Moisturizers -Pacifica -Dreamy Youth Day and Night Face Cream


I love this moisturizer. It's luxurious feeling and wears nicely on my skin either at night or under makeup. I have really "good" skin, with no major issues, age lines, breakouts, ect and I'd like to keep it that way so I carefully maintain it. I call myself combo but I'm probably oily I guess. This definitely helps to give a glowy radiance to my face along with my other skincare steps. A little goes a very long way, so that makes this extra budget friendly. This is a staple for me. I alternate it with one other night cream and one other daytime moisturizer.

Skincare - Face -Bliss Labs -that's incredi-'peel'! Glycolic Resurfacing Pads


For me this was/is a wow product! I'm lucky to have really "good skin"... Like no major issues, no age lines, not prone to breakouts, ect. But imo you can always improve your skin and I like anti aging type things because I'm 34 and now more conscious than ever about keeping my skin well maintained. I've used other supposed miracle products and seen little to no difference so I wasn't expecting much. I've been following my own spin on the Korean skincare routine and decided to work this in as needed. I use one pad on my face, neck, chest and hands. One pad goes a long way. I let it "dry" for at least 15 mins and apply my most moisturizing night cream generously to those areas (except my hands, they get regular lotion) and I wake up looking amazing.... more glowing, more even, more youthful and just way way better. I'm super careful about wearing at least SPF 50 anytime I even step outside for the next few days after (I mean I'm regular careful anyway anytime but not militant like I am 2-3 days after the peel)... Maybe I'm just being paranoid but I'm pale and don't want to tan or get sun damage. The best part is that the results last. It's not like a one day effect. My skin continues looking radiant and perfected for several weeks. So I only use these pads once or maybe twice a month. I keep recommending these to everyone because they are amazing and I'm so impressed with them.

Lip Gloss -Too Faced -Sweet Peach Creamy Lip Oil

on 8/16/2018 3:06:00 AM


I have this in Papa Don't Peach and let me tell you, it smells like heaven! It smells better than the Sweet Peach palette, which already smells quite good. It tastes delicious too if it gets inside your mouth.

The color is pretty opaque for a gloss, and is very comfortable to wear. Papa Don't Peach is a more pinky neutral shade that I find extremely flattering on myself. It's shiny, but not the shiniest gloss ever. It's moisturizing and long-lasting. Basically, I love it.

Mascara -Essence -Lash Princess Mascara

on 8/16/2018 3:01:00 AM


I have mixed feelings about this mascara. It has kind of a sticky formula, and it clumps up really easily on the brush, leaving lots of gross residue on the rim of the tube. I have to clean it just about every time I use it. If I don't, it gets super nasty. I find using a makeup wipe is the best option for this, but a bit of micellar water on a Q-tip works OK too.

You have to wipe a LOT of product off the brush. It holds way too much mascara. A small amount of product is best. It's easiest to try to gently comb the brush through your lashes instead of really smacking it on. It takes a long time to dry too.

However! When used carefully, it works well for volumizing and lengthening, and holds a curl very well. I probably won't be repurchasing because of how sticky it is and how dirty it can get, though.

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Blush -Tarte -Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush - Natural Beauty

on 8/16/2018 2:51:00 AM


What a beautiful blush! It looks natural and cute on my fairly pale skin, like a real flush. I think it has a good amount of pigment. It's not sheer, but it's not too heavily pigmented to where it looks like clown blush and doesn't blend. I find it to be fairly long-wearing, though I wouldn't say it has the 12-hour longevity advertised.

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Moisturizers -Farmacy -Honey Savior All-in-One Skin Repair Salve


This is my winter time savior! As it can be a little sticky, I only use it at night time and it glides better on the skin if I apply 3-4 drops of argan oil prior. It is for dry to very dry skin. It soothes and helps to repair skin that is irrited from the cold, wind and inside heat. I am on my 3rd tube. My skin is hyper sensitive and very reactive and I have zero problems with this salve. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and I don't find the aroma unpleasant. It is not sweet, which I like.

