Foundations -Unlisted Brand -Green Marble Setting Spray

on 6/18/2018 3:16:00 PM


I’m a regular (daily) user of the water based version of this spray Blue Marble. It is the best setting spray on the planet and I’ve tried them all. I purchased a 1oz size of this heavy duty version, for my sons outdoor wedding. Temps were supposed to be in the high 80’s and we were in a meadow at 4 pm. Turned out, a small thunder storm blew through during ceremony with a few drops of rain. So we had every type of weather imaginable, and my make up stayed perfect! This spray kept my makeup including lipstick completely intact for the 10 hours of wedding and reception. I danced and enjoyed myself thoroughly, tears of joy and all. This does have a heavy alcohol base, and sprays a bit more heavily (in the small bottle) than it’s water based sibling Blue Marble. It did not sting my skin, but my daughter who is very fair with very sensitive skin did feel burning upon application. I wouldn’t recommend this for daily use just due to the alcohol and the extreme holding power, but it worked amazingly for this very special occasion.

Lotions/ Creams -Nuxe -Reve de Miel Hand & Nail Cream


I love this hand cream. It is very nourishing and always makes my hands and nails feel really moisturized and soft. My only gripe is I wish there was a bigger tube available, as the small tube here doesn't last as long. Maybe Nuxe could provide a bigger size during the holidays for Christmas?? Either way, this is a great hand cream.

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Highlighters -W7 -Hollywood Bronze & Glow Duo Bronzer and Highlighter

on 6/18/2018 2:06:00 PM


This is a very good product at a very good price. I have had mine for a bit and on the highlighter bit I hit the pan. Very nice glow, not to subtle, not too much either, just right. The bronzer is very good too, it’s not orange, which I absolutely hate. It’s also not too dark, which works well when I am pale, but it also works when I tanned and I just want a subtle effect. I cannot fault it and definitely would recommend

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Conditioner -Carol's Daughter -Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner

on 6/18/2018 1:38:00 PM


As a hair perfume, this is alright (even though it does smell like Hawaiian Tropic). As a leave-in conditioner, it is absolutely worthless. This leaves my fine, thin hair totally dry at the ends and does nothing to tame flyaways or moisturize my hair. I'd rather my hair not have a scent and be somewhat healthy than have it smell like a 90's beach and look like straw.
Hard pass.

Lip Treatments -Urban Decay -Ultimate Ozone

on 6/18/2018 1:32:00 PM


"K, whenever I see you, you have rocking red lipstick on and we can be together ALL DAY and eating and drinking at it doesn't move. What lipstick is it and do they make a shade that is a little more muted, more my style?" Then I tell them that they don't need to buy a new lipstick, they just need UD's ozone pencil. Because this thing is a superstar. Before this, I couldn't wear reds because no matter what, they bled, feathered, and lasted for like 5 minutes. Now I'm partial to all reds because they look glorious, and this liner makes them stay PUT for HOURS through everything. And if I apply poorly, a swipe in the place where I overapplied instantly fixes it. This is probably the one product in my arsenal of cosmetics that I am forever loyal to, and my ADHD (where I constantly am searching for something new, even if I have something great) simply doesn't overcome this product. It's a winner every time.

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Skincare - Face -L'Oreal -Revitalift Volume Filler


As I'm now over 40 and the fine lines & crow's feet are becoming a bit more apparent, I've been looking for something to use overnight on my face to help diminish the aging signs. This one seemed to get great reviews so I gave it a try. I have been using this every night now for the past 4 weeks, before bed, on my face and neck, and sadly, I have not seen a single improvement whatsoever with respect to the areas I bought it for. One thing I have noticed is that my skin is very smooth. But the lines and crow's feet are just as obvious as before. I know that these products work even better when you have a healthy lifestyle to boot (ie: drinking lots of water, getting lots of sleep...) so I've been sure to stay on top of that as well over the course of the 4 weeks. But still, nothing. I think I'll keep searching and not purchase this one again.

Primer/ Corrector -wet n wild -Photofocus Natural Finish Setting Spray

on 6/18/2018 1:22:00 PM


The spray mist could be finer. It could be a teensy less dewy looking. BUT... I brought this on a cruise in the Caribbean where it was hot and HUMID AF. I would put my makeup on... no primer. No eye primer. Just foundation, eye shadow, blush, lipstick, waterproof mascara. I would spray this 2 times over my face and my makeup lasted THE WHOLE DAY, even lasted through snorkeling pretty well. I simply cannot complain about the spray when it works in the most jungle-like conditions.

