Lip Treatments -Nivea -Mint and Minerals Refreshing Lip Care


This cute stick is my everyday-to-go lip balm!!!!! Perfect for the morning when I need moisturizer without leaving any gloss on my lips. And it doesn't dry out too fast as well. The texture is quite soft, and since it doesn't leave gloss on my lips, it feels like I don't apply any at all, I have to apply many layers. The smell is refreshing, like chewing gum LOL. It's just hard to find a place to rebuy this after it's finished.

Lip Treatments -InnisFree -Canola Honey Lip Balm Stick

I'm not quite sure about this... As a lip balm, it does moisturize my lips, but not as I expected. The texture is very soft, so it would leave a super glossy layer on my lips. It's okay to use in normal weather, but not enough in cold season. I will buy that if I don't have any other options, but I expect it to be better compared to the price. One thing I completely don't like about this product is the smell. I like it a little slighter or scent-free.

Lip Treatments -Vaseline -Lip Therapy (mini jar) - Cocoa Butter


I came across this lovely jar a few years ago. I was using Nivea back then and I needed to find a better replacement for my pouty lips. I read reviews, searched everywhere to look for my Princess Charming. And then I found it, first love of my lips :) Though it's purely petroleum, which I find quite controversial, it's still a must-have item on my collection. It moisturizes my lips well but leaves a glossy layer, so I mostly use it at night, before going to sleep, or sometimes when I'm in class and need some moisture (if I'm keen enough to clean my hand LOL). Two things I don't like about this cute jar: 1) It's in a jar, 2) The smell is quite annoying. Hope this will help you choose your own lip balm :) XOXO

BB Cream -Vichy -Idealia BB Cream SPF25

on 2/21/2018 11:03:00 PM


The medium shades looks orange
It covers nothing
Its oily and greasy not suitable for oily skin types
overall a poorly made bb cream

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Cleansers -Garnier -SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water

on 2/21/2018 10:40:00 PM


It`s not a dupe for Bioderma by any means. It leaves kind of an oily film on your face, so you want to splash it with usual water, which never happens when using Bioderma. What`s real dupe is Biore Cleansing water. I am buying Japanese version, but they have English one as well with a bit different package (not 100% sure about the formula). I was using Bioderma for around 4 years (instead of morning washing, also sometimes to remove makeup before cleansing, always looking for a cheaper dupe. Tried several Garnier ones, but it`s far from being similar. Now I use Biore for around half a year and seriously cannot see or feel a difference

Moisturizers -Garnier -Ultra-Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream

on 2/21/2018 10:28:00 PM


I only purchased this because it was on clearance at my grocery store, and I thought I could use it for my elbows and hands if I didn't like it. Yet, I have used it nightly for three weeks because it is wonderful. With most moisturizers, my face feels nice until I shower and prep for makeup, and then it is dry all over again! This is different. Even after washing the next morning, my face feels soft and refreshed! I am very happy with this product and now wish I would have purchased a few extras. My skin is dry and I'm pushing 50 :-).

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Eyeliner -Sephora -Waterproof Contour Eye Pencil

on 2/21/2018 9:52:00 PM


These rival Urban Decay for my favorite pencil liners. Fairytale is an exact dupe for UD's Junkie, which is my number one favorite liner of all time. I just don't love its $20 price tag and would rather buy Fairytale for that reason since they're basically identical. I also love Girls' Night Out and Sun Tan, which are a beautiful gold and a medium copper. The staying power is excellent, there is no fallout, and the price is very reasonable ($10).

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Moisturizers -Drunk Elephant -Protini Polypeptide Cream

on 2/21/2018 9:29:00 PM


Loving this cream/serum!! The stuff is smooth, lightweight and rubs in beautifully! Has all sorts of good ingredients we need as we age. Love that it's in an airless tub too! Perfect amount dispersed every time!

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Lipstick -Lipstick Queen -Oxymoron

on 2/21/2018 9:20:00 PM


I got this in Free Ride from tjmaxx & if it was sup to have a brush it was missing. It does have a mirror (good) & appears to have a lot of product in it. FR is a pale pink I do use my fingers to warm it up. It’s kind of a stain matte gloss is my kinda product! #winning

Moisturizers -Fresh -Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream


This moisturiser could have been perfect for me if it didn’t break me out! I had used this moisturiser daily for 30 days and everything was initially going alright, until the 3rd day; I started randomly breaking out in areas I have never broken out. My temples, jawline and forehead were fully broken out in a plethora of juicy painful pimples - which just topped the cake with my already horrible skin. It would always only break me out in under the skin painful bumps which were red and irritated, but would never come to a head and then it would disappear after a few days, which just indicates it was clogging my pores. I then decided to check the ingredients via CosDNA and there’s 2 ingredients which highly concern me - and those two ingredients happen to be highly comedogenic and pretty high up on the list. Asides this, the moisturiser thoroughly moisturised my skin whilst leaving a beautiful soft matte glow, but I would only recommend this to dry / normal skin types which aren’t prone to being clogged. The packaging is beautiful, and the jar doesn’t concern me as I use a cotton bud to take the product out. The scent is very soft and smells refreshing! But I can’t give a higher rating to a moisturiser which worsened my already diabolical skin.

