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Moisturizers -Pacifica -Coconut Probiotic Water Rehab Cream

on 9/24/2018 10:06:00 PM


Terrible. Made my skin red and irritated after the first use. I tried it again a few days later just to be sure and it did the same thing again. It burns my skin and makes it blotchy and red.

Fragrances -Marc Jacobs -Daisy

on 9/24/2018 10:01:00 PM


Love the smell of this perfume, because of this I’ve Been using it for years. It’s a unique green, fruity, florally, citrusy, ‘cut grass’ scent. Smells like spring! Classy & Feminine. I love the flower bottle so much, it’s so pretty I have it as an ornament on my dresser. Downside is the longevity of the scent. I apply this on moisturised skin in the morning and by midday it’s gone. I’ve tried the Daisy Dark in the black bottle with the gold lid. Its an EDP so supposed to last longer than the standard gold Daisy EDT. It smells about identical, but the scent doesn’t last much longer. For the price I’d expect these to last a lot longer.

Lipstick -Kat Von D -Studded Kiss Lipstick - Lolita

on 9/24/2018 9:56:00 PM


Really pretty color but the fragrance in this bothers my lips. I have this reaction with a lot of vanilla scented lipsticks though.

Lipstick -Kat Von D -Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - Vampira

on 9/24/2018 9:52:00 PM


This is my favorite red lipstick. Its very dark and vampy with no pink or purple tones, just beautiful dark blood red. I have this in the liquid and stud forms. The wand makes this a bit tricky to put on but once i got the hang of it i was ok. Will def keep repurchasing this shade.

Cleansers -Almay -Makeup Remover Cream Cleanser

on 9/24/2018 9:43:00 PM


Nice gentle creamy cleanser that does not dry out my 54-year-old face. It removes all my makeup (though I don’t wear a lot). I go through it pretty quickly, however, so it’s not the cheapest drug store option out there!

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Moisturizers -AHAVA -Time to Hydrate Essential Day Moisturizer Normal to Dry Skin

on 9/24/2018 9:20:00 PM

Acne Prone, Oily. Found a moisturizer that really works. No Breakouts.

Hair Treatments -TRESemmé -Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Serum

on 9/24/2018 7:59:00 PM


This is a very lightweight serum. I love that it doesn't weigh down my thick hair or make it greasy. It just gives it a great shine and helps tame the frizz.

Eyeliner -Prestige Cosmetics -Liquid Eyeliner

on 9/24/2018 7:50:00 PM


Bought in color LE-01 BLACK. This black is matte, and is described to be "extreme long lasting; waterproof". I bought this eyeliner because my friend uses it. I don't remember the price but it was pretty cheap; I bought it at a local drugstore. I had it for a while and didn't use it because the applicator. I have never used an eyeliner with a similar applicator, but once you figure it out, it's perfect. Also, matte eyeliners changes the dynamic of your makeup and it's so much nicer.

Cheap price


About the applicator, if you use eyeliner (and especially if you wing out your eyeliner), you know that changing from a brush to a felt tip or to a different medium (like liquid to gel). It takes a while to get used to a new applicator and it was just a bit scary for me at first. But now, I really like it and I think if you know how to manipulate the brush, you can get precise and sharp wings. But for those who don't wing out your eyeliner, you can easy create a nice matte line. It will take you time though if you're not used to it, like anyone who first uses eyeliner.

Do I recommend this product? Yes!

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Fragrances -Unlisted Brand -Love Sofia Vergara

on 9/24/2018 7:35:00 PM


Imagine La Vie Est Belle or Flowerbomb without the patchouli... That is Love by Sofia Vergara. I recently purchased a bottle from Amazon for about $25, which is the standard (and reasonable) price for a 3.4oz celebscent. The bottle is classy and not at all obnoxious like so many other scents done by celebrities. It feels and looks more expensive than it is. The scent is very nice- it is definitely gourmand and sweet, but not too overdone and a bit more sophisticated than other sweet scents. If you were looking at purchasing a bottle of Love because you want a coffee heavy fragrance, then you might be disappointed. In my opinion, the "Columbian coffee note" is not prominent, and I suspect was listed more to celebrate Sofia Vergara's heritage more than anything else. I would say that the praline and vanilla are most prominent and are balanced with some freshness from the passionfruit. If you hate gourmands, then you will dislike this. If you are looking for a fragrance that is a bit more mature than Meow or Fantasy or Viva La Juicy, then Love might be perfect for you. If you like La Vie Est Belle but thought the candied patchouli note is a bit too much for you, then you might REALLY like Love. If you enjoy La Vie Est Belle, Flowerbomb, Armani Si, or even Coco Mademoiselle, but need a "quieter" fragrance for work or school, etc, then by all means Love is for you.

My only gripe with Love is that I'm used to powerful fragrances like Angel and La Vie Est Belle, so this perfume seems so weak to me. On days I wear this I need to spray at least 10 times and I still can't smell it 4 hours later. It's very weak on the skin and faint on clothes. But, I don't expect $150 quality out of a $25 fragrance. I'm just pointing this out for prospective buyers.

All in all, I like Love by Sofia Vergara and would possibly repurchase in the future.

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Lipstick -Estée Lauder -All Day Lipstick - Frosted Apricot

on 9/24/2018 7:33:00 PM


Grandma Lips— but in the best way! This is pure Mad Men glamour, from the shade itself to the light rose scent to the fluted gold tube. Don’t be frightened by the tangerine hue in the tube; it’s a very pretty peachy coral that livens up your face! Not too frosty at all (you won’t look like an anachronism). More of a gentle perle finish.

Probably best avoided if your skin tone is very cool/rosy, as this leans decidedly warm; but that aside I can see it looking great on a variety of skin tones.

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