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Compassion is beautiful! Please support animal shelters and rescue programs with cash donations, food and supplies. Below are programs that need support. To have a shelter listed, email us at:

Humane Society of Boulder Valley
2323 55th Street
Boulder, CO, United States

Seal Beach Animal Care Center
1700 Adolfo Lopez Dr.
Seal Beach, CA, United States

Richmond Animal League
11401 International Dr
Richmond, VA, United States

Marion County Animal Shelter
5701 SE 66th St
Ocala, Fl, United States

Barc Shelter
253 Wythe Street
Brooklyn, NY, United States

Animal Haven, Inc.
9800 West 67th Street
Merriam, KS, United States
Special Needs: Stainless-steel bowls, kitty litter, rubber toys, soap, liquid bleach, kiddy pools

The American Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty
424 East 92nd Street
New York, NY, United States
Special Needs: Towels, bedding, toys, dog/cat food

Angels For Animals
4750 State Route 165
Canfield, OH, United States
Special Needs: Cash donations, dog/cat food, litter, paper towels, cleaning supplies

Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF)
PO Box 15262
Richmond, VA, United States
Special Needs: Cash donations, rugs/blankets, animal treats, dog crates, collars, rawhides, stainless-steel bowls

SPCA Of Texas
362 S. Industrial Boulevard
Dallas, Te, United States
Special Needs: Cash donations, pet shampoo/conditioner, litter, stainless-steel bowls, pet food, blankets

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