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Liquid -Mary Kay -Medium Coverage Foundation


Okay.... so I was first introduced to this foundation from a fellow oily skinned co-worker. Plus she was older than her 50s. and her skin looked great!!
I used it for some time AND THEN decided to look else where ---- idk why????... but with me and foundations--the grass is always greener on the other side.
Fast forward 10+ yrs and many more foundations later (MANY from Sephora!) AND I tried it once again because I had a tube I hadn't used in my makeup drawer.
I was blown away!!!! Why did I stop using THIS?!? why?
Just a bit of background on my skin-- I am a Native American chick with super oily skin. Many foundations that are made especially for oily skin do not help me at all. My skin ends up breaking down the foundation in a few hours and leaving me looking an oily, shiny mess with zero coverage!! It looks awful!!!!!! And these are expensive foundations supposedly made for oily skin too!!!
My other issue is that my skin is a hard match. Sometimes a formula works "okay" but the maker does not have a good match for my skin tone. So that leaves me always looking for a better match and a better foundation.
HOWEVER, with THIS foundation-- it matches my skin as closely as I'm going to get as far as foundation goes. It oxidizes very well for me and leaves my skin looking matte and just normal-- like skin!!! and THAT is all I've always wanted!!! Just my acne scarring somewhat covered and my oily skin kept somewhat matte.
THIS does that. AND at the end of the day, when my skin has broken down some of the foundation...l still look decent!?! that always amazes me when I look in the mirror after a full day walking around in the summer heat-- i still look alright.... there's still some coverage left and my skin still looks like my skin with some of my imperfections covered.
THAT always amazes me.
I do not know why I was still looking for my "H.G." foundation--- tbh, only 2 foundations have ever worked well only life for my acne scarring and hyperpigmentation as well as my oily skin and skin tone/color. THOSE 2 are Revlon ColorStay foundation for Combination/Oily skin AND this one: Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation. That's it...those are the only ones that have decent coverage, match my skin shade/color, last a long period of time thru summer heat and my oily skin (isn't broken down by heat & oil in 2 hours or so) AND leave me somewhat mattified and not "dewy" and greasy looking.
In addition to all of this--- it doesn't break me out!!
SO I think I am always going to have a tube of this on hand. I am tired of the searching and swatching, the returns and the break outs from some foundations. I think this IS now my HG foundation for now. Makeup addict that I am, I'm sure that one day I'll be lured into trying something new in the hopes of a new product that matches my skin flawlessly and keeps oil under control-- BUT i think I will also remind myself that I have something that does match all my criteria and meets my needs already.
to my Oily skinned sisters out there-- Give this a try. I did.. I was amazed that it actually worked for me?! I still kind of am?! The "new" version-- the MK Timewise Matte foundation didn't work whatsoever and it made me look horrible as well!! BUT THIS, THIS works fantastically and I would advise all oily skinned gals to give this a try!! I'm sure glad I did all those years back!!!!!!!
I'm lifelong customer now!!!!!

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Skincare - Face -Garnier -Skin Active Clearly Brighter Spf 30

on 6/18/2018 1:16:00 PM


I used the SPF15 version of the Clearly Brighter moisturizer in Summer 2017 after finding it on sale, so when that ran out I wanted to try the SPF30. This one just does not work with my skin. The SPF15 was light and absorbed well, but the SPF30 leaves my skin feeling filmy and looking greasy. I have pretty "easy" skin - it's not super sensitive, and doesn't get overly dry or overly oily if I leave it alone, but this moisturizer leaves it feeling gross. No matter what I do, this just doesn't sink into my skin well enough, which sucks because I really prefer something with SPF30. I like the light scent, and since I had a great experience with the SPF15 I am sure the SPF30 will be fine for some people, but for me it just leaves my skin feeling dirty.

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Foundations -Too Faced -Born This Way Foundation


I am usually someone that reviews a lot of products and likes a lot of products and someone who believes that quality is everything when it comes to facial makeup, especially foundation, but this was no exception. This foundation was really bad for me. I am not someone who is "acne prone" per say, but I am combination oily so my skin gets cloggy when in contact with unclean ingredients. This foundation broke me out in the tiny bumps (almost like tiny little cysts that come to the surface but never produce a head) that scatter in groups across my entire face (mostly my cheeks-the worst spot if you ask me!) that people usually have a hard time getting rid of no matter how many times they "exfoliate" or treat their skin. Also contains Dimethicone, which it meant to trap moisture, but if you think about it, it will also probably have the potential to also trap excess sebum, skins natural oils, and bacteria. I would not suggest this to people with acne prone skin because I believe that this would result in seeing increased blackheads and breakouts containing this ingredient. Beware. I will definitely not be repurchasing or recommending. Way better options out there makeupalley fam!

