Treatments (Eye) -Kiehl's -Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate

on 1/17/2018 2:26:00 AM


Absolutely terrible. I went on doggedly trying to use it, at least at night, then i gave up and threw it away. I burned my eyes so badly that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. In the evening i always read a little and i had to stop because my eyes were watering and hurting so much. Wrinkles? Lines? This just created a white “veil” on my skin that i had to scrup away. Seriuosly bad for me.

Lipstick -Bourjois -Rouge Edition Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick

on 1/17/2018 2:23:00 AM


It's matte but not drying at all, it applies like a dream because of its smooth and velvety texture. It reminds me of tarte's lip paint, but I actually prefer this because it's not as heavy and less oily. I think it's a great value purchase given its price and quality. I have this colour in Peach Club, a true peach colour which complements my neutral-warmish skin tone really well. I realise I have been reaching for this every day because it is so easy and fast to apply. Great for everyday casual look. I am thinking about getting more colours!

Moisturizers -Neutrogena -Hydro Boost Gel-Cream Extra Dry Skin

on 1/17/2018 1:19:00 AM


Im a fan of water base moisturizers but this one did not do it for me. Not moisturizing enough especially because of the winters. Smells and feels good packing it cute just didn’t do the job for me. I’ll try it again in the summer .

Shampoo -MISSHA -Dong Baek Gold Shampoo

on 1/17/2018 12:38:00 AM

I got a sample at Missha store and I loved the shampoo, I have oily scalp, and it has always being a frustrating for me, first because I cant spent more than 24 hrs without washing my hair, my oily scalp starts to smell and itches to the end of the day and washing it everyday tends to dry the ends, It totally frustrates me to notice someone nice smell of shampoo in their hair, while mine doesnt smells at all despite being washed everyday, for me to find a good shampoo for my scalp has always being a challenge, there are not a lot of products for oily scalp that doesnt dry your hair, and I hate dry hair, I hate it so much I dont even dare to dye my hair cause I love to keep it shiny, smooth and hidratated, so when I first tried the shampoo I was scared, and that was because I didnt notice the oily consistency of the shampoo before until I was already washing my hair with it and I though: shit!... I already had very bad experiencies with oily shampoo's before so I expected for the worst... but I was surprised instead, I usually let my hair to dray naturally, I rarely blow it, so I start to notice this utterly silky an light texture to it, my scalp didnt felt oily at all, by the end of the day I notice my scalp wasnt oily! and my hair for the first time in my life still smelled like shampoo!!! but the best was when I woke up the next day and I suddenly notice this amaaaazing nice scent in my pillow and I was like: What the... oooooh my gooosh! it was the shampoo! So I found my perfect fit, I already tried another asian brand from japan called Ichikami, and it was very good too! though the essence didnt last that long, I have found in asian products the perfect fit for me!. :)

Blush -Tarte -Amazonian Clay Long-Wear Blush in Natural Beauty

on 1/17/2018 12:30:00 AM


Okay, this is such a great product, that someone stole it from me! (Which is actually kinda upsetting!)

I love the shade "Natural Beauty". It looks like the kind of bright red-pink your face naturally flushes after an embarrassing moment or a run, which are the kinds of shades I gravitate towards. For reference, I have Asian skin that leans toward the cool side.
I have yet to find a powder blush that works more wonder and awe than the Tarte Amazonian clay blushes. They're undetectable on the skin and over foundation - the way they apply is just... seamless! I don't know how to describe it except that it looks and feels skin-like. Even when I'm swirling around my brush in the pan, the imprint doesn't budge and my brush doesn't look like it picked up any pigment - but it's very hard to overdo (which is great, in this case). It's a pricey blush at $30 a pop, so you definitely want a little to go a long way and provide beautiful results.

Lipstick -Tarte -Amazonian Butter Lipstick

on 1/17/2018 12:18:00 AM


I'm more partial to glossy, hydrating formulations in lighter shades for the cooler months (for dark, I go matte), and my go-to since Winter 2015 has been Watermelon. It's a really festive shade that perks up my NC25 skin when it's bleak, and the packaging is a joy to look at, too. It's really versatile too - sometimes I use this shade to liven up browner/nude lipsticks by applying a smidgen in the middle, making a natural, gradient effect that's ultra-pretty. I recommend this to those who not only hate "cake face", but a "cake lip".

The wear time is so-so, but I definitely like this over drugstore formulations which can be too heavy, creamy, or waxy. Tarte as a brand, in general, wears nicely.

Cleansers -Clinique -Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm

on 1/17/2018 12:17:00 AM


Really broke out my chin :( I already know my chin can't handle oils of any kind but wanted to keep faith cause this takes off makeup so easily. Didn't work for me.

