Liquid -E.L.F. - Flawless Finish Foundation

on 10/17/2017 5:39:00 AM


It's such a hit or miss when it comes to elf!
This foundation is medium to full coverage,
It's extremely heavy & makeupy looking,
Have a Matt finish & feels unbearable on the skin.
I tried it twice & throw it away.
If you're going for a natural looking, light foundation Pass this one.

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Highlighters -W7 - Glowcomotion

on 10/17/2017 5:38:00 AM


Yes. So much YES! This is my first hilighter. Previous to this I used an eyeshadow and when I ran out I scoured MUA for a hilight with good reviews. I was nearly set on TheBalm Mary Lou but then read this was a dupe. I cannot vouch for that, but what I can say; this guy is sooo pretty on my fair/light skin. It's so pigmented and flattering! I never thought I'd be on the hilight train but this makes me look so healthy and fresh. It was only $5 AUD. Im gonna buy a backup coz this stuff is bloody fabulous.

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Liquid -L'Oreal - True Match Liquid Foundation (All)

on 10/17/2017 5:27:00 AM


This is my - by far - my ride or die drugstore foundation. It stays in place and gives a matte flawless finish. I have combination skin with dry areas and some redness, sometimes a few pimples

I have worn this with and without primer (big no no, but I'm late sometimes) and both works but of course with is better.

I smear it on with my fingers and blend with a Beaty blender and then I set with a sheer transparent powder.

I uploaded a picture above after 9 hours work and it still looks good. Perfect shade and a wide range of shades. I wear golden ivory.

The only downside is the pump which gets a bit messy after a while.

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Crme -Maybelline - Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation


Deleting my old review and writing up a whole new one because I've had an entirely new experience with this product in the recent months, which has altered my opinion of it.

I like it well enough for very casual outings (grocery-shopping, eating lunch with family, etc) - things that only require a few hours of wear. But this product does tend to get a little bit "textured" for me towards the end of the day so I try not to wear it for all-day events. Everyone's skin is different though - this may perform better for you than it did for me in terms of long wear.

The coverage is medium, and the "soft-matte" written on the packaging is accurate - it's not dewy, but not too matte either. The texture sort of has a gel feeling to it; it's very smooth and blends out decently, and feels quite nice applied on moderately dry skin. After this is where my experience started to change, however. In the last few months my skin has become very severely dry due to my eczema, the harsh Australian winter and other factors, and I found that this foundation feels much more drying on my extremely dry skin now than it did a few months ago when my skin was only moderately dry (i.e. nowadays it feels like the product gradually sucks the moisture out of my skin if I wear it for too long). Despite being labeled as "hydrating" I couldn't feel any of the hydrating properties anymore. I ended up giving this foundation to my mother because I was just too dry to use it anymore, so this product is definitely not for all skin types. I'd say moderately dry skin would still be able to take this foundation just fine; but I'd recommend that people like myself who have extremely dry skin should probably stay away from this and look for a more hydrating alternative.

I think that $23 AUD is a little pricey for this product, but I did manage to snag this when it was 40% off so $13 isn't too bad, especially since my mother will still get a lot of uses out of this (she's worn it once and so far it seems to agree with her skin - her skin is normal type, not too oily or dry). Either way, though, I'm not repurchasing this. I'm sticking with my Too Faced Born This Way foundation and other foundations that are more hydrating.

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Primer/ Corrector -Boots - No7 Airbrush Away

on 10/17/2017 4:09:00 AM


Broke me out after first use in acne. Haven’t had spots since I was a teenager. Some of the spots were cyst like.

Lipstick -Wet 'n' Wild - Megalast Matte Lip Color

on 10/17/2017 3:44:00 AM


Finally! A budget-friendly, comfortable matte lipstick for those with (severe) dry lip.

To be honest, I was on a whim with their quality at first, and I was sure that most people do. There was no doubt to think like such when us, as a consumer, saw their cheap-and-fragile packaging, and their lower-than-average drugstore price tag (their price in Thailand ranges from USD 2-4). With that being said, I instantly judged WnW's quality to be just mediocre.

Again, I bought it because of the hype. I saw so many good reviews both on Facebook and Youtube channels, hence I was intrigued to try. There was no harm trying cheap drugstore makeup, because if it didn't work then I'd just get rid of it. My heart would not be broken.