Sunscreen -EltaMD -UV Clear SPF 46

on 6/18/2018 1:06:00 PM


I love how the pump gives you the right amount of SPF for your face, but I hate how it applies. It peels when you rub it, which worries me because I feel like that means there isn't any SPF protection where it peels anymore. You have to be careful when applying make up, so bouncing with a damp sponge is best for this sunscreen. Who would want a fussy sunscreen that makes you change up your make up routine though? You also have to make sure you've blended in the sunscreen correctly, otherwise it would look white and streaky on your face. You can't fix it, unless you want the whole peeling thing to happen again. I would not buy this again for the fact that it peels. I don't know why this is the #1 sunscreen.

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Highlighters -City Color Cosmetics -Glowing Complexion Illuminating Cream

on 6/18/2018 12:58:00 PM

I bought this on a whim while checking out the cosmetics section at Five Below. I bought it while I was in that "obsessed with highlighter" phase and this did not disappoint. A small squeeze of this from the tube and you have instant strobe effect. You only need a couple dots of it, seriously. So, you buy a tube and it will basically last forever. My daughter who is now in the obsessed phase wanted something that was super potent and I pulled this out and she instantly sang the praises...

Treatments (Face) -Deciem -The Ordinary Alpha Lipoic Acid Serum

on 6/18/2018 12:52:00 PM


I really love this stuff! I only use 3 drops 3 nights a week. I will NEVER stop using it. I feel like it improves basically everything (skin texture, tone, moisture, elasticity, even redness etc).

I have sensitive acne prone skin and have never had any problems with it except for maybe some slight stinging around my nose (and this seems to be only when I use it with certain products). I like to think it's because I follow the directions, but who knows? Reactions can vary even in people with sensitive skin.

For the best results use it EXACTLY according to the directions. You aren't supposed to use it with any acids and you're only supposed to use it sparingly (like 3 nights a week). More is definitely NOT better with this product.

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Conditioner -Garnier -Triple Nutrition for Dry Damaged Hair

on 6/18/2018 12:50:00 PM


I recently recovered from what this did to my hair by getting my ends trimmed and switching products.

This smells amazing and feels like it has a thick, nourishing texture that should leave hair healthy and smooth. It did the exact opposite.

After using this for a month, it made my hair have more split ends and breakage than I've seen in years (probably around my Suave days as a pre-teen). Also, my hair felt sort of dry with flyaways. I have no idea why this was so bad, but I think it either did nothing, leaving my hair open for damage, or it damaged it itself. Maybe it's the formulation or the protein, but I will never go near this again.

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Treatments (Face) -Deciem -Resveratrol 3% + Ferulic Acid 3%

on 6/18/2018 12:40:00 PM


I've been using this for a couple months. I think it's really improved my skin texture and it seems to combat discoloration, but I also started using the O's ALA treatment a couple weeks before this one (and I know for sure that one helps skin texture and overall appearance even more), so I can't say for sure how much improvement is due solely to the resveratrol.

The main thing this stuff helps me with is acne. It DEFINITELY helps keep my skin clear. I looked up resveratrol after I noticed this effect and what do you know?! It's actually already been proven as an effective acne treatment in studies.

This formulation is also perfect for my skin because it doesn't break me out (nearly everything "anti aging" does). All it has is that propandiol stuff, which feels like oil (at first) but is actually some kind of chemical humectant (I just know that it's non clogging and considered safe). Once it dries it's not oily or shiny. Haven't had any problems with it under makeup or spf (which surprised me considering how it felt the first time I used it).

The only thing that sucks about this stuff is it can be irritating (it's usually only used in 1% concentrations in most products from what I've read!). I have sensitive skin and it BURNED all day the first time I used it! Made my skin all red too. I had to cut down to using it only once every other night and only 2 drops at a time but after a while I was able to work my way up to using it every day and night. It can still make my skin a little reddish though, depending on other things I've used. If you have sensitive skin to be cautious.

I wish they sold it in a slightly lower concentration but you can't have everything, I guess. At least it's only about $8.

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