -Sigma -F80 - FLAT KABUKI-BRUSH


There are so many better options that are more cost efficient. And work better. If you use and wash this brush daily expect it to shed in a year. They MAY replace it, depending on the rep. Their warranty ends two year after the date of purchase on the original brush. Not when you received it or when you received the replacement. Save yourself the trouble and get a RT brush, Sephora PRO or wet n wild.

Styling Products -Bumble & Bumble -Surf Spray

on 12/17/2017 1:40:00 PM


This is the answer I've been looking for! I moved to a house with a well, so the water goes through a water softener. Sure, my hair is soft and shiny but WILL NOT hold a style. At all. I've always had a problem with styles sliding out after a few hours, but after I moved the problem got so bad I kid you not 10-15 minutes after styling my hair lost the style and hung like a limp dishrag. I tried all sorts of styling products to give grip, but nothing seemed to work to hold the style and give me volume and usually ended up making me look even worse because my hair is so fine and doesn't tolerate a lot of products. I stayed away from the surf spray-type products because I read so many reviews that they are drying, but I finally tried this one and VIOLA! Problem solved!! I *finally* can wear my hair down in a pretty style (I wore my hair in a ponytail for close to a year, it was THAT BAD), and even when the waves finally slide out I'm left with volume and it still looks pretty decent; with this product, my waves stay in for most of the day, which is really great, better than when I had city water. I don't find the product too drying, but I do use a lightweight conditioner in the shower, non-drying mousse, and a tiny bit of Aveda Smoothing Fluid Lotion toward the ends before using my flat iron to wave. I also use Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo once or twice a week to get any mineral buildup out (it has ingredients that chelate the minerals and get them out of your hair); this product has magnesium sulfate not salt/sea salt but I would think the mag sulfate still can build up and make your hair look dry. The Sunday Shampoo might be the answer for those who think this is too drying, you may actually have mineral buildup. Anyway, yes I absolutely positively will buy this again, it is a miracle product for the hair woes that water softeners cause!

Polishes -OPI -Shh...It's Top Secret

on 12/17/2017 1:06:00 PM


I do love this shade. It can look like different colors in different lighting. Basically it is a very, very dark brown..almost black. But it can look extremely dark purple in some lighting. I had a friend who thought this looked like a black cherry color. So, I do like the color a lot. If I were rating this on the shade alone, it would be 5 stars, and I do have some 200 shades of polish, so that says a lot.

However, what took this down significantly in rating for me is two main things. Application is fussy. I bought this brand-new from Sally Beauty Supply and used this the very same day that I bought this, so I can't say the bottle is old or bad. Secondly, this chips terribly. At the end of day one, I notice slight chipping already on a couple edges of the nails (and that is on a day of relaxing, not using my hands for anything). Day 2 quite very noticeable chipping. Again, not using hands for anything very much at all. By day 3, this looks like this has been on my nails over one week. Chipped terribly by day 3. And this is with 3 coats. As with all my polishes, I do not use a base nor a top coat. This is based on the polish itself. Typically with good polishes, I get a good 3 or 4 days before any light chipping on edges is barely seen. That is not to say OPI is bad, I have had some wonderful OPI shades, performance-wise, but this one is not one of their better formulas. For whatever reason, this just applies very fussy for me and chips way too fast and way too much. So, while I do love the shade, I won't repurchase due to those 2 major aspects.

Hair Treatments -Sebastian -Dark Oil

on 12/17/2017 1:02:00 PM

This oil is brilliant for my main hair concern - brittleness and dryness. Even with regular trims my hair had gotten very dry, had split ends and was breaking easily. A couple pumps makes my hair so soft to the touch. I can run my hands through it without bits at the end breaking off. It also gives it a nice shine. The scent is very unique - deep and heady, reminds me of an oud candle I have. Overall I'm very happy with this product.

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Eye Shadow -Smashbox -Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio

on 12/17/2017 12:51:00 PM

The Smashbox Cosmetics Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio has what could be a traveler's favorite convenient packaging- tiny and thin- could be easy to throw into a bag and go. Unfortunately the eyeshadow is severely lacking in the pigment department. The only shade in the #repost trio that has any pigment is the darkest color, but that shade has an extreme amount of fallout, to the point where it is difficult to use it without leaving little sparkles everywhere else. Unless you are going for the no-makeup-makeup look this trio is disappointing and $22 is truly too much to ask for when the shadows barely provide any pigment at all. More detailed review and "swatches" (this is so un-pigmented it is hard to even see swatches) can be seen here:

Treatments (Eye) -Deciem -The Ordinary - Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

on 12/17/2017 12:17:00 PM


One of the best products by the Ordinary, it actually does manage to make my eye area brighter and less puffy. You get a lot for the price so I decant enough in a small vial for daily use for a couple of weeks and the rest stays fresh in the bottle.I really like the way this serum has improved the texture around my eyes, it is not hydrating and doesn't claim to be so I follow with a dab of my face moisturizer to keep the area supple.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary - Retinol 1% Emulsion

on 12/17/2017 12:12:00 PM


Very similar in texture to a silicone primer, this retinol spreads easily but at the same time you get the feeling that it's not really penetrating in your skin. Having said that, I had a couple of weeks of mild peeling and low irrititation which surprised me a lot as I am used to tretinoin and I don't get any side effect but just the benefits of retinol. I am using it up mixed to a drop of face oil to avoid making my skin too dry and I am enjoying it this way until I use it up and move on. I'll try the retinol in squalene next as I like to vary my routine every now and then and keep my skin on toes.

Mascara -L'Oreal -Telescopic Mascara

on 12/17/2017 11:15:00 AM


My curl didn't last at all after putting on this mascara. Maybe it's because it non waterproof?

Concealers -L.A. Girl -PRO Conceal HD Concealer

on 12/17/2017 11:11:00 AM


I used this concealer more like a foundation than a concealer simply because the coverage isn't that fantastic as i have dark pigmentation and dark spot from my breakouts. However this product is not drying and very easy to blend out. I just wished it has high coverage. But for the price, i would definitely purchase it again

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Fragrances -Alyssa Ashley -Musk

on 12/17/2017 11:08:00 AM


I say if you’re going to try this musk today do not buy the spray edt or edp as they do not smell as good as the oil. I’ve noticed in many reviews that the perfume spray doesn’t smell the same as it used to. I agree with that assessment and recommend the oil as that was their original product the perfume sprays came later. The oil on the other hand imo is less fake smelling or the musk components are there. No, this will never be as good as a musk made beck in the day with nitro musks, but the oil at least isn’t harsh. This has a light Jovan musk scent and it’s a touch soapy but not too much. You won’t smell too clean as the oil turns into a sweet musky skin scent when it dries down. So if you’re a musk lover go for the oil because that’s your best bet if you want to enjoy the musk in this scent.

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