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Cleansers -Glossier -Milky Jelly Cleanser

on 12/14/2018 2:12:00 AM


I don’t get how so many people love this. It didn’t cleanse properly or leave my skin clear, the texture is odd, and it didn’t remove my makeup on days I wore it. It sucked. Also, Glossier has a serious packaging problem and this cleanser was no exception to the rule.

Liquid -COVERGIRL -Clean Matte Liquid Makeup Oil Control

on 12/14/2018 1:39:00 AM


This is a great little foundation and so underrated. I bought this while on vacation a couple of years ago when I left my more expensive one home and now it’s all I use. This reminds me of luminous silk at 1/8 of the cost and minus the drying alcohol. It has a light weight skin like finish, quite decent coverage, a perfect color match (Ivory), works for mature skin, no strong odor or irritants, and easily lasts through my work day. My skin is quite dry so I do moisturize really well. I have tried just about every foundation out there from high end to low end but keep using this one, it’s that good.

Mascara -COVERGIRL -Lash Blast Waterproof

on 12/14/2018 1:29:00 AM


does an okay job to hold lash curl. separates lashes but not much else

Lip Treatments -Unlisted Brand -Bepanthen salve

on 12/14/2018 1:12:00 AM


As a European seeing Americans rave about this product, often using it indiscriminately and confusing one of their ointments for another, ordering it online, and saddened it's not available in North America, i wanted to clarify a few things in hopes it helps those who want to try it decide on the kind suitable for them, and put the minds of those who are unable to get it at rest. I am adding personal and vicarious experience with it just as a headsup that it doesn't perform magically for everyone, especially not if the wrong ointment for the purpose is chosen.

Firstly, there are several kinds of bepanthen, and in some of the reviews it is unclear which one the reviewer is using for their chosen purpose (e.g. acne treatment, burns treatment etc).

The one in the picture is a thick antiseptic salve, Bepanthen Plus. It is not intended for use on larger areas of skin due to chlorhexidine (used in preoperative disinfection in products such as Chloraprep, or veterinary solution for use on bacterial ear infections in pets. It is a common ingredient in medicated mouthwash as well, incidentally, the one with the risk of staining teeth btw). It's intended use is on smaller wounds, it can be applied under a bandage if one so wishes. Disinfects and provides moisture to the wound. Some people, myself included, don't want their wounds very moist because then it takes them significantly longer to scab, and for the scab to flake off, revealing new skin underneath. If a wound is oozing and infected, one may decide scabbing isn't the priority, whereas disinfection is, and thus opt to apply the salve. I find antiseptic sprays and powders better suited for that personally (we love bismuth subgallate in our household) because they clean without postponing scab formation. This salve also contains mineral oil, lanolin (lots of it), and alcohols. I would expect Bayer to be using pure lanolin so it may not break out everyone, but as a sticky, greasy substance way up on the ingredients list, would also expect it to clog pores if used on areas other than small wounds. It may irritate some people, but it is an emollient, which is probably why some americans use it on their lips and fine lines, but again, just be aware it's not intended as that and may not act as lip or face care products should. The people who use it to clear up acne seem to benefit from the antiseptic, but i wouldn't be surprised if the lanolin eventually clogged them up, or if the antiseptic disrupted their skin balance, although it appears that a thick dexpanthenol antiseptic salve performs with less side effects for many than prescription solutions. The chlorhexidine is efficient on bacteria, but not on fungii and viruses, thus keep in mind if you have skin issues where you can't rule out a fungal cause, the salve may make them worse. It is incompatible with soap, so make sure you have no soap residue before application. Would be safe on diabetic ulcers or decubitus.

The Bepanthen salve with the pink line on the package is a soothing salve, likewise contains dexpanthenol and is also high in mineral oil and lanolin, alcohols and wax. the manufacturer recommends it for irritated skin areas, nappy rash, nipple care on breastfeeding mums, although it can be used on wounds and burns as well, influencing the production of epithelium.

Bepanthen salves are fairly popular in body modification communities as post-tattoo care, but be sure to ask your tattoo artist what they recommend as tattoo care, as some explicitly advise against using Bepanthen Plus on tattoos due to it's high potential to smudge colors- and they will not fix your tattoo for free if smearing occurs due to noncompliance in tattoo care. Bepanthen may be fine though. Both are sometimes used to prevent irritation for two days after hair removal on the bikini line.