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Lips -Shiseido -Water in Lip

on 8/16/2018 2:10:00 AM


would always repurchase unless discontinued or i cant get it anymore. this lip balm is dirt cheap, the tube is very simple (in case anyone doesnt like girly lip balm tubes), quite hydrating too. it's not oily (which i like, but can be a turn off for some people), it's quite literally water in lip. it comes in a 7g tube too, unlike many expensive lip balms where they contain 3g of product.

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Deodorants -Schmidt's Naturals -Lavender + Sage

on 8/16/2018 2:03:00 AM

I was a bit worried that this would smell like a toilet cleaners version of "Lavender", but was very happy when it smelt like the lavender you get from essential oils! :)

Have tried a few versions of Schmidt's deodorants- love the fact that they're all natural (no nasty aluminium or anti-antiperspirant) and smells so good. I live in South East Asia, so getting the product to warm up on the skin is never an issue for me.

The twist packaging is also convenient, easy and travel-friendly. It works, but up to a certain extent only. Still can't beat heavy-duty commercial anti-pers deodorants for heavy sweating session. No complains as it's still a great everyday natural deodorant! Keen to try the other variants.

Moisturizers -Cetaphil -Moisturizing Lotion

on 8/16/2018 1:57:00 AM


A good lightweight moisturizer. Sinks into skin quickly, and has never caused breakouts (I'm very acne-prone & sensitive to many lotions) or irritation. All that being said, very often it just doesn't moisturize enough -- I'll still get dry, flaky patches if I apply sunscreen or makeup on top of this. It also doesn't mix into makeup as easily as oils. Also can leave a white cast on dry skin. Still works when I'm not having a particularly dry day, though, and is a great morning moisturizer.

Hair Styling Tools -GHD -Paddle Brush

on 8/16/2018 1:03:00 AM


The one review here got me shock! Only one review for this amazing brush? I'm speechless! But enough drama, it's not hard to guess I love this brush. It's my HG brush ever! I've been using it over 7 years. My mother passed it to me since she thought another brush would fit her hair better. Well, lucky me. Without her gift, I wouldn't know about this brush. But first, let's talk about this: My GHD paddle brush lasts a very, very long time without any damage to this day. Remember, I have this for over 7 years and my mom used this brush before I did (Don't worry, I cleaned it before I used it the first time). I still get silky, smooth hair when I use this brush. It helps me to shorten blow drying my hair and straightens them a tiny bit while I'm at it. Plus it's such a good help while straightening. My hair gets sleek faster and it looks smoother than without using this paddle brush. Call me crazy now, but I bought this brush from my own money now. It is that good that I need a backup, just in case my recent brush gets lost or broken (I hope not). My hair tends to be frizzy, a bit thick, a bit wavy and has ends that are a bit dry. I'm glad this brush helps my hair looking healthy and untangled. Worth the money. Definitely.

Toners -Thayers -Alcohol-Free Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

on 8/16/2018 12:12:00 AM


I had previously used Dickinsons Witch Hazel for over a year, and bought this just because my brand loyalty is terrible. Well that and the nice bottle and rose fragrance were a bit alluring. Toners seems to ebb and flow in popularity with skin care routines. I find them useful because cleansing doesn't always remove all your makeup. sometimes it's those traces of foundation that give you a lovely death rocker vibe, or those long wear foundations which are great until you need to wash them off. This some is a pretty standard size bottle which is a generous amount that will easily last months. It's a bit pricier than Dickinsons, but t's alcohol free so the additional cost can be justified. Honestly I did not think this would work as well since it does not contain alcohol, yes alcohol removes skin oil like nobodies business, maybe too much so and it can be irritating. This does effectively remove traces of makeup, and skin oils without over drying.