Cleansers -Bioderma -Sensibio H2O (aka Crealine H20 Solution micellaire)

on 1/17/2018 12:15:00 AM


Wow I finally get why everyone was making such a fuss over this! I was having a hard time finding a gentle eye makeup remover that didn't leave my eyes irritated. Oils weren't working for me cause they always would get in my eye. This is brilliant stuff. Takes it off so easily and no irritation. My complexion even looks more even and soothed after using it all over my face. They really hit the jackpot with this one.

Masks -Origins -Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

on 1/17/2018 12:11:00 AM


LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I honestly use it every night almost even though it is a mask. It's done wonders for my -38 dry skin. Brilliance!

Foundations -Fenty Beauty -Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

on 1/17/2018 12:01:00 AM


So this foundation is a good foundation just not for people with ANY dryness. I got the wrong shade and that’s my bad but it fit me at first but one minute later I looked like an Oompa Loompa. This foundation settles into fine lines because I have dry skin BUT does blur my pores a little bit. Do NOT buy this if you have dry skin.

Primer/ Corrector -BeneFit Cosmetics -The POREfessional: Matte Rescue

on 1/16/2018 11:58:00 PM


So this product did a decent job at keeping my t-zone matte. This primer added unwanted texture to my foundation and did not fill my pores in at all. It did keep the makeup from settling into my pores but that was about it.

Lipstick -Revlon -Ultra HD Matte Lip Color

on 1/16/2018 11:56:00 PM


So I do not know why they advertise this product as a “matte”. I bought two of these liquid-lips and they applied very streaky and low in pigment. They left a glossy finished that transferred onto everything. I would use this over a full pigment liquid lip, but not on its own.

Lipstick -Giorgio Armani -Lip Magnet Second Skin Intense Matte

on 1/16/2018 11:47:00 PM


Can't believe no one is reviewing this!! This is by far the best liquid lipstick in the whole freaking cosmetic industry.

I love it so much I am going to write a proper review for this. It deserves it.

1. The shades are very universal
- I normally have a hard time finding the right lipstick colour for myself, because I have a weird combination of undertone (medium to light, neutral + olive + slightly warmish undertone? it's confusing). Only a selective numbers of cool and warm shades are ok for me. But this product...I randomly picked 5 colours and THEY ALL LOOK AMAZING ON MEEE!! I don't have to worry about looking off everytime I try a new colour from this series. I can finally wear new colours, especially light coloured ones!!!
- Just pick any colours, you will be surprised at how each colour looks on you because they are great on all skin tones.
- Amongst all the colours, 506 in Fusion is my favourite. A very elegant, muted pink. I personally find it perfect for all looks.

2. Natural and extremely comfortable finish, stays put for the whole day
- It's quite liquidy and creamy with a very thin formula, it feels like nothing on my lips and it DOES NOT transfer. Not drying at all. Absolutely comfortable to wear.
- Because the colour is so intense, even with all the eating and drinking, you can only tell that the colour has faded by looking close up.
- It only transfers and wear out quickly if I have lip balm beneath this product, or if I put a layer of lipgloss on top of it.

3. Amazing application
- The applicator is very well designed!! I suck at applying liquid lipstick but not with this because the pointy applicator makes the whole application process effortless, quick, and precise!
- Different application method gives a different finish. It has an intense colour payoff so I usually smudge the product with my finger to get a more natural finish. If I want a glam look, I usually apply with the applicator itself.

4. Travel-friendly, amazing packaging
- Doesn't leak, very sturdy and beautifully designed packaging

5. Fragrance free
- I have no issue with fragrance, but people who prefer fragrance-free products would love this

Con? It's expensive. Otherwise, I have nothing bad to say about it.

Eyeliner -Kat Von D -Tattoo Liner

on 1/16/2018 11:45:00 PM


I was on the hunt for an amazing liner and bought this due to all the RAVES about it. It was ok. I’m starting to get some wrinkles and loose skin around the eyes and I find this product does not work well for my skin and would work better for someone with smoother, more supple skin. The pen started to dry out quite quickly and I couldn’t get a good amount of product from the get-go but I like my liners super wet which this is not. I think the best thing about this product is the brush/applicator. Otherwise I wouldn’t purchase again. I don’t feel I got enough uses out for the price. I have other liners that have lasted month after month and this dried out quickly.

Contour -E.L.F. -Contour Palette

on 1/16/2018 11:26:00 PM


I am super pleased with this palette. I purchased it at Wal-Mart for 6.00 canadian and it works better than some of the high end palettes I have.

The deep ashy brown looks dark but applies tastefully and the cool tone makes it look very natural. I find it pigmented enough for fair skin. The warmer brown is beautiful to contour the forehead and has a stunning warm natural finish. The peach/yellow/skin tone is too dark for me (on my fair skin) to use as a highlight so i use it to set my eye primer, under my eyes, or a little all over as an all over powder. I absolutely ADORE the white highlight. It applies beautifully and has just the right amount of subtle sheen to create a sexy look without looking overdramatic, shiny or tacky.

All four shades can also be used as eyeshadow.
This is a must have!

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