In Europe, most households carry it for children, as it is one of the ways to clean a wound without stinging.

The Bepanthen cream is gel-like in consistency and lanolin is very low on the list. It is better suited for areas of flaky, dry, coarse skin and again as small wounds and nipple care. Safe on babies and when discontinuing the use of corticosteroids. It absorbs better, so if you're getting a decent moisturizing effect and it doesn't break you out, i guess you could use it on your face, if you must.

A headsup that Bepanthen lotion is also available, for those who want to use it on larger areas of skin.

Personally I find these products less than impressive. My wounds always seemed to heal better when i forgot to apply it, and i never noticed any redness or irritation (or even just flaking and dryness from cold weather) go down even with frequent use. I don't think it's splendid for moisture either and would personally not risk a breakout from the ingredients, nor apply antiseptic on my entire face for example. I understand not everyone reacts the same, but just wanted to say if you've been given the impression you're withheld some magical product in the states, you're really not missing out on much. Random drugstore products and even some DIY solutions worked a lot better on me personally.
I have also used it on my navel piercing and eventually switched to a different product because bepanthen did nothing. The moisture kept the piercing reddish and uncomfortable, though it was not infected according to the nurse.

This isn't a terrible product though, and if you're looking for nipple, nappy rash, wound salve that is tolerated well, it may be a decent option, but there are equal or better products you can use instead if it's not available where you live.

Bepanthen sold online is sometimes made in Turkey, i do not know if the formula in those products is identical to the original which i'm reviewing.

The packaging is a thin metal tube that cracks easily, and product oozes out from the cracks so be careful if it's in your bag or pocket.

Hope this helps!

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Liquid -The Body Shop -Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation

on 12/14/2018 1:12:00 AM


This product is Awsam

my wife like this product

Lip Gloss -MAC Cosmetics -Lipglass in clear

on 12/14/2018 12:46:00 AM


Was disappointed in this. A few months ago, I’d stopped wearing Revlon’s Colorstay Overtime, which I’d loved for years and years, until they made my beloved Eternally Tan quite sheer. Trying to find another very long-wearing lipstick has been a challenge. Aside from color issues, most are matte and rather drying. Recently made a match with Maybelline’s Matte Ink, using two shades together. Lasts amazingly well, but needed just a bit of moisture and shine, and most balms and glosses don’t play nice with long-wear lipsticks, pretty much dissolving them. Well, Lipglass doesn’t do that. But applying from the tube doesn’t work well for a light, even coat, and I'm not thrilled about using my finger. Aside from that, however, it does feel tacky, doesn’t last as long as I’d expect (though maybe I lick it because it feels so heavy), and it really doesn’t seem moisturizing. Glad I can return it—NYX Lingerie Clear addresses all those issues for me at about a third of the price.

Cleansers -Burt's Bees -Sensitive Facial Cleanser with Cotton Extract

on 12/14/2018 12:20:00 AM


Just eh? I like how creamy it is and the fact that it doesn't make my face red even after several minutes of scrubbing with a konjac sponge. It didn't really impress me, though.

Brows -Anastasia Beverly Hills -Dipbrow Brow Pomade

on 12/14/2018 12:11:00 AM


Love/hate relationship with this. Goes on easily, after learning to use a nano bit of product. Color Auburn is pretty good, but I wouldn’t mind a bit more red. I dust my brows with a finishing powder as a base to help keep it on all day. Otherwise, it seems to disappear a bit through the day. Think I should try a setting gel or something similar over.

Treatments (Face) -Formula 10.0.6 -On Your Mark Blemish Mark Fader


Very very happy with this. I saw results in just one day. I love the rollerball packaging which makes it easier. This is so unlike other acne products because it doesn’t smell like chemicals, it smells like fresh fruit! When it’s on my face I love smelling it! It also is non drying and non stinging. It also wears well under makeup. I have lots of red acne scars and this diminished the redness and appearance in just a few days. I want to try more from this brand as I am impressed!

Liquid -NYX Professional Makeup -Professional Makeup Total Control Drop Foundation


Love it. I was so tired of thick foundations that felt heavy during the day. I just need something to tone down my redness. This product feels like nothing on my face, I feel like my skin can breathe and it also doesn’t look patchy. It makes my skin look blurred, airbrushes and healthy. Plus that Nyx is cruelty free, this foundation ticks all the boxes for me.

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