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate Solution 20% in Vitamin F

on 2/21/2018 8:36:00 PM


I didn't expect to be impressed by this. I have the Vitamin C + HA spheres by the same brand but it's very gritty and has a strange consistency; it's also very potent and there's kind of a tingling warm sensation that stays. I was looking for something lighter to use every day as an antioxidant under my makeup.

This is definitely it. It's a very thin oil, I believe it's actually a dry oil (if it isn't, just know the texture is exactly the same as a dry oil). It means that it's extremely fast-absorbing, which I really appreciate. I use a lot of it (something like 8 drops) every day, I apply it on clean skin. I then follow either with sun cream or moisturizer. I could use it on its own, but being oily, my skin gets angry and oilier if I don't feed it moisture (also, it's winter, and I like extra protection). This oil is a great step, because it preps my skin, lightly nourishes it, makes it plump and soft. I feel like it's doing a good job as an antioxidant because I don't notice any pimples when I remove my makeup. I think about it as a sort of shield.

I have noticed that my pigmentation is fading more quickly, however I have a very strong routine with various acids and retinol which help a lot too.

All in all I really recommend it. It's one of the only 3 Ordinary products that I will repurchase- overall, I'm not a big fan of their range, but this is great.

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Masks -Freeman -Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask

on 2/21/2018 8:16:00 PM


before accutane it was really difficult for me to tell when products were breaking me out. this product definitely does cause me to wake up the next day with whiteheads all over, although it's just over 2 years old so maybe age has something to do with it? i used to love this mask and find it really softening and smoothing but it's clearly not for me anymore. binned it.

Treatments (Face) -Boots -No.7 Anti Ageing Glycolic Peel Kit


I rate this with a 3 for a few reasons, but I do consider this essential in my routine and it's made a big difference in my skin. I was reluctant to review it because it's not quite HG, there are some drawbacks, and it may not be strong enough for people used to glycolic peels. But if you are looking for a lighter but effective glycolic peel, I really like this.

The brush in this is useless, the little tray to dispense product is useless, unless you want to use another applicator. My only concern is the waste from that, as I knew they'd be garbage. The glycolic peel itself comes in a nice glass bottle, but the frosted outside seems to easily get dirty looking just touching it. The nuetralization pads are a nice size and soaked perfectly, the container is ugly but it keeps them from drying out. There are only enough pads for 30 applications and more glycolic solution than that, meaning you will need a DIY version of pads (youtube!). I suppose you could cut the pads in half but I like the full size.

This is a very light peel, I've seen different % claims but it's between 5% and 7%. I prefer less chance of irritation and something closer to natural skin shedding cycles. The directions suggest using it for a month on, month off cycle, user discretion is advised. I actually use it every other week instead, sometimes every three weeks if my skin is doing well. I do feel an immediate tingle that passes in seconds, I leave it on for 5 mins, then use the pad to nuetralize it. I've seen reviews where others leave it on longer than suggested without irritation but again, user discretion.

It has definitely helped with expression lines across my forehead, smile lines in the corner of my mouth, and in reducing the appearance of scars. I do use this in conjunction with vitamin c products and songyi mushroom products, the three together have been a powerhouse to reduce redness and erase scars for me. That's kind of amazing on my naturally pale ruddy freckled skin.

Is this a miracle? Nope, nothing is. But in my experience it's one of the few immediately helpful products I've tried with noticeable longterm benefits. No7 as a whole has been very surprising to me, the brand doesn't catch my eye but the products have been surprisingly good for their relatively low prices.

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Lipstick -Milani -Color Statment-Naturally Chic

on 2/21/2018 8:01:00 PM

I have always been a huge fan of these lipsticks. I love the formula and pigmentation and it wears beautifully. The only real reason I wouldn't buy this shade again is the fact that it's just not a color I love.

BB Cream -L'Oreal -Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

on 2/21/2018 7:10:00 PM


Just bought this product, was super excited after watching several youtube videos to be sure i was investing smartly and in all videos it looked great! i really would have loved it if it had worked for me but unfortunately, i got home went straight to my mirror and after washing and drying my face i applied the bb cream in the lightest shade. i started massaging it into my skin gently and it turned bright orange, like a tangerine or those cones u see in the street. yeah... i tried again later and still bright orange. My skin is quite pale right now and fair so i am not sure why this bb cream appears as tho i have the same spray tan as donald trump. Really disappointed because i was so excited to have such a great new product! :(

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