Deodorants -Schmidt's Naturals -Natural Deodorant


I got the rose and vanilla scented stick at target on a whim because the scent was so lovely and I had heard good things about the brand so I wanted to like it so bad!! But unfortunately, it became yet another fail On my “find my HG natural deodarant journey” =/
I liked the consistency and creamy application. Granted i did try it during the spring time while it was warmer so it wasn’t hard to apply or as gritty as some of the people claim it was for them. All it took was holding it next to my armpit for a few seconds to warm it up and it glided on smoothly. It did keep the funk at bay and smelled lovely for a while. I loved it for about 3 days and then came the unsightly all too familiar painful red burning rash that came with the previous natural deodarants that I tried (Nooooooooo :’< ) the rash then turned into a super dark spot once the swelling went down a bit but It took me a week to heal the rash and lighten up my pits. Coconut oil and shea butter to the rescue yet again, but yeah... never again... I’ve been down this road before with other natural deodarants and was hoping i wouldn’t have to go through it again but unfortunately I did. Needless to say It was a no go for me and if you have sensitive skin don't even think about Trying it out... however, they do have a sensitive version which i have read isn’t as harsh but after my experience I don’t think I'm going to try it myself

Lipstick -Unlisted Brand -3CE Stylenanda - Velvet Lip Tint

on 8/15/2018 11:37:00 PM

I got this 3CE Velvet Lip tint in Near and Dear.

So first up, I also have the soft lip tint, and true to what the sales lady said, this velvet lip tint is actually less drying! Contrary to its name sake since you would think that soft lip tint would mean its more mostuirising? but anyway, while the soft lip tint would dry after awhile on your lips, this doesn't. this actually allows the colour to glide around your lips a little but it doesn't bleed or stain. so I really really like it way more. Also, the soft lip tint can dry up and flake your lips, or leave the ring of colour around your lips but this one is perfectly fine.

Colour wise:
1. Near and Dear. This is a MLBB colour. Its a neutral shade of dark pink and creates the best neutral look. its not nude though. Overall I love this colour a lot. Its a good colour for days when you just need to grab one and go. Definitely buying more of these if I ever go KR again. I got this in KR so its really cheaper there. buying in SG will be more pricey even with discounts at Sephora.

Masks -Boscia -Luminizing Black Mask

on 8/15/2018 11:11:00 PM


OK, I purchased this product a week ago and I’ve been using it as suggested on the packaging (1-2 weeks). I have noticed a slight difference in my skin but not enough to be worth the $45 CAN (the retail price at Sephora). First of all, you need to apply a generous layer of product to the face so it can dry and peel correctly. I find that the amount of product needed is a lot, so you’re not getting many uses out of the bottle. I’ve used it a few times and think I’m about 3/4 through. So, the value isn’t great for the little product you’re getting. Secondly, the smell is BAD. It reminds me of the white school glue we all used as children. I felt like I was putting glue on my face. I don’t know what it is, but something in this product makes my eyes sting terribly. I have to close my eyes if I’m using this mask because it legit feels like I’m chopping onions. I’ve read tons of reviews online where many people complained about the same thing. The bottom line is, it’s an expensive school glue that hurts really bad. Yes, my face feels slightly nicer. I feel like it might remove some whiteheads, blackheads or other gunk lurking in my pores but not as much as a good clay mask like Queen Helene’s Mint Julep (a fraction of the cost of Boscia’s mask) or GlamGlow if you’re feeling fancy. The peel off option is what drew me the most to this mask because it’s easy to remove compared to the hassle of washing your face. But even then, I find it was difficult to peel off around the edges and I had to use cotton pads and toner to scrub the bits that didn’t come off. Save your money and your tears, buy a good clay mask that would do the job more effectively - not a fancy school glue.

Foundations -COVERGIRL -Trublend matte made liquid foundation

on 8/15/2018 10:40:00 PM


Oh, Covergirl. I was anxiously waiting for this foundation as I have been loving their 3-in-1, and thought this new foundation could only be better. Color selection is fantastic - they specify the undertones for each color. I have trouble finding drugstore foundations with yellow undertones, so I was hooked instantly. The consistency is sort of in between a liquid and a mousse. Application didn’t work great with my beauty blender and was patchy. Coverage is medium at best. Usually with 3-in-1, one good layer gives me excellent coverage, so I was pretty disappointed. Wear is also, very disappointing. I live in Texas, and this did not stand the test of heat/humidity. It wears off in patches - I was horrified at how it looked after a long day of wear. For a matte foundation, this does not withstand oil very long either. Kudos to CG for their ample color/undertone selection with this foundation, but I wouldn’t recommend this for long-wear or for my oily skin friends!

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