Liquid -Lancme -Teint Idole Ultra Liquid 24h Longwear SPF 15 Foundation

on 11/19/2018 8:34:00 AM


I am SUPER pale and I have been trying to replace my NARS foundation because it jumped up in price. I need a full coverage foundation that didn't smell like paint (like MAC Studio Fix) I got this as a sample and have fallen in LOVE with the 090 shade. A little pricey but worth it because it comes with a pump that with some foundations you need to buy separately.

Cleansers -LUSH -Angels on Bare Skin

on 11/19/2018 6:49:00 AM


I bought this one long ago, when it was shaped like a roulade. It was a pretty big chunk of it too, which i hoped would mean good bang for my buck, but i didn't like it. It's so hard to get it a consistency that you can cleanse anything with. also no lather, i know products don't have to lather to cleanse, but this didn't help the waxy, stubborn inertia of it when i tried and tried to work it into my skin. It looked unattractive too, a puke or poo color, with lots of dry lavender in it that was really annoying. Huge crumbles kept falling everywhere, my skin didn't feel clean or anything. It was just unbelievably useless for me. Maybe if they improve on the texture of this it will actually prove to cleanse and soothe, but i'm not repurchasing this one, still can't forget what a huge disappointment it was.

Misc Beauty Tools -TATCHA -Kinu silk polishing cloth

on 11/19/2018 6:41:00 AM

I was kinda of on the fence about this purchase. I agree with the other MUA'er when they say it is expensive and Lord knows what it actually costs per square inch.....HOWEVER, I think that it's worked better than anything I've used to date to exfoliate my face. And I've also used microfiber cloths, wash cloths, and also the round little buf puf knock offs made by Up & up (Target brand) that I have loved since I was a teenager 20+ years back.
WITH THESE made by Tatcha--- it doesn't feel like much, it does have a tad of roughness, but...I feel like it cleaned my face and pores better than anything I've ever used!!!!!!!
Keep in mind, I also used the Rice Enzyme Powder also made by Tatcha-- together, these 2 got a lot out of my pores... and my face feels very soft and ready for serum and lotion after this clean.
I also use the Tatcha Silk Cloth with my regular face soap-- which is just Pears Oil Clear OR the blue Pears Mint Soap-- that I use in the morning usually.
I know that this Silk cleansing cloth is expensive. That I realise for sure. BUT, I think that it's worth a try, even at the cost of $18 a cloth. Because Its given me a very good clean....better than anything else I've tried to date, and I'm a 38 year old Native American woman... no one special at all... and I certainly always keep an eye on what I spend for things of this nature.. And this cloth can be used for a year or so according to the packaging.
This cloth, I believe that it is worth a try.
Since there is some seracin in silk (ie.this cloth) as well as those silk cocoons for your face available from Asia, and Seracin can help your skin immensely when it comes to wrinkles, acne scarring (me 😔) as well as other issues that we all experience at some point of time.
I would say give it a try. I did and I'm blown away by how well it worked in just a few uses. It is definitely an investment in your skin and in anti aging in my opinion.