The result was... I was so satisfied with their quality, and especially with this such affordable price.
They had good pigmentation and they didn't dry my lip crazy like some other high-end matte lipsticks, such as MAC. I first got my hand on "Spiked with Rum" (a deep mauve), then "Bare it All" (a perfect pink nude which becomes one of my favorite everyday-to-go lipsticks), and "Mochalicious" (warm brown, cocoa color, also one of my favs).
They were all comfortable to wear. I have dry lip, so you can trust me when I stress which matte lipstick is "comfortable".

The only issue I have is their packaging, the cap is fragile and is easily to break and fall out. I need to take care of these babies really well when I put them inside my bag. But so far, they are still in good shape.

So overall, nice pigmentation, comfortable to wear, longevity is on par to many high-end brands, wide range of color selection, very affordable. Although the packaging is their only con, yet I don't really mind much.


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Moisturizers -Glossier - Priming Moisturizer Rich

on 10/17/2017 3:37:00 AM


This product was kind of mediocre. It promised rich and deep moisture, but did not deliver. I expected a heavy duty emolient cream to slather on in the winter, that's not what this is. This is sort of middle of the road in moisturizing. It's better than a light lotion, but will not do much for really dry/compromised skin.

It's also strongly scented, with what smells like lavender to me. It's necessary and potentially irritating.

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Highlighters -Makeup Revolution - Vivid Baked Highlighter

on 10/17/2017 3:29:00 AM


This highlighter is absolutely incredible!! I was looking for a gold highlight, and I was slightly skeptical when I saw the price that it wouldn't be very good. Despite being a little chalky, it really does the job.Colour is excellent, pigmentation is to die for and it goes onto the skin so smoothly without looking chalky. ABH is QUAKING!

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Sunscreen -Unlisted Brand - Elta MD UV Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 45

on 10/17/2017 3:13:00 AM

This sunscreen is great, the only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because it has a slight white cast (though it's hardly noticeable) and the fact that I don't know what the level of UVA rating is. I have bought this sunscreen over ten times probably though. I love that this sunscreen is frangrance-free, oil-free, paraben-free, sentivity-free and noncomedogenic. It doesn't sting my eyes like most sunscreens and feels nice on like it is slightly moisturizing, while most sunscreens I find to be more harsh. I may try other sunscreens, but UV Shield will always hold a place in my heart. <3

Toners -Unlisted Brand - Dickinson's Enhanced Witch Hazel Hydrating Toner

on 10/17/2017 3:05:00 AM


Great non drying toner.. Leaves my combo skin feeling clean, soft, and preps my skin well for the next steps in my beauty routine. Huge bottle for under $8, it's really a no brainer!

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Moisturizers -Clinique - Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief

on 10/17/2017 3:01:00 AM


This really doesn't deliver a surge of moisture as the name suggests. If you like silicones or have oily skin, it might work for you. However, my combination-dry skin has never looked more dull. It doesn't make my face feel properly moisturised at all, even if I put a lot on. I wanted to like this - the feel of it is soothing and the pink gel is lovely - but it just doesn't relieve skin thirst at all.

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Lipstick -Revlon - Super Lustrous Creme - Fire and Ice 720

on 10/17/2017 2:51:00 AM


I have no complaints about the formulation of this product. It goes on smooth and creamy and has good staying power. However, the color is a bit unflattering on my pale, cool-toned, skin. On my complexion, it shows as a vivid red with coral undertones, and it looks like I just painted my lips with a brightly colored sharpie. However, that is not the lipstick's fault; it just wasn't the right shade of red for my skin. I shall stick with blue-reds from now on.

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Fragrances -Unlisted Brand - Devon Violets

on 10/17/2017 2:36:00 AM

Great green violet, not-so-great lasting power. This fragrance has recently been made available again in the U.S. The new distributor is British Isles Online in Houston TX (not affiliated--I've never ordered from them).

Lip Treatments -Fresh - Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

on 10/17/2017 2:04:00 AM


Other than burt's bees peppermint lip balm, my other go to would be this. It is a sweeter version, smells like lychee. very soft and glides on, provides lips with moisture and doesn't make my lip crack or peel as much. Not sticky. It is pricey and I went through it quite fast. But i dont really mind that it runs out quickly as I like to switch up products every now and then. love the packaging as well, very sturdy and simple.

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Lipstick -Too Faced - Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick


3.5 stars. I have the shade Candy Cane which is limited edition for the holidays. It is a pretty red with pink tones. In some lighting it looks more pink than red, which is a little disappointing since when I think of candy canes , I think red. The smell is a nice peppermint flavor . It does feel slightly drying on my lips and it comes off easily while drinking . I do like how even though it's matte, it does not settle into the lines on my lips .

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