Bath Treatments -LUSH -the experimenter

on 11/19/2018 6:28:00 AM

this is still a favorite of mine because it doesn't have an overly sweet, girly fragrance. The visual effects are great, for those who enjoy this aspect of lush baths. The water becomes a glittery dark greyish blue after the colorful display stops (ditto on the "galaxy" feel, or a glittery deep ocean), but i like that better than the pinkish, princessy ones. I feel like a Kraken in the deep. It fizzes profusely too, so definitely of the most "fun" bath bombs. To me, this smells like the lush store, although i find the scent varies with batches- my last one smelled strongly of vetivert and less of the other ingredients, but if you're into incense and resins like me that's not a bad thing. Lots of glitter, it did stick to me, and the wash cloth, and it was definitely all over the tub but that's perfectly fine by me. When you party, you party, right? I intentionally left the washcloth to dry in the bathroom. Normally i wouldn't, for obvious hygiene reasons and to avoid mold, but as it dried it kept scenting my bathroom with the gorgeous scent for days after. Again, a little disappointed with my last batch because the scent wasn't as strong as i remembered (happens me to me with other bath bombs too), but i will continue to buy in hopes i score the perfect one again. The first one was also incredibly soothing and nourishing on my skin (i skipped body lotion/oil, even though i had just shaved), the second one less so. I don't know how to describe the original notes in it but they were hypnotizing, interesting, very "Lush" and unexpected, and sexy in a "different" way. I don't find it exactly masculine like some describe it. I can definitely pick up the warmth and sweetness of tonka and a hint of vanilla, maybe a hint of something fruity too, but not like cake at all, the sweeter notes just break up the sharpness of vetivert. Half of the bomb from the first batch was more than enough. I just hope i can get my hands on one as potent as the first one, i'm starting to worry there's less scent in these bath bombs in general lately because of the noticeable difference in scent intensity of some my favorites recently (looking at you, Sparkly Pumpkin, what happened??). Truth be told, i keep knocking off lippies for the price of these products as, objectively speaking, this is a lot to pay for a bath. But when we insist on the comfort of a lush bath, i find with this product at least, it's worth the price.

Mascara -Unlisted Brand -Joah Eye Scream Volume and Define Mascara

on 11/19/2018 6:25:00 AM

I've never used a tubing mascara before, so I don't know if this is a good or not, but I can say that this doesn't smudge, flake, or otherwise budge from my eyes from the time I apply it to the time I remove it. It makes my lashes super black, and very long. It doesn't do much for volumizing, but that's a tubing mascara thing and not this bring crappy. Would I repurchase? Probably. I mean I don't hate it, but I've yet to find a drugstore mascara I'm faithful to and I don't think this one is The One. But if nothing new catches my eye in the next few months I'd repurchase this.

Foundations -Almay -Smart Shade Smart Shade Anti-aging SPF 20

on 11/19/2018 6:10:00 AM


There are a lot of days where I don't want to do a full face of makeup, when I just want something that will even my skintone and take the shine out of my sunscreen. This "foundation" gives me exactly that. The reason for the quotation marks is because this doesn't give me much more coverage than a tinted moisturizer would, but that's what I want. Anyway, I take a 1/4tsp of this and rub my hands together to activate it before pressing it onto my face so I don't disturb my sunscreen too much (I know this has spf 20, but that's not nearly enough for me). It matches my NW20 skin perfectly. I've never had problems with it oxidizing or wearing off, but I have dry skin so that might have something to do with it. Personally, I really like it and would definitely purchase it again. I think Almay needs to do a better job explaining/marketing this product though because the name is both confusing and kind of misleading.

Highlighters -wet n wild -MegaGlo Highlighting Powder - Precious Petals

on 11/19/2018 5:59:00 AM


Fantastic. Amazing. Changed my life (not really). This highlighter could cost 10x as much and it would still be worth every penny. It's soft, creamy, and so densely pigmented I have to use a very gentle hand to apply it otherwise I've got a disco ball on my cheekbones (and I mean that in the best way possible). As long as they keep making it, I'll keep buying it.

Highlighters -e.l.f. Cosmetics -Studio Illuminating Palette

on 11/19/2018 5:46:00 AM


I am actually get a lot of use out of this little palette. The lightest shade (upper left) is great for setting my under-eye concealer and general brightening. The pink illuminating powder I use over the top of my usual blush (Nars 'Deep Throat') for just the little extra something, and it's subtle enough to not draw attention to itself, which I love. I use the shade on the bottom left for bronzing/contouring; on my NW20 skin it's perfect and subtle, and since it's not matte it doesn't make my already dry skin look even drier. I've never used the deepest shade in the palette, so I can't help you there. Honestly, I'm very impressed with it. The powder is very fine, it doesn't cake up, and it lives up to exactly what it promises. It's "illuminating"; it's softer and subtler than a highlighter, and if that's what you this is perfect. Is it going to have the quality of Hourglass's Ambient Lighting Palette? No, but it's a lot better than the $6 price tag might imply.

Cleansers -HADA LABO -Gentle Foaming Hydrating Facial Cleanser

on 11/19/2018 5:41:00 AM


My combination skin loves this hydrating facial cleanser. My skin feels so clean after using this with and washed cool water. My face glistens right after patting it dry. hMy only problem is I need to find a product that can maintain the softness after the was. My face dries up after 15 minutes but I doubt if its the cleansers fault. Compared to other cleansers, this give me the gentle clean moisturizing effect I need.

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Lotions/ Creams -Bath & Body Works -Magnolia Blossom [DISCONTINUED]

on 11/19/2018 4:44:00 AM


I’m only commenting on here because I started a petition to bring this scent back. I’m going to post it on everything I possibly can. Please share if you agree!

I have written to Bath and Body Works as well to bring it back and I have gotten responses about it not happening. But who knows?

Skincare - Face -Arcona -Gentle Solution

on 11/19/2018 4:07:00 AM


It worked for the first couple of times. After that, not sure why I was putting it on. It made my skin smoother and less bumpy for a week then it started to make my skin drier than normal.

Foundations -Fenty Beauty by Rihanna -Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

on 11/19/2018 2:11:00 AM


*Before you decide to buy this please do a shade match with a couple of shades samples for a day!
The color I was matched with, 420, was perfect with a smooth matte finish. The next day (which was July below the Mason-Dixon line=humid) I applied it at 5AM, when I got home by 2:30PM, it looked like Jello chocolate pudding was all over my face! My skin gets darker in summer but not that deep! Of course I lost the Sephora receipt and packaging, I put it away but didn’t wanna give up on it.

As u may know, this has a tendency to oxidize much darker or orange but not all the time. I honestly feel that it doesn’t oxidize when you stay indoors LOL! So whatever shade you’re matched with, get it in a shade lighter, you’re paying a pretty penny for it! Use a solid primer or the primer that’s part of the line.

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Mascara -L'Oreal Paris -Voluminous in Carbon Black

on 11/19/2018 1:44:00 AM


This mascara adds lush volume-and then flaked repeatedly during the day under my eyes. I kept wiping the flakes off and removing my foundation/under eye concealer along with it. The mascara is extremely black and gives thick lashes-but the flakiness is not worth it to me. Too bad-I liked the look of my lashes while it was actually on.

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Cleansers -First Aid Beauty -Face Cleanser

on 11/19/2018 1:30:00 AM


This is the best face cleanser that I have ever used. I was using the Himalaya neem foaming cleanser for a few years, but recently that became too drying for me. I tried many other brands, including well-reviewed ones like the fresh soy face cleanser, hada labo, kanebo suisai, fancl face powder, and even CHANEL's cleanser, which were all supposed to be gentle. However, all of them still gave me that tight, uncomfortable feeling after cleansing (either that, or I didn't feel that they did a good job of cleaning my face). This FAB cleanser is the only one that does not strip my face, but at the same time, it is still good at cleansing and makes my face feel clean after using. It does have a slightly strange plasticky smell, but that is the only downside and you would stop noticing it after the first few washes. After switching to this cleanser, my face has fewer breakouts, and is no longer dry-looking. I don't even need to use moisturiser anymore, and my face would still be fine! I will be using this for many years to come.

Hair Treatments -OGX -Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum

on 11/19/2018 1:21:00 AM


Ive tried a lot of highend from bumble and bumble, chi silk infusion, alterna, rosarco milk, ouai finishing creme, morroccan oil, basically all the sephora hair serums and this by far is the best smelling and best for my hair. I have thick straight ish wavy hair that can get frizzy. I tried it all and i always always come back to this. I also use the coconut milk shampoo. I really enjoy the coconut milk line from ogx. Its